Oct 28, 2021

Nicole Scherzinger spends her time with her boyfriend Thom Evans in Portugal

“Another year older never felt so good!! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Your love and gratitude made my heart full. I’m so blessed!” The 42 year old Nicole Scherzinger has posted this caption while sharing her recent update with the fans.

She is presently enjoying her vacation with her boyfriend Thom Evans in Portugal. They announced themselves as the official couple in January. The couple has been recording their trip and they have been  also sharing some romantic snaps of the vacation with the fans.

Some of the image of the duo is grabbing the attention of the fans. The famous girl group member was wearing a white bikini and the retired Rugby player was wearing shorts.

Some of the shots were romantic like a fairytale and the fans cannot stop talking about them. In one of the pictures Nicole was on the lap of Thom and her legs curled up around his waist. Both of them had cute smiles on their faces which hinted that the couple is spending a wonderful time together. He was looking ripped and hot in all those captures. In another snap Nicole was posing with a cowboy hat and Thom was holding her.

When the Pussycat Doll singer posted these pictures of her birthday celebration they instantly grabbed the attention of the netizen. Their coziness around each other and goofy nature was making the captures lively and remarkable. The backdrop of the beach is the perfect setup for the lovely couple to celebrate their togetherness.


Nicole Scherzinger sexy pictures

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Nicole Scherzinger hot pictures





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