Oct 27, 2021

Top 50 Hottest White Girls With Big Ass – 2020

A few years ago we had this trend called zero figure and now looking back at it, for many it would literally make no sense. Let’s face it, a trend that makes women lose their curves is not really feasible or even visually appealing. Thank God, all of that is in the past and do we have the Kardashians to thank for it? Anyway a girl with curves and assets quickly draws attention to herself and who is complaining about that.

We are lucky enough to live in a world where we have women in every field excelling in the best way possible. And as the years have gone by they and everyone else has become more comfortable with their sexuality. The best example of it is the figure hugging dresses that are in fashion right now. So it would be a huge travesty if we just don’t take a look through of all the women in the various fields like movies, TV, sports and pornography that have really amped it up by their talents as well as physique.

So get ready for 50 of the most physically enticing women all over the country and universe. The list includes Kardashians, sports legends, a list actress as well as adult actresses so that we absolutely don’t miss any flavor.

1. Kim Kardashian

If there is a list about hotness or curves and you don’t include Kim Kardashian in it- you are stupid plain and simple. She has single handedly redefined what hotness means in popular culture. She has a busty frame with juicy assets which women after seeing her have started craving for, and try to enhance themselves through various means.

2. Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado is so sexy that she was offered a whooping US$500,000 to pose in Playboy, that too fully clothed. She is a singer and songwriter having many acclaimed records to her name. Though notoriously private about her private life she has been open about her thoughts about sexuality.

3. Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly is one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood right now. She gained fame through her cheerleading days in Friday Night Lights, but it was her turn in Charlie’s Angels that catapulted her as the hot bombshell she is now known as. She has a very expressive and radiant face that helps her to take on those damsels in distress and girl next door roles with the utmost ease.

But this girl next door image crashed and burned when the news of her engaging in an affair with very much married Jesse Williams came to fore. This whole saga forced her to give a very aggressively worded reply on her Instagram.

4. Jessica Biel

It is extremely hard to believe that it is Jessica Biel that ended up with Justin Timberlake after the likes of Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz and add to the fact that she did not even know about N-Sync, it’s like an audacity of huge sorts. But then one glance at her and it becomes clear, she has extremely sharp features and probably the best curves in the business.

5. Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is and will always be known as everyone’s Allie and cute little tush. Before becoming the muse in Everyone’s favorite Romantic movie The Notebook, she was known for her appearance as Regina in the Hit Comedy Mean Girls. Both of these projects required her to be a beauty outside of this world and she achieved the feat in both of them. When the casting of Mean Girls was announced many people thought that she was too mature for the role but in all honesty her fitted shirts showed her casting was the absolute right decision.

6. Aubrey O’ Day

Aubrey O’ Day is a notorious reality TV personality. She got her success as a part of a Music Group called Danity Kane. But after a clash with her fellow members as well as the Mentors she left it and went solo. In a few words she is a Blonde Bombshell whose charms also have reportedly made her the soulmate of Donald Trump Jr.

7. Jaime Koeppe

If you want to be a WWE Diva – you need strength, a rock hard body, sass and more than anything sexual appeal to fit in their storylines. Jaime Koeppe has that in spades and that is the reason she became the WWE Diva in 2003. Her juicy assets really makes her stand out from everyone and were literally the reason why she was the go-to choice in the early 2000s when it came to fitness modelling.

8. Rose McGowan

When Charmed let go of Prue Halliwell, it is safe to say that the entire fandom was upset. But with the arrival of Paige Matthews played by Rose McGowan the hurt was a little pacified she brought her real life feistiness and zeal in the character. One of the most interesting episodes of the series revolved around McGowan’s character whose breasts were enlarged by a ridiculous amount.

9. Anna Perret

Anna Perret won the title of Miss Apple Bottoms in 2010 and her assets gained such mass Appeal that Nelly appointed her as an ambassador for his super-sized jeans brand. And looking at the photos she fully and completely fits the bill and is worth all the talk and penny. She has a perfect hourglass figure which is sculpted to the T.

10. Giorgia Palmas

This Beauty from Italy is known for her appearances in Television show Striscia la notizia. Her tanned skin and bony facial structure raises the temperature of every screen she appears in. From 2011 to 2014, she was in a happy engagement with famous footballer Davide Bombardini and shares a son with him.

11. Amazin’ Amie

Amazin’ Amie is a Social Media Personality. Her main presence is on sites like Instagram whose viewing records are broken because of her pictures. She has met severe criticism as her pictures have been called out for heavy photoshopping but rest assured the assets that should be flaunted she makes sure to flaunt them.

12. Courtney Black

There was a point in time when Courtney Black was practically in every Music Video you could think of. Each of her Magazine covers were more exquisite than her previous one. Her measurements are to die for and are extremely photogenic so much so that she was famously called ‘ French Vanilla’ by Wu Tang.

13. Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin

Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin popularly known as one half of the supercouple Ice & Coco is an Actress, Reality television Personality as well as a talk show host. Before being a prominent presence in Reality circuits she raced hearts when she started off as a lingerie model. She attained quite a bit of success in it that gave her appearances in R Rated Movies.

14. Britney Spears

If you don’t know who Britney Spears is you have been living under a rock for sure. She was the ‘it girl’ of the 2000s. Either you wanted her or wanted to be like her. She was the definition of perfect and was the image of Pop. But all of this popularity became a little too much for her and she started losing her Mental Peace which was quite evident in the huge number of Media Storms she caused.

15. Sasha Grey

She went from under the sheets or actually over the sheets to prestigious screen projects like Entourage. If there is someone that most of the adult actresses aspire to be like. She worked seriously in the industry once asking her co-star to punch her in the stomach to showcase the passion in the act.

16. Lucy Clarkson

Lucy Clarkson is a Model famously known for being a Lara Croft specimen since her teens. She is extremely boisterous when it comes to her frame and maybe that’s why she was chosen as a model for such a character. As a part of Elite Modelling Agency she has appeared in Magazines like Marie Claire and Sports Illustrated.

17. Rachel Starr

Brandy Michelle Hargrove also known as Rachel Starr is a well-known pornographic actress. Her curves as well as more than perfect assets has made her one of the top searches of various porn-sites. She has an extremely good following of 3.5 million on Instagram making her one of the most popular adult stars there as well.

18. Rachel Bilson

It takes real talent to start off as a guest character and develop into a character around which the show revolves and Rachel Bilson’s Summer had that cojones. She became everyone’s fantasy by that role in The OC and also garnered the title of sexiest Girl Next Door. Though we were sad when she hung her hat as Summer Roberts it was sadder when her real life relationship with Adam Brody dwindled.

19. Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger is a bombshell from Miami that acts as a Model and Columnist for famous magazine Sports illustrated. For a long time her breast implants were something that grabbed a lot of focus, tired of it she finally removed them. She has graced the covers of magazines like Playboy with her sculpted figure.

20. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Willde in a few words is an Ethereal beauty and maybe that is the reason why she was married to a real life prince. Her role as Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley in the House is what put her on map in the acting world. But even before that people used to identify her in the industry through her expressive eyes that oozed sexual appeal.

21. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt was the girl to be in the early 2000s. Her parts in Party of Five and I know What You Did Last Summer cemented her place in pop culture more. And her rock hard body also helped the cause more. Her last major role was in Criminal Minds which she had to leave because of getting pregnant.

22. Paz De La Huerta

Paz De La Huerta just like her name is a unique personality and beauty. Her photos literally feel like they are tearing into your soul. And maybe that’s why even a footage of an intoxicated Paz De La Huerta makes for a compelling music video. She made waves in the Me Too movement when she came out and accused Weinstein of raping her.

23. Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova is one of the hottest models in the industry right now.  She has worked for the biggest brands like Victoria’s Secret and has been appreciated for her unprecedented and juicy frame which has led master’s in business to call her as someone who could fit into any moment.

24. Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is the epitome of what English beauties are like- polished, refined and nuanced. Her figure can be described in only one word and that is perfect. Her assets really enhance her figure and frame in the best way possible. All of these are reasons why she remains a perfect fixture in the list of sexiest women.

25. Jenna Shea

There are a lot of things you can say about Jenna Shea, and the truth is she probably wants you to with all your statements about her dating men for money. But one glance at her, and you have to agree she warrants all those prying eyes on her. Her burgeoning figure brings attention to her juicy features which have reportedly helped her to rake in $450,000 every year from Instagram.

26. Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova is a former Tennis player, though a very formidable player- it is her pictures that created more sensations during the peak of her career. This created so much of inquisitiveness around her that she became one of the most common search terms in Google. Even after retiring she still boasts a curvy and burgeoning figure that can give anyone a run for money.

27. Christina Hendricks

If you have watched Mad Men then you know what Christina Hendricks’ mist is all about. Her role as Joan Halloway gained a lot of meaning and depth as the series progressed but at its inception she was characterized as the femme fatale and boy did she own this tag to the best of her capabilities. She was a red vixen from top to bottom and her sexual appeal granted her the title of the sexiest woman in the world many years in a row.

28. Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh is a British Singer and Television Personality. Even though she has a melodious voice and stunning moves the first thing you notice about her is her insanely good rack and juicy frame. To the misfortune of every man in this world she is happily married to her longtime partner Justin Scott.

29. Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller is another successful model on this list but she stands apart from everyone for the way she carries herself. She has been dubbed as the catalyst for bringing the great American Supermodel and we couldn’t agree more. She walked so Gigi Hadid could run. Her two piece pictures can send anyone into frenzy with her long polished legs and sensual curves.

30. Krysten Ritter

Give her an all-black ensemble, red hot lipstick and Krysten Ritter would be ready to kill. Something that she showed so well in her role as Superhero Jessica Jones, about whose cancellation I am still butt hurt. But this cancellation has caused no hurt on her butt or assets for sure as she can still rock any outfit and make you feel dizzy with her magnetism.

31. Naomi Russell

Naomi Russell is a gymnastics personality. Having represented Australia in the commonwealth games which led to her winning the gold with the team and bronze individually, she is one of the most talked about people in the game. But it is not only her accolades that draws eyeballs but also her sharp features and muscular frame that shows itself in her ass-ets.

32. Katharine McPhee

American Idol over the course of its glorious existence has given us many gifts, one of which is this fifth season find Katharine McPhee. A bombshell from top to bottom she regularly graces sore eyes by wearing dresses showing her plump cleavage. We like a femme fatale but when they take their a little too seriously in real life, that is when the problem starts, something which McPhee faced first hand after getting snapped kissing Married Director Michael Morris.

33. Stacy Keibler

This list absolutely wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Stacy Keibler in it. She is one of the reasons why men have their tongue wagging out while watching women battle it out in some intense wrestling. She is a former cheerleader and one thing is clear that men didn’t have any qualms about taking over her former profession to make her notice them.

34. Tanya Lieder

There is no girl in this universe that didn’t love Barbie when she was young. But Tanya Lieder made grown men fall in love with Barbie through her pictures on social media sites earning the moniker Sexi Barbie in the process. She reimagines Barbie as a plump and Voluptuous figure with all the right things in the right place through her images.

35. The Shannon Twins

The Shannon Twins aka Kristina and Krissa are everything under the sun. They are reality television personalities, movie actresses as well as pornographic actresses. Their videos are some of the most highly watched which gives you all the information about their physique. But if you don’t want to go through the trouble of watching the videos, just take a peek at the Playboy Calendar of 2009 and see how Bad- ass they are yourselves.

36. Brianna Love

Another porn star joins our list in the form of Brianna Love. She fulfills the fantasy of an All American wholesome girl for the viewers. And wholesome exactly is the apt word to describe her figure, frame, assets and all that shabang. And as to how she will make you feel, again emphasis on the word sha-bang.

37. Anna Faris

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s divorce can be termed by a lot of people as the day True Love ended. But let’s be real it was Pratt’s loss through and through. Watch Mom and you will realize that Faris’ frame is adequate for skimpy dresses that leave no room to breathe or strict office aka conventional attire.

38. Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan is an important figure for all the trekkers because of her role as Seven Of Nine and her famous catsuits left very less to imagination and maybe that’s why she also attracted a lot of ire. But at the end you have to agree to this that she was one heck of a reason why the show’s Sex Appeal increased by leaps and bounds.

39. Kate Beckinsale

Achieving a reputation of a cougar in the last few months, Kate Beckinsale has created headlines with her romantic rendezvous. But the question is she totally has the personality and body for it so why not. She looks literally like a million bucks with a body that seems sculpted and painted like a top notch artist’s creation. Watch her action movies like Underworld to believe it through your own eyes.

40. Allison Baver

Allison Baver is known as an American short track speed skater and considering she was once ranked third overall it is safe to say that she is the real deal. But another thing that drives everyone crazy about her is her scorching photos that make every man’s heart skate a million miles- absolutely no pun intended. She has a string build that is made very voluptuous by her sharp features.

41. Jada Stevens

Jada Sevens is one of the most popular and well-known names of porn industries as of now, And honestly she totally deserves every ounce of praise that comes her way. She is sturdy and sexy and has a rack that only a few can achieve by normal means. Don’t believe us watch some of her gems like Spandex and Hot Girl.

42. Mena Suvari

Let’s be real, everyone has watched and emphasis on- enjoyed the American Pie Movies. And one of the biggest reasons behind it were the eye candies such as Mena Suvari. She was radiant and the fact that Oz and Heather couldn’t make it work was a travesty. The whole plot was centered around her characters’ virginity and lets be real she totally fits the bill of being the ultimate object of affection with her killer bod.

43. Leah Remini

We all were shocked and taken aback when Leah Remini replaced the female lead unceremoniously in Kevin Can Wait. But give the show a chance and you will be caught in her charms. She still has the same magnetic appeal which is charged up by her cracking physique and exotic curves.

44. Kate Hudson

Known for her part in How to lose a guy in 10 days, there is no doubt that no matter how big of an apocalypse happens Kate Hudson can never lose anyone. She is, was and will always be an it girl. Having the greatest genes of her equally beautiful mother, her booty is the definition of perfection in every way possible.

45. Jayonna Fabro

Jayonna Fabro is a model or to be more specific video model. Her profession gives everyone the opportunity to be in awe of her sexy albeit in parts very huge frame. And yes the hugeness is in the parts every man desire to be. Her booty has been giving her thousands and thousands of dollars for the last few years.

46. Melody Jai

She is the girl that brought Whooty aka White Booty in the dictionary. All of this happened just by the virtue of cyberspace where she broadcasted to the entire world her shaking booty, which you can’t possibly miss because of its plumpness. Melody Jai is and will always be the OG Whooty

47. Joanna Shari

Joanna Shari is a model and actually is to be very specific a butt model- if it makes sense. I use this term because most of her pictures highlight a particular part of her body which is her ‘backyard’, not that anyone should complain as it is of the highest quality.

48. Erica Langston

Erica Langston is a notorious Reality Television Star known for her work in Bad Girls Club. Though an extremely popular show, Langston exposed her real notoriety in the various sex tapes that she released. Amongst her various digital romps, many have been sold to Vivid Entertainment and we would soon be able to vividly feel all that bass.

49. Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush aka our resident bad girl of Tree Hill was in every sense of the term a scene stealer. She came and stole the spotlight in the process becoming one of the female leads. Though her talent and character helped, but let’s face it her curvy frame along with high quality assets helped the cause.

50. Khloe Kardashian

The best way to round off this list is to finish off with another Kardashian. Having gone through major physical changes in the last few years she had the last laugh against all her body critics when she debuted her fit physique a few years ago. But just because she lost a few pounds nothing was shed in all those desired areas.