Nov 4, 2021

Massive Success Of Marvel And Star Wars Movies Failed To Boost Disney’s Profits

Pay-TV giant, Sky’s prospective owner has been expected to say that the net profits over the past three months of 2017 had been flat at $2.5billion (£1.7billion).

This is in spite of the revenues having been forecast to be 5 per cent higher at £10.9billion. Star Wars had taken £374.8million at the US box office in December when it had released.  The blockbuster has gone on to gross £925million worldwide.

The success of the film studio, their theme parks, and the resorts businesses are an offset by lower advertising revenues at their US TV channels. The following day, 21st Century Fox is being expected to say that the net profits of the second-quarter may be down 14.6 per cent to £516.2million.  Fox is now in the process of acquiring 61 per cent of Sky.