Nov 4, 2021

Fan Art Shows Yoda As A Sith Lord

We all know Yoda from the Star Wars Universe. The little green Jedi has become everyone’s favorite and is the most quoted character. He is one of the few Jedis who has remained true to the light side of the force and is known as the Jedi Master due to his mastery and control over his mind.

Now, what if he had turned to the Darkside? Of course, he must have been tempted at some point of time. But what if he had given in?  How would he have looked like?

A few fans have drawn out what Yoda may have looked like as a Sith Lors. In the saga, we never really saw the Jedi master turn to the Darkside. But these epic art works show us what the little creature would be if he were on the dark side of the force.