Nov 4, 2021

Cancelled Thundercats Animated Movie Lost Footage Found (Video)

In the early 2000s, Warner Bros. was planning on converting the iconic 1980s cartoon series Thundercats into a film. A director, script and everything else was in place. However, years went by and the film never really got made. However, there is proof that a good bit of progress was made on the project. Back in 2009, Movieline had released a bit of concept art from the scrapped project, and now we came across some footage which resembles exactly those images. Piecing it together, it appears to be test footage from The Thundercats film which was never made. Thundercats fans might still want to have a look at this.

However, a look at this footage makes us feel happy to think that the film wasn’t made. We don’t mean to offend the animators, but, the footage that features a young Lion-O fighting with Slithe is quite impressive and sleek. However, the key element of Thundercats was seeing the team at their best, tackling the villains. If there was something that doesn’t appeal is to see an origin story with the characters not resembling anything like how we remembered them until the far end of the movie. While the cartoon series is also supposedly an origin story, at least it is in minor proportions and the sequels were regularly released. In the case of a movie, there is an assurance of a sequel getting made.

What’s your opinion about this footage? Is it legit or the creation of a talented fan who simply pasted a WB logo on it? Do you think a Thundercats film will ever be made?