What is Patreon? Dainty Rascal Dancing


So I get thousands of comments asking me, "What is Patreon?", "What kind of content is on your Patreon?".
Well here you go! Patreon is a support system for artists to share their talents with the world wide web. People like you can sign up for an Artists Patreon page by clicking their link and following the directions for sign up. Personally, I have three kinds of subscriptions, all of which are billed monthly. I add new content EVERY SINGLE DAY! 100% of every subscription goes directly to my Horse Rescue, Heart of Gold Sanctuary a 501c3 nonprofit in Northern California.
My first tier is only $2 per month and features me dancing in sheer dresses, then slowly stripping to naked and continuing to dance to my giant collection of vinyl records. I also tell inspirational stories and share my thoughts through text. This tier also includes some ethereal art nude photos. Currently I have hundreds of full length strip videos and hundreds of nude photos on this tier!
My second tier is $5 per month and includes everything that's on the first tier, plus erotic story telling! Sometimes I'm telling stories on my bathtub while soaping up in suggestive erotic poses. I tell racy stories from my past as a nude model, stripper and nude masseuse! Sometimes I'm naked in the meadow, the forest, or my dance studio.
My third and most popular tier is $20 per month and it's called "Pussy Power" for obvious reasons! It includes everything from the two other tiers and features new daily close up sexy and erotic nude videos in Crystal clear detail. It also includes many explicit nude photographs of myself in nature!
So if you'd like to support the horses, my dream of buying property under the Sanctuary name so that I can rescue more animals and ensure they always have a place to call their home, then please click this link and see what all the hot fuss is about!

Published 2 months ago

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