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Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You Which Sex Position Suits You The Best!

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Well, are you feeling experimental tonight and you want to spice things up in the bedroom? All you gotta do is have a look at your horoscope. I’m not kidding because your zodiac sign can tell you which [email protected] position will suit you the best. Have a look at the article and find out yours!

Here is the [email protected] position which will suit you according to your zodiac sign!

Well, when it comes to [email protected] we all love to explore the new possibilities. But you’ll be really surprised to know that the zodiac sign has a way of working on their own. Each zodiac has a different set of turn-ons and offs. And most importantly they have a perfect [email protected] position of their own which gives them the maximum pleasure!

1. Virgo.

You are creative and precise. But when it comes to [email protected], you actually become a lot more creative than you are. But at the same time, you don’t want to mess it up with some weird complicated [email protected] position. The best one for you is the “Crouching Dragon”.

s@x position according to zodiac signs

2. Capricorn.

Capricorns are known to be the [email protected] of them all when we talk about trying different positions. But the one position which is their all time favorite is the “Ape Position”

s@x position according to zodiac signs

3. Leo.

You are all about being dramatic and playful in bed. Teasing is the favorite part of your foreplay and therefore, to get all the moans and groans out of your man the best position for you is “Sexy spooning”

s@x position according to zodiac signs

4. Pisces.

You’re incredibly romantic when it comes to making love to your partner. And therefore “Magic Mountain” is what you need. In which all you gotta do is kneel down make your partner do the same sitting in front of you facing away. And then let your hips and legs do the talking and let the intimacy build.

s@x position for zodiac signs

5. Scorpio.

Fitness freaks, we have just the right position for you. Gather your exercise balls and get ready for the “great ball of fun”. Make love to your partner on top of them, and the fun part, start bouncing. Not only will it arouse you more but also help in deep penetration.

Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You Which Sex Position Suits You The Best!

6. Taurus.

Taureans are basically people who like coming straight to the point. Especially a Taurean woman, who likes to get submissive in bed and let the man take the charge. So for them, the tried and true “Missionary” position.

s@x position according to zodiac signs

7. Sagittarius.

You are wild, passionate and sensual when it comes to love making and therefore we have the “Sultry Sadle” He lies on his back with his knees bent and legs apart. You get on top, one leg between his legs and the other against his side. And you do what you gotta do!

Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You Which Sex Position Suits You The Best!

8. Cancer.

You’re unpredictable in bed which makes you [email protected] of them all. The best position for you is the “Reverse Cowgirl”

s@x position according to your zodiac sign

9. Gemini.

You are imaginative and energetic, two things that make great naughty sessions! In order to widen your library of [email protected] positions, we recommend the “The Plough” (aka “The Plow”) Position.

s@x position according to zodiac sign

10. Aries.

You’re independent, so you like what you do and do what you like. And you’re courageous too which makes it all the more exciting. So for you, we recommend the “Lap dance” [email protected] position.

Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You Which Sex Position Suits You The Best!

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