Nov 4, 2021

The Iron Hulk And Immortal Hulk Are Going Into A Mega Battle, Here’s What’s Happening.

We now have a Hulk with anger unlike anything that we have ever seen before, and all he wants is to die. Having been resurrected by The Challenger, our Green Goliath is now set on a path towards his allies in The Avengers, and we all know that it takes a Hulk to stop a Hulk.

Seeing Red

The Red Hulk is not the Thunderbolt Ross, but he is General Robert Maverick, a new character who had been an antagonist for Roberto de Costa’s New Avengers. He was working for the Troubleshooters program, and he oversaw the American Kaiju project. When AIM had been folded into the US government and then became American Intelligence Mechanics, Sunspot had thought that it was best to have Maverick as an ally.

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Armed with a plug-in, Maverick then became what we now know as, the new Red Hulk. A Hydra mole in AIM had manipulated Maverick to disable the nanites, and this allowed Hydra to take control of them and Maverick. The nanites were then flushed out of his system, and Maverick returns to his regular self with some physical ailments and red skin.

Hulk vs Hulk

While the combined forces of all the Avengers struggled to hold off The Hulk, Maverick approaches Dr. Toni Ho with a new suggestion that he might not be able to safely turn into The Red Hulk, and if he goes against Banner, it would kill him. Toni had retired as Iron Patriot due to her girlfriend’s concerns, but his armor is knocking around. The idea has led to one of the most exciting Avengers cliffhangers.

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All he needs is an Uru hammer, and he would be a combination of Marvel’s four major heroes. Even with the power of the Red Hulk and Iron Patriot armor, things do not seem that great for Maverick, and he is much more vulnerable than he actually admits. While he would be dying as an Avenger, he would be sacrificing himself for his entire country which is the highest honor anyone in his position can imagine.