Nov 4, 2021

A Girl Got Shot By Her Brother For A Video Game Controller, Here’s What Happened

A 13-year-old girl in Mississippi had been shot dead by her 9-year-old brother after they fought over a video game. WTVA has reported that when Dijonae White refused to give up the game controller, her brother got a handgun and shot her in her head. The bullet passed through her brain, and although she survived the immediate attack, she died at the hospital.

A few reports have stated that the local sheriff does not know what charges the boy will have to face for killing his sister and said that he has never had a case where a child shoots another child. This is a very tragic story, and we are surely disheartened to share this with you. The family is going through a lot of pain, and the trauma will change their lives.

A young girl has lost her life, and a small boy’s life will change forever, and the incident has been framed in a way that video games are heavily being considered as a piece of the puzzle. President Trump made it very clear that he is willing to go on record and say that video games are very violent and that they may affect the minds of young people.