You Won’t Believe What Walmart Cameras Captured

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Even if this were the 80’s this hairstyle would have been considered odd. It closely resembles an umbrella. How she got her stylist to give her that voluminous hair is a mystery. Though what’s more deserving of attention is her teeth and whether or not they’re real. The color combination of her hair is actually quite popular however the style is very difficult to comprehend. And she’s looking for a GPS. I hope she finds a sense of style along with the destination she’s looking for. Though one can always appreciate the jewelry and the black fur coat.

80’s this hairstyle

You are free to dress but some people take that a bit too seriously. And you can find many of those people at Walmart. This dude either let his daughter pick out his clothes for him (But why would he have a dress like that in his wardrobe?) Or he just has an interest in wearing such clothing. The pink hat actually looks quite good along with the dress, if only they were on a girl. It could have been a lot worse but at least his shoes are something he can be proud of. I’m more curious about what he’s purchasing, though.

people at Walmart

Girls with long hair is the ultimate combination but only if your hair do not end up looking something like this. But is that even hair? Looks more like used sponge to me. Granted the length is admirable but either this is a recognized style or just people being too lazy to care for their hair. We will never know. It could be the start of human Sasquatches. Long hair do indeed require a lot of upkeep but leaving your hair in this condition is absolutely horrible. I don’t even want to imagine the aftermath of a bath.

Girls with long hair

Before we even get into the details of this one I just have one question: Is this a man or a woman? Cause honestly dressed up as a young girl but then has some features hinting towards the fact it’s a male. Regardless of the gender the blue wig, even at her age, looks pretty good. And old people have this charm that always makes them very cute. The purple dress is also pretty cool and topping it off are the matching boots. She even went as far as to get a purse which isn’t exactly matching but suits her attire nonetheless.

Is this a man or a woman?

I would actually be OK with a guy wearing a mini skirt but the thing that would make anyone question everything is the diaper. It maybe that he has a valid medical reason for wearing that but if it was, I highly doubt that he would want to make it into the highlight of his clothes. Personally, I’d like to believe that the thing which seems like a diaper is, in fact, a part of the skirt but since that isn’t the case, we’re left with all our assumptions to give meaning to this person choice in clothing.

I would actually be OK with a guy

Another one of the things that will most likely remain unexplained is why this guy wore an undergarment which is clearly stuffed with who knows what. Though the glasses make him seem something straight out of the 90’s because the frame used to be pretty popular back then. His clothing does not add up no matter which way you look at it. Though he doesn’t seem entirely committed to being a girl seeing as he kept the beard. Maybe he has a gender crises and in the midst of it decided to go shopping. Weird.

Maybe he has a gender crises and in the midst of it decided to go shopping.

Most of the things that you see on the internet are photoshopped and looking at this one you can actually have little doubts about its authenticity. But for all you know she may even be hiding something in her trousers because down to her thigh you can clearly see the shape of something. And judging by the reactions of those around her it doesn’t seem all that fake. Though I hope whatever she’s hiding in her trousers isn’t an eatable because that would be just downright disgusting. And aside from all that the mass on both sides seems unequal so higher possibility she’s got something tucked away there.


I found two of these images and one of them had this printed on the back of her shirt and which obviously is edited but seemed like a much more hilarious option. How did she even manage to get those shorts as far up as she did? She could have taken her shorts a few sizes larger but the discomfort that they must be causing her while walking and moving around is pretty difficult to imagine. Though the text on the back makes gives this image its rather disturbing humor but even so. The shirt is really tight as well though not as bad as the shorts are.

How did she even manage to get those shorts as far up as she did?

I would want to classify this as a cool cosplay photo takes in Walmart. The details of the costumes are really well done I mean look at all those feathers and all the other red Indian accessories that the dude must have taken hours to get to and while the red Indian may look more flashy the pirate costume has its own charm though the boots don’t match and he could have added more details but it surely seems fun to go out for shopping dressed as your favorite character.

red Indian

I would certainly not want to turn around to find someone dressed like this standing behind me. This getup wanders dangerously into the creepy category. And on top of it, he’s a very vibrant shade of orange and which just makes you wonder what tie is for. I bet it’s for strangling anyone who stares at his blank face for too long. Why else would you need a tie with a body suit? Regardless it would be unfair to not give credit to the guy’s creativity even though it’s creepy and scary.

Why else would you need a tie with a body suit?

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