Oct 27, 2021

Top 50 Big Butts On Instagram – 2020

Ever since the advent of Instagram, there has been an ever-increasing presence of next-door celebrities. This is because someone now has the power to hog the limelight and rise to stardom from the comforts of his or her house. There are several bloggers and influencers on this popular social media site but the Instagram models surely rule the popularity charts.

Blessed with some of the most desirable features, they are bold enough to strike a sensuous pose and make the men go weak in their knees. Among the various features, the big butt is surely a great drawing factor for men all around the world. The Instagram models have cultivated this desirable quotient and have worked on some of the well-toned derrieres that you would set your eyes upon.

Here, we have put together a compilation of the top 50 such models on Instagram as of 2020.

1. Suzie B

As a popular fitness trainer, one of the first tasks for Suzie B is to keep herself in shape and she has done so in style. She is not the one to shy away from showing off her toned curves and her behind, in particular, is one of her best features. Suzie B also steals the show with her naturally blonde flowing hair.

As a well-known fitness brand in herself, she keeps her fans updated on her latest videos. She also has her line of fitness products that are a huge hit amongst her fans. Besides the craze for her bands and apparel, people are also tuned in for her tips and tricks to workout at home and have the desired results.

2. Nikki Blakketter

She spreads the message of being comfortable in one’s skin and thus Nikki Blakketter must be in top-notch shape. She does so with great dedication and a combination of dieting and working out. Currently, she can be the apple of one’s eye with her graceful smile and her toned physique with the killer curves.

She has a great market online where she sells some of her fitness plans and diet charts for a price. Her fans also follow her to learn more about her super-fit lifestyles. Nikki is now 30 years old but she is as fit as a teenager and as desirable as a woman could be.

3. Emily Skye

This Australian beauty started with her modeling career at the age of 15 and soon, Emily Skye was one of the hottest ladies in business, steaming up the Instagram page with her passionate posts. She is known to be an amazing fitness expert and her make-up free pictures have been doing the rounds for some time now. Her prominent cheekbones complement her dreamy eyes and her shapely curves.

She has over 2.5 million followers and has managed to be a great advocate for physical and mental wellbeing over the years. Amongst all the negativity online, she is a looming powerful presence that you can count upon.

4. Ana Cherí

Ana Cheri is an acclaimed name in Instagram. And she is  famous more than just her pretty face. With more than 12 million followers, she steals the show with her desirable curves and her beautiful face is a blissful sight for sore eyes. Her long brown hair only adds to her beautiful presence.

She has been a very successful model and has featured for the likes of Maxim and Playboy magazines. She has enjoyed the privilege of working with famous brands such as Monster Energy, Moskova, K&n Filters, and several others.

5. Ashy Bines

She could titillate her millions of followers on Instagram with one stunning bikini photoshoot and the reason behind this is her perfectly toned physique. She is known for the right curves at the right place and her blonde hair with her innocent smile makes this Australian beauty a true showstopper.

She rose to prominence following the success at the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge and since then she has started her own Youtube channel and established herself as a fitness expert. She inspires millions to develop a healthy lifestyle and earn the perfect body type such as hers.

6. Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela may have only started but she already has 1.9 million followers to her name on Instagram. This popular Instagram personality is best known for having the perfectly toned derriere. Her petite frame and thin waist feature some of the best curves by her endowed breasts and she is a dream-come-true for every man.

This Instagram model has been a fitness freak all her career and her workout videos are extremely popular among her fans. She also keeps her fans posted on her diet charts and the fitness regimes that she follows. She is currently 25 years old and has a huge potential to go ahead.

7. Heidy Espaillat

Heidy Espaillat is best known for her numerous blogs alongside Massiel Arias and their brand of fitness blogging is loved by many. Even by herself, this busty beauty enjoys a significant following with over 800000 followers. She is worshipped by her fans for the God-gifted physical features that make her so desirable.

Heidy can strike a sultry pose and also inspire you to replicate her routine and that is surely a deadly combination. As a fitness model, she has numerous tutorials on the ideal workout regime for you, and following her can ensure a perfect shape for you as well.

8. Toni Mitchell

She could mesmerize you with her beautiful brown skin and her perfectly toned body. Toni Mitchell also boasts of the perfect six-pack abs that stands out in her curvy frame. She has been one of the most successful fitness enthusiasts on social media and currently, she enjoys the following of millions. One of her greatest assets is her rounded derriere that can charm every fan.

She is known for her vegan lifestyle and serves as an inspiration for thousands to lead a healthy life where they pay attention to both their mental health and physical health.

9. Yarishna Ayala

This sexy bodybuilder from Puerto Rico has set the cyberspace on fire ever since her presence on Instagram. The 27-year-old Yarishna Ayala has some of the finest curves in business and her regular exercise ensures that she manages to maintain her shapely derriere. Her stunning facial features and her beautiful eyes are just icing on the cake and Toni Mitchell is here to stay for a long time.

She enjoys a following of over 2.1 million and her social media pages have seen a gradual growth over the years ever since she stood 1st at the Ms. Puerto Rico bikini competition in the year 2012. She is also known for being a model for IFBB and entertains fans with her modeling pictures.

10. Michie Peachie

Michie Peachie can tug at your heart by casting one sultry look through a picture. Her luscious lips and her beautiful long hair have ensured that this 28-year-old American Instagrammer wins millions of hearts. She has also some of the perfect features one can have and thus, the prominent model has appeared on the Fitness Curves magazine.

She has a following of over 1 million and has been a part of the shoot with Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine. Besides her modeling stint, she is also known by many for being a fitness coach and an expert on the perfect diet to develop the ideal body-type.

11. Amanda Elise Lee

This beautiful blonde from Canada can woo you by a mere stare. Amanda Elise Lee has a magical smile and to go with the amazing beauty she has worked hard to achieve the perfect physique. She is currently 33 years old but her curves tell a different story where she is an ageless beauty.

This beautiful model and personal trainer is especially known for her lessons in mastering Pilates and she has featured in the Cosmopolitan magazine as well. She also works with the band named Ehplabs and promotes their fitness products.

12. Bruna Luccas

Bruna Luccas has been a powerful presence on social media ever since her bold photos started gaining popularity. With over 2.9 million followers she is desired by her fans for her busty beauty. Her curves compliment her beauty and she can turn heads anywhere she goes. Bruna Luccas is also known for traveling a lot and her beautiful blogs are extremely entertaining.

She also pulls off her stunning bikini looks in her bold avatar and as an Instagram sensation and Bruna is also known for her work with several brands that she has promoted along the way.

13. Zoe Anderson

Zoe Anderson is best known for being the sister of Gillian Anderson who was famous for her appearance in The X-Files. Zoe Anderson has been celebrated for being a talented ceramics artist. Her fans also appreciate her curvaceous figure and her shape behind in particular.

Bruna has been a part of the series X-Files as well for the fifth season. She is popular on her Instagram account for keeping her fans updated on her daily life. The 37-year-old beauty continues to be graceful as ever.

14. Stefanie Williams

This beautiful fitness trainer hails from London and has over 1.3 million followers. She is a fitness freak who keeps herself in perfect shape through rigorous workout regimes. Stefanie Williams has some of the finest curves in business and is an inspiration for many young women who seek to have her physique type.

Stefanie Williams is the founder of the fitness app Fit With Stef and also a co-cofounder for a nutritional brand for women. They specialize in good quality of protein powder for women.

15. Lyzabeth Lopez

This Instagram personality started as a cheerleader and soon made her way into setting up a fitness company. As a fitness enthusiast, Lyzabeth Lopez has a body to die for and her beautiful eyes only add up to her glamour.

She has been hailed for having the perfect butt and has entertained her fans through regular posts. The workout video on how to be bikini ready within a short period has made this Israeli beauty a huge hit on the internet. Today, this fitness enthusiast has millions of followers who get inspired by her moves and replicate her workout routines for best results.

16. Sommer Ray

She can turn heads with her thin waist and her curvy derriere. Recently, one of her videos suggested ways to stay in shape even during the lockdown was being enforced. Sommer Ray, the beautiful American fitness model has an impressive lock of blonde hair that adds to her beauty features.

With her numerous followers on Instagram, Sommer Ray has spiced up the cyberspace regularly with her steamy posts. Her workout videos are also impressive and ideal to follow for the beginners.

17. Jen Selter

With 12.8 million followers to her name, the popularity of Jen Selter speaks for her talents. This American sensation is currently 26 years old but she has already managed to make a powerful impact with her presence on the internet that has transformed this curvy and sexy lady into a celebrity.

As a fitness model, she believes in a healthy diet that leads to a healthy body type. There has never been an obsession on her part to thin down and she has always promoted body positivity amongst her followers through her regular posts and videos.

18. Brittany Perille Yobe

The secret of her shapely behind is much discussed amongst her followers. As for the followers of this bombshell, Brittany Perile Yobe has over a million on Instagram. She is also known for her beautifully toned body and her incredibly attractive features, her eyes in particular.

She has numerous workout plans for the followers to have her body type and develop a derriere as attractive as hers. She also runs an official website that has thousands of visitors every day who are looking to follow this sexy lade for fitness tips.

19. Anastasia Ashley

Surfers more often than not enjoy perfectly toned bodies and Anastasia Ashley is no exception. Alongside her beautiful facial features, Anastasia Ashley is known for her killer curves and her sensuous poses as a model. On Instagram, this surfer enjoys a lot of fan following courtesy of her titillating posts from time to time.

She is a professional surfer from America and is currently 33 years old. She is known for her Regular Foot stance and has surfed the waves in Bali several times. She had an early start to her career at the age of 7 and has since then never slowed signs of progress.

20. Yovanna Ventura

She is as good as a mermaid on the beach with her perfect bikini body. On numerous occasions, this popular model from Florida has donned an itsy-bitsy bikini and raised a storm in the fantasies of her fans. Her toned physique on her petite frame is indeed a sight to behold and her attractive eyes simply steal the show.

Yovanna Ventura is a popular face for Instagram as well and her fans drool over her content that she uploads regularly. The way she maintains her curves and the way she carries herself serves as inspiration for the new brand of models who are looking to make an impact in the world of glamour.

21. Jessie Delgado

She is an all-in-one personality and never disappoints with her social media presence. Her beach-ready body is a dream for many and Jessie Delgado never shies away from making the most of her popularity with regular posts about her fitness regime.

As a fitness instructor she is popular for being a personal trainer for some prominent personalities. Jessie is also a nurse and has the perfect life-story where she rose from the depths of depression from a toxic relationship to a healthy lifestyle. Today, her curves are enough to send you into a tizzy and that is a result of a lot of hard work.

22. Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins is a burly beauty and is best known for being the founder and the president of the organization named Hollywood Trainer Fitness Company. She is known for her workout dedication that has led to her prominent abs and muscular frame. She has, however, not lost her curves in the process and this fitness trainer is also an eye candy.

She happens to be the host of the program named Lifetime Television’s My Workout. She also has been the spokesperson for the BET foundation. She has been the trainer to some big names in Hollywood such as Queen Latifah, Kelly Rowland, and many others.

23. Bruna Rangel Lima

Bruna Rangel Lima enjoys over 4 million followers on her Instagram profile and that makes her somewhat of a celebrity. She is known for being a super hot model with dreamy eyes that could be trouble for the heart. Her desirable curves and her lustful smile make for the perfect pose and thus, she has been a popular model on Instagram.

Besides a model, Bruna is also known for being a fitness guru and her swimsuit photos are extremely popular amongst her fans. The 24-year-old busty beauty started as an waitress at a juice bar and soon she found her calling in the world of fashion.

24. Sami B

The booty workout videos of Sami B have been a rage on Youtube with millions of views. She is indeed inspirational when it comes to the way that she has maintained her curves over the years. Sami B is also known for her beautiful and expressive eyes that can speak through photographs.

Over the years, Sami B has been associated with numerous brands and her fitness routine is followed by many who aspire to possess her body type. She does leave a lot for her followers with regular videos and new information on how to possess the perfect body.

25. Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia is particularly known for her massive derriere that is in perfect shape and sync with the rest of her curves. For the perfect body type, this Mexican actress has worked extremely hard and is a real charm when it comes to her attitude.

Yante is also known for her acting skills and when it is combined with her remarkable screen-presence, she simply steals the show. She has worked in movies such as Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, Access Hollywood, and Bellezonismo. One of her finest features is her incredible smile that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

26. Melissa Molinaro

Melissa Molinaro hails from Canada and can steal the show with her mere stare. However, she is famous for being a pop singer. The 37-year-old set the internet on fire with her curvy physique and it is often remarked that she has a resemblance to the curvaceous Kim Kardashian.

After her fame on Instagram and her millions of followers, Melissa Molinaro has been a part of the project The Game where she had a guest appearance. She also starred in a Beyonce medley and this performance during her wedding day was extremely popular on the internet.

27. Jessica Arevalo

You might know her from her popular Youtube channel or through her Instagram profile where Jessica Arevalo has over 2.4 million followers. Either way, you ought to acknowledge the busty and curvy beauty of America. Her confident poses and her luscious lips have enough attractive powers to make the men go weak in their knees.

She is known for having a fitness membership system where her followers can abide by her fitness instructions for a price. She is known for her fitness enthusiasm and has been the talk of the fitness freaks for her dedication.

28. Angelica Kathleen

Angelica Kathleen has been a top model and although she is only 27 years old, this American model has worked with some big names already. Her Instagram presence is boosted by the exhibition of her perfect curves and the way she carries herself. Her impeccable fashion sense complements Angelica’s abilities to strike the perfect pose.

She is a fitness trainer with an ISSA certification that allows her to be a personal trainer. She is also the proud winner of numerous bikini modeling competitions where she impressed the judges with her magnificent curves.

29. Heidi Somers

She is best known for her presence on Youtube but the incredibly beautiful Heidi Somers is also loved for her toned physique. Her butt, in particular, stands out complementing her slim waist. The flowing locks of silver-blonde hair and her facial features that are near-perfect; make her a sensation amongst the models.

The 31-year-old fitness guru has been a huge hit on Youtube with more than 750000 subscribers. She has been an athlete for the brand 1 Up Nutrition and has also worked with the Live fit Apparel. Her participation in the Crossfit competitions also deserves mention.

30. Meggan Grubb

This 24-year-old model from London has been winning hearts with her innocent face and her beautiful smile. She does have the curves of a diva and her derriere is the talk of her social media profiles. This blonde-beauty has the looks to kill and she has made the best use of her features.

She had her claim to fame when she decided to document her lifestyle to unravel the mystery of her fitness. This included her diet, her exercise regime, and her healthy lifestyle. Meggan Grubb is loved for the numerous modeling shoots that she takes up and soon posts the ravishing photographs for her followers.

31. Brittany Dawn

Brittany Dawn is one of those fitness coaches whom you would like to listen to for their scientific approach. She is all about a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet and if the result promised is curves like her then everyone is interested. She does have the perfect look for fitness enthusiasts and her toned physique speaks for itself.

She is known for her popularity on Youtube as well with over 260000 subscribers. She also has her website which is called Brittany Dawn Fitness and this is the place to go to for the best of fitness expertise.

32. Kelsey Wells

Instagram has made a star out of many beautiful women and Kelsey Wells is no exception. The 29-year-old from the United States of America has been a fitness freak who is acknowledged for the ideal curves on her toned body. She does have the glitter in her eyes and the mischief in her smile to become the desirable model that she is.

Kelsey Wells is known to be the creator of the fitness blog named My Sweet Life and Her blogs offer a lot of information on how one can lead the fit life and enjoy the toned body as well.

33. Brittne Babe

Brittne Babe is now 26 years old and if her work so far is any indication, she will go a long way. She has some of the finest features for a model on Instagram and her luscious skin and her stunning eyes have the power to make your heart skip a beat.

It is no surprise that this beautiful lade enjoys a massive following of over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and she has also been successful with her Youtube channel. She was once named by as the Fitness Inspiration of the Day, and over the years, this curvaceous beauty has managed to inspire many to take the fitness route.

34. Anna Victoria

The fitness regime of Anna Victoria would reinstate your faith in fitness as this fitness blogger is one of the most talented personal trainers. The biggest inspiration is she because her toned physique can be the cause of envy for many. Anna has worked with the 12 Week Fit Body Guide and led many of her followers into achieving their goals.

She enjoys a crazy following on her Instagram profile with over 1.2 million followers and some of her ideas such as the 12 Week Meal Plan or the 12 Week Training Guide have gathered a great following owing to the effective results.

35. Linn Löwes

This blonde beauty has one of the most attractive eyes amongst all Instagram models. She has enjoyed a great deal of success owing to her mesmerizing features and her toned body speaks volumes about her hard work. Linn Lowes hails from Sweden and the busty beauty has managed to make a space for herself in the busy world of social media.

She has a great success story after getting afflicted with lymphoma at an early age. She enjoys over 2.2 million Instagram followers and with her workout videos and regular posts, the number is all set to increase in the times to come.

36. Madelen Ros

She is among those Instagram sensations who have grabbed attention by her incredible work. As a fitness enthusiast, Madelen has worked with several brands. The curvy and bubbly fitness trainer works alongside a fellow fitness enthusiast and together they have ruled the cyberspace with their quality content.

Madelen enjoys over 11.4 thousand followers and while the numbers might not be much compared to some of the others, the content is rich. So they have the potential to soar through the popularity charts soon.

37. Hanna Öberg

As a popular biathlete from Sweden, Hanna has the natural fitness that is demanded of her profession. She has also been a part of the Olympic Games and this toned sportsperson has won 2 medals including a Gold.

Hanna Oberg has also been a part of the World championship where she has won 4 gold medals. All this success has made her a popular face on social media as well and her Instagram page is bustling with thousands of followers. She is known for her disciplined life and her fitness goals that are often followed by her fans.

38. Qimmah Russo

This brown-skinned beauty is a bright spot among the list of fitness trainers on the internet. She is popular for her quality work on fitness videos and Qimmah Russo has one of the most desirable behinds in the business. This beautiful and attractive lady never shies away from striking a bold pose and makes for a delightful time for her fans on Instagram.

She has numerous fitness videos out on Youtube and these videos are popular among her followers who are dedicated to the cause of achieving the fitness goals set by her. She is indeed an inspiration to thousands and the curvy lady is ruling the cyberspace as of now.

39. Katie Crewe

With over a million followers Katie Crewe has truly owned the Instagram with her powerful presence. The voluptuous model is best known for her toned behind that sets the hearts racing for her fans.

Katie Crewe also handles the website titled Train with me and this specializes in fitness content. As a certified trainer, her advice is gold for her followers who replicate her assigned tasks for the best results. Katie is also known for being associated with several brands through her reputation as a fitness enthusiast.

40. Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons has one of the most talked about Youtube channel where her videos are viral now and then. This blonde beauty is best known for her fitness tutorials that are extremely popular amongst her followers. Whitney has been blessed with one of the most iconic figures and she is truly a diva when it comes to her presence on Instagram.

She is believed to be worth around $350000 though her work as a fitness trainer. She also operates the rich content that flows from her end including numerous videos on how to have the perfect training at the gym. She has more than 600000 subscribers to her Youtube channel and even her popularity on Instagram is significant.

41. Iskra Lawrence

We do not often think about plus-size models when it comes to the perfect body type but Iskra Lawrence prompts us to think otherwise. She has made her massive assets and her perfect butt a signature feature and has worked in several projects. The blonde beauty from England has worked with the greatest of confidence over the years.

Iskra enjoys a massive popularity on her social media sites and as far as Instagram is concerned, she boasts of over 4.6 million followers. Iskra Lawrence has modeled for the likes of American Eagle Outfitters and has also worked for a lingerie brand named Aerie.

42. Michelle Lewin

She is one of the most popular models from Venezuela. Michelle Lewin has over 13.7 million followers on Instagram and this is enough indication of her booming popularity. She is known for some of the most iconic curves and her toned physique is all the more desirable during her bikini shoots.

She is also popularly known for her fitness videos that are popular for their rich content. Michelle Lewin is mostly followed for her fitness regime as the fans want to take a leaf out of her book and get themselves the perfect body such as her.

43. Lita Lewis

As a health and lifestyle coach, Lita Lewis has been an empowering presence on social medial. She is known for her perfect curves that pay homage to her beautiful face. Her butt is one of the finest of all Instagram personalities and she has attained the same through some determined workout over the years.

Lita Lewis enjoys a great following on social media and is popularly known for promoting Thick and Fit. True to her motto, she has created a powerful body for herself and has also done some amazing work when it comes to making women around the world feel good about their bodies.

44. Nic B

Her perfectly defined abs are probably the most desirable features of Nic B. The curves on her body are dreamy and perfect and they seem to highlight her beautiful face. Nic B is popular for her fitness instructions that many seem to follow and this has led to a considerable following for this personality on Instagram.

Nic B is also one of those celebrities who interact with her followers and often provides them with personalized fitness advice. Her work makes her an icon in the world of fitness and she has surely inspired many to achieve the impossible and perfect shape.

45. Massy Arias

Massy Arias once won the Hispanic Heritage Awards for wellness and that is some light on her achievements. The beautiful brown skin, the toned abs, the curvy derriere, and the iconic beautiful smile on her face make Massy Arias so loved amongst her fans.

She was also nominated for the Shorty Award for Health & Wellness and Massy Arias is truly an inspiration when it comes to personal training. You would want your trainer to be as motivated as she is and that can be the true inspiration that you are seeking. She enjoys a massive popularity on her Instagram account as well with thousands of followers to her name.

46. Kim Kardashian

This socialite and media personality from America needs no introduction. She is particularly known for her iconic curvy and huge butt that she claims to be absolutely natural. Her massive assets and her bold personality make her a desirable model and glamour personality for the world.

She is known for the Reality TV show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She has also been a part of shows such as Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. She is worth a massive fortune with statistics suggesting that she has over $370 million dollars in wealth.

47. Khloé Kardashian

The sister of Kim Kardashian, Khloe has also earned much of her fame from the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The busty blonde beauty is known for being a bold model who is not known to shy away from exhibiting her beautiful curves.

She started off around the year 2007 and has since then been a part of some of the best brands and shows. She even had her own talk show called Kocktails with Khloe. She was also cast in a TV series named Dash Dolls and this was popular amongst her fans.

48. Jazmine Garcia

She is a popular fitness trainer and her videos have been a sensation on Youtube. Jazmine Garcia is also known for her killer curves and her toned derriere in particular. She has the personality of a star and that has helped her earn the fame over the years.

She was sponsored by the likes of EHPlabs and GymShark and her work has earned her a lot of praise from her followers. She has been a popular personality on Youtube where she showcased her journey into being a bikini model. With over 450000 subscribers, she has surely won over her fans all over the world.

49. Kali Burns

It is not just about her 1 million Instagram followers but Kali Burns is a truly talented individual. The attractive lady from Australia is a trained dancer besides being a fitness model. She serves as an inspiration for many and she is known for sharing her fitness regime with her followers on Instagram.

Kali has been associated with some of the finest brands such as Trimmes & Toned and Lorna Jane and this work has been accompanied with her work as a dancer. She is also a fine swimmer and can heat up the beach in her perfect bikini body.

50. Katy Hearn

The 28-year-old model from the United States of America has been an iconic presence in the fitness world. She has beautiful glittering eyes and her long hair complements her stunning face perfectly. Katy Hearn is best known for her curvy physique that has seen years of hard work and dedicated workout.

She runs the organization named Katy Hearn Fit and is also known for her empowering presence on Instagram with more than 1.8 million subscribers. She is known to have been inspired by bikini competitors and soon she herself became the face of fitness with her work.