Nov 4, 2021

Actress, Candice Patton Wants The Flash And Iris To Have A Baby

When a super popular TV show like The Flash stays on the air for 4 seasons, it is expected that the main character would grow and develop not only as the world’s hero and also as a person.

Relationships are a part of everyone’s life, even a superhero.

Candice Patton’s character, Iris West has now married Barry Allen, and the actress has spoken about one particular and interesting idea:

“I mean, no one wants to see pregnant Iris, but yeah, I think the next step, I guess, would be eventually to see Barry and Iris have a kid. I don’t know when that could possibly happen with what they’re trying to do.”

By now, most of us would have figured that this next stage of their life would also be featured in the show at some point in the future. Most Arrowverse fans have a strong feeling that Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery girl may be Dawn Allen, or their granddaughter, JenniOgnats. Only time will tell who she really is.

“For me the bucket list is checked. I mean, if you guys killed me off tomorrow, I feel like I had a good run,” Candice had said.

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