Nov 4, 2021

30 Hot Pictures Of Mystique From Marvel Comics

Mystique is among the hottest women in the superhero genre as our compilation of hot Mystique images will prove. Right from the time, the X-Men became popular names, Mystique’s images have been all over the franchise’s promotional or magazine photoshoots. It is her shapeshifting power which lets her take the shape of anybody, and that has also greatly made the fans drool over her sexy images.

It has become the favorite pastime of Mystique fans to search for terms like sexy mystique images, sexiest Mystique images. The fact is that it is the appeal of her shapeshifting powers which has led to various actresses appearing as mystique at different times. Therefore, it is but, natural for plenty of websites to have compilations like Mystique bikini images, Mystique swimsuit pictures and so on.

Without any further delay, we present to you Mystique facts and hot images!

1.Mystique’s powers control her aging process.

Her body is comprised of shape-shifting cells, not subject to the way human cells age. That’s why she still has the body of a woman in prime youth, despite being more than a century old at least!

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2. Her powers have received multiple boosts

In the beginning, she was just like the other alien shapeshifters in the Marvel Universe aka The Skrulls. However, after being exposed to massive radiation in X-Men Forever, her powers were greatly enhanced and have been evolving ever since. She can not only shapeshift but, alter her density and other physical properties as well as scent.

3. Multiple actresses have played Mystique on-screen including Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence

She has altered her appearance into several people in the films, and each one of them has portrayed Mystique which technically means this is a character played by dozens of actors and actresses. While in the original X-Men trilogy  RebeccaRomijn played Mystique, the role is now being played by Jennifer Lawrence.

4. Mystique is Bisexual

Mystique writer Chris Claremont had originally wanted her to be in a sexual relationship with Destiny. However, she has had several children in the comic books, and we know she can shapeshift into men.

5. Mystique is the mother of Nightcrawler

In her first encounter with the X-Men, Nightcrawler noticed his similarities to Mystique when he saw her real form. Later he found out that she was his mother who had abandoned him when he was a small child. Back then, an angry mob had come to know of his existence, and they wanted to kill them. Mystique was compelled to throw him into a river and escape using her shapeshifting powers. Ultimately, he landed with Charles Xavier and became a part of X-Men.

6. Mystique adopted and raised Rogue

Mystique might have a number of children, but, her most loved one is her adopted daughter, Rogue. After she had to ditch a child Kurt to his fate (as mentioned above), she was consumed by guilt, and that’s when she found a four-year-old runaway girl. Destiny foresaw the child’s importance to their future, and together they raised her for several years.

7. Mystique and Sabretooth had a child

Long back, Mystique had a child with the mutant supervillain Sabretooth (Victor Creed). She was once given a mission with Creed, and after the success of the mission, they had a short and passionate affair. Although Mystique dumped Sabretooth very soon, but, she didn’t know that she was carrying his child. The child Graydon Creed grew up to be a normal human without any mutant powers and strongly hated mutants. He was later killed while trying to become the president of an anti-mutant group.

8. Mystique was married to Professor Xavier

The writer Brian Michael Bendis once altered the equation between the two characters in the comic books and in a crazy plot-twist, Xavier left his estate to his wife Mystique, in his last will. That marriage shocked X-Men as nobody knew about it.

9. Mystique has an enmity with Carol Danvers

Although she is a famous X-Men enemy, Mystique was initially shown to be an enemy of Carol Danvers, back then famous as Miss Marvel. They had a fierce enmity right from the start, although the cause of this hatred was not known.

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10. She was the leader of Freedom Force and a member of X-Factor

Mystique has not been an out and out villain or an anti-hero at all times. There had been instances of her being a hero. In the 1980s, she turned The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants into a super team called Freedom Force. They were officially sanctioned and respected by media. However, Freedom Force didn’t last long. Later X-Factor replaced the Freedom Force, but, only to fail when its members Mystique and Sabretooth, turned out to be traitors.

11. Mystique’s cinematic future is hazy

Despite Mystique becoming more prominent in the narratives, it has been rumored that Jennifer Lawrence is fed up of the makeup and prosthetics associated with Mystique. There are chances of her contract ending or her exiting the franchise, now that she is a big star.

12. Future

Mystique is a huge character in the comics and the film universes. Her origin is not clear, but, appealing and she is an ageless character who can go on and on in both universes. Let’s wait and watch what lies in store for her.







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