Oct 28, 2021

Zara McDermott looks fabulous as she spends time with Sam Thompson in Marbella

Body-shaming has been a hot-topic in the glamour industry lately as many models and actresses have mentioned being body-shamed.

The Love Island star Zara McDermott has recently opened her mouth about being body-shamed for being ‘too thin’. But her fans cannot stop praising her charming figure as she posted some snaps on her social media account. The reality TV star is currently on a romantic break with Sam Thompson.

The model was looking fabulous in the pink-green combination.  She also selected a purple frilly bikini in which she was looking sizzling hot. Her thongs were showing off her toned figure and pretty curves.

Her glowing skin and natural beauty was making the snaps remarkable. She was flaunting her toned body and slender legs and her purple bikini top was making her breasts look fuller.

She is looking healthy and charming as her mix and match pastel colour bikini was fascinating the fans. She also selected a hat to highlight her simple yet gorgeous look. In some of the images she is seen taking care of Sam. Her fans are happy to see her brightening smile and they are totally charmed by her positivity and the way she shut the trollers.


Zara McDermott hot pictures

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Zara McDermott sexy pictures





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