Nov 4, 2021

75+ Hot Pictures Of Harley Quinn From DC Comics

Last Updated: March 25, 2021

In this post, we are going to show you some of the hottest images of Harley Quinn, aka, Margot Robbie. When Suicide Squad had released, we finally saw the live action version of Harley Quinn. In the comic books, she was portrayed as the crazy girlfriend of the Joker and in a very recent issue, she even married the Joker.

Harley is not just a crazy character, but she also happens to be a very hot and sexy woman who can get away with almost anything. Her looks make men fall for her almost instantly. For portraying this character in the big-screen, the team had cast Margot Robbie who is the hottest woman in Hollywood and she was just right for this role.

1. In the Gotham City siren, the creators have replaced Harley’s bell cap with two ponytails.

Margot really brought in the essence of Harley Quinn. Honestly, the actress is super sexy and added a whole lot of life to the live-action version of Harley Quinn. Like we had mentioned before, Harley Quinn is a very sexy character and one cannot deny that Margot Robbie’s bra and breast size help in giving the character the seductive look she needed.

2. Arleen Sorkin had voiced this character in Batman: The Animated Series, and then, Tara Strong had taken over in 2011.

The character did not originate from the pages of a comic book during the Golden Age of Comics but she had originated from a scene in Batman: The Animated Series and from there onwards, she was the sidekick and lover of Joker.

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3. Margot Robbie had done her own stunts for Harley Quinn and she did it without a problem.

So, to prove how amazing Margot Robbie, the sexy actress and the character, Harley Quinn is, here is a Harley Quinn photo gallery with all sorts of images like Margot Robbie at the Red Carpet, showing off her amazing face and body at the beach, and a few pictures from Harley Quinn’s promotional and magazine photoshoots.

4. Saturday Night Live’s Jenny Slate had lent her voice for Harley Quinn in The Lego Batman Movie.

This curated image gallery will showcase the sexiest Harley Quinn pictures and will blow your mind and make you fall in love with the character. The images of Harley Quinn in her bikini and swimsuits are just going to prove the point. Apart from the hotness she is, we have also gotten for you, a few of Harley Quinn’s cutest pictures.

5. By 2018, the audiences had gotten a crossover- Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Tara Strong voiced Harley Quinn.

6. Harley was supposed to have a cameo on the show, Arrow season 2 and they had also filmed it but the inclusion in Suicide Squad had meant that they were supposed to leave the character out from the show.

7. In #43 of Countdown, the character is in an Amazonian women’s shelter and she tries to be a warrior.

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8. This character has dated Poison Ivy and Deadshot.

9. Harley Quinn would have played a big role in one of the Batman movies and in this version, Harley would have been a vengeful daughter of The Joker.

10. The movie, Suicide Squad had been the very first live-action movie appearance of this character, and now we may see her in a Birds of Prey movie.

11. Due to the treatment of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn is also very much immune to almost all toxins like Ivy’s touch.

12. In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, we was the Earth-Two version of Harley and The Joker but they were not a couple.

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13. Once in the Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn had shared a townhouse with The Riddler and the Poison Ivy because the rent is not cheap in Gotham City.

14. In Gotham City Sirens, it had been revealed that she has one brother.

15. Batman: White Knight had followed The Joker’s efforts to reform himself and he said sorry to Harley and proposed to her.

16. Before she had voiced Harley Quinn, Arleen Sorkin had starred in Days of Our Lives.

17. This character was in possession of Hal Jordan’s ring and she used to it become a version of The Green Lantern.

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18. The Joker had developed mushy feelings for her and tricked her into a rocket and then sent her to space.

19. Before Harley had ventured into villainy, she had been a graduate student.

20. Harley has a set of henchmen and they are called the “The Quinntets.”

21. In Gotham City Sirens, she tells her imprisoned father that she had studied psychiatry.

22. She had twin granddaughters, Delia and Deidre Dennis.

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23. Harley Quinn had dated a boy named Guy Kopski.

24. This character knows roller derby skating.

25. The creators of Batman: The Animated Series needed a female henchman and they created her.

26. Harley’s skin was not bone-white and in Batman: The Animated Series, she had normal skin tone.

27. DC Comics invited amateur artists to portray their work by drawing this character naked in a bathtub and ready to commit suicide.

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28. The video game, The Batman: Arkham City had dropped some sad Easter Eggs which alludes to her being pregnant with the Joker’s baby.

29. A twisted version of Harley Quinn had appeared in Justice League: Gods and Monsters and she had been depicted as a demented serial killer.

30. Most people see Harley as a psychotic person but the villain, she has seriously done a few dark things and handed out bombs that were disguised as video games to all the children in Gotham.

31. The cosplayer here is doing a marvellous job of being Harley Quinn with her phenomenal makeup and edgy outfits.

32. This poster has all the facets of what makes Quinn unique, her puddin necklace, her bold makeup and spunky attitude.

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33. In this poster we have Quinn is in the Joker attire that we all love completely immersed in the craziness Joker imbibes in her.

34. This Harley Quinn doll is eerily similar to our favourite villainess wearing the popular costume from Suicide Squad.

35. This cosplayer poses in the quintessential Harley Quinn costume with a devilish smile that gives an edge to the photo.

36. Here the cosplayer shows a very toned down version of Quinn, even though the spunky expression is there the makeup is taken several notches down.

37. This photo has a very cheerful vibe to it and the dash of sexiness is added to it by Quinn’s pose.

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38. Superhero movie castings are not the easiest, fans have multitudes of opinions, but this photo proves that Robbie was the best choice for Harley Quinn in every way possible.

39. This closeup of Harley Quinn is spectacular and shows the sharp facial features of the cosplayer, perfectly.

40. This animated picture brings out the deviousness of Quinn phenomenally as she poses literally in action.

41. Quinn is insanely happy and elated here with her loud laugh and bold makeup.

42. This poster is very unique because of the softness that appears on Harley’s face here which is not really a common phenomenon.

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43. Harley’s relationship with Joker is captivating to the viewers for years and this poster brings out the intensity between the characters.

44. Margot Robbie looks sexy and scintillating in this closeup from Suicide Squad.

45. Suicide Squad was great, but who are we kidding Birds of Prey is where she shined just like the glimerring jacket Robbie is wearing.



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Harley Quinn right now after Wonder Woman is waving the flag of female representation in the DC universe in the movies. And with the phenomenal portrayal of Margot Robbie, we can’t say that we complain. Quinn’s relationship with Joker mainly forms the character’s introduction point in the comics. She is as absolutely bat shit crazy like her partner, but like the comics, we see a background, which gives her more of a personality than Joker, whose lack of history makes him an enigma in the comic universe.

Harley Quinn’s presentation has always been very colorful, which many people think the point to her queer personality. Her outfit, which mostly comprises a T-shirt and shorts, reflects her sensuality, and her weapons, the baseball bat, also showcases her strength.






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