Oct 27, 2021

Top 35 Sexiest Star Trek Female Characters Of All Time

Star trek was perhaps one of the first science fiction series to be broadcasted as a television series. It was inspired from adventure books like Gulliver’s Travel, where the protagonist enters a new dimension where the reality is different from what we know.

Today people know the series for its titillating impact on the silver screen. So, we write about the lost but not fallen heroines of the past, who with their attractive presence and acting heightened our interest in this series.

In this rundown of the top 35 sexiest star trek female characters, we talk about the most characters and actresses who beautified our knowledge of the universe with more than just their face.

1. Carol Marcus

Doctor Carol Marcus was a scientist in the Federation. She was romantically involved with James T. Kirk, the Starfleet officer. The script describes Carol Marcus as a woman “in her forties, attractive and intelligent.”

It was formerly suggested that the “little blonde lab technician” in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” may have been Carol Marcus.

Carol was the daughter of Alexander Marcus. During the late 2250s, Carol became involved with Kirk. they bore a child named David. Later, Carol concluded that it is better not to be involved with Kirk in the long term as they live in two different worlds from each other and thus broke up. She, then, dedicated her life to science and raising her kid David.

Director Nicholas Meyer casted Bibi Besch as Carol Marcus, reflecting, “I wanted a woman who was beautiful and looked like she could think; a woman who is attractive enough that you could see why Kirk would fall for her, and at the same time, somebody who could keep up with him.”

2. Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole served as one of the Military Assault Command Operations soldiers around the mid-22nd century. Cole was later assigned to the NX class starship enterprise in 2153, for the Delphic Expanse mission following the Xindi incident.

Cole is a Florida native, as Commander Charles Tucker III. She went to the rival school of Commander Tucker. They visited the common movie theatre. After the Xindi incident, her native Florida hometown got destroyed. However, her family was fortunate as they moved to a new place just a few years before the incident.

Cole expressed a romantic interest in Tucker even though he had a complicated interest in T’Pol. The role of Amanda Cole was played by Noa Tishby. The script mentions Cole as “a striking MACO in her mid-twenties.”

According to Tishby, “It was a great part. […] I loved the opportunity to play a romantic role of sorts, getting to stir up things on the ship.”

3. Nyota Uhura

Nyota Uhura was a Starfleet Officer from the 23rd century. She was the communication officer on USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-A. She was under the command of Captain Kirk. Nyota was of African descent and was very much fluent in the language, Swahili. He also proved to have an aptitude in Mathematics.

Uhura was known for entertaining her fellow colleagues in the Enterprise with her vocal talent. She was proud of her African heritage and decorated her living quarters with bedspread made from zebra skin, African sculptures and even masks as well as African images contained in wall panels.

Uhura proved to be a very loyal friend, especially with the senior staff of the Enterprise. She helped Kirk in his search for peace for Spock’s katra. She has great respect for Captain Kirk.

Uhura tried to revive the Human side of Spock. When she tried to open a conversation with Spock about Vulcan and Spock mentioned sardonically that Vulcan lacks any moon, Uhura was surprised at his lack of romanticism.

4. Jadzia Dax

Jadzia was the 8th host of the Dax symbiont from the year 2367 to 2374.  Jadzia was played by Terry Farrell and was also a Starfleet science officer and served on Deep Space 9, a space station, under the leadership of Captain Benjamin Sisko.

Born in 2341, Jadzia grew up with her parents and her sister. As a child, she was quite shy and reserved. She was also very ambitious and wanted to join the Dax symbiont one day. From her early days, she spent most of her time focusing on her main goal of joining the symbiont and at last, she succeeded, being the first one in her family to do so.

At the first try, however, Jadzia was rejected from the program by Curzon Dax, who said that she lacked purpose. She came back to reapply next year and became the first Trill in history to join the symbiont even after being rejected for the first time.

5. Kamala

Played by Famke Janssen, Kamala was the first female metamorph born on her planet, Kios Prime, in 100 years. She was an empathic metamorph and was told to fulfil her destiny as the Valtese bride of Chancellor Alrik.

This is the sole reason why she was taken from her mother when she was 4 years old and brought up at a royal village. Her role was to bring in peace between the two worlds through that arranged marriage. However, she fell in love with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Being an empathic metamorph, her powers enabled her to sense the desires of men and become exactly that. Due to her powers, she changed on the basis of the people around her and this also affected her own sense of identity. When she was on the Enterprise, however, it was the first time she was able to explore her own sense of being.

She imprinted herself for the final time there. As she was alluring to the men on the ship, Picard assigned Data as her chaperone since the latter was the only person who was immune to Kamala’s powers. After the completion of the imprinting, she lost her power of metamorphosis.

6. Seven of Nine

Born as a Human female Annika Hansen, Seven of Nine was a former Borg Drone. She was collected by Borg when she was just 6 years old, and was later freed by the members of the USS Voyager in the year 2374. After that, she joined the crew and later went back to the Alpha Quadrant in 2378. Later, she joined the Ferris Rangers, a group fighting for justice in the most volatile and dangerous areas of the galaxy.

She was born to the exobiologists Magnus and Erin Hansen in 2350 at the Federation Tendara Colony. Her life as a borg drone began when she was placed in a maturation chamber where her synaptic pathways began to be restructured by the hive mind. Five years after that she came out as the borg drone. As a Borg drone, she assimilated a lot of species, including Humans, Bolians, Krenim, Ferengi, Cardassians, Bajorans and Klingons.

7. Tonia Barrows

A Human female, Tonia Barrows was a Starfleet crewman during the mid-23rd century. She was in the operations division of the USS Enterprise. She served under the leadership of Captain Kirk.

She was one of the members of the landing party of 2267, trapped on the Shore Leave Planet surprise. She was accosted twice by the rake Don Juan while spending her time there. She also found a dress and concluded that a princess of the “blood royale” ould wear something like that.

Later, she became the love interest of Doctor McCoy. However, she saw McCoy being murdered by the Black Knight with her own eyes and started blaming herself for his death. Kirk helped her see the practical aspect in this case and regain her composure.

Portrayed by the actress Emily Banks, the character’s full name was Yeoman Tonia Barrows. Her full name was not disclosed until the episode’s end credits.

8. T’Pol

As a female Vulcan, T’Pol served on the Enterprise NX-01 during the middle of the 22nd century. In doing so, she became the first Vulcan to work on any Human spaceship for a considerable period of time.

T’Pol was born in 2088 to T’Les and her husband. When she was a child, she was betrothed to Koss, another Vulcun. She was raised near the capital city of Vulcan.

T’Pol served as a Ministry of Security agent during the early years of her career. She contacted Klingons of the Klingon Empire due to her work. Her first assignment as an agent was to capture 7 rogue agents of the Ministry.

Later, T’Pol became the Vulcan High Command’s Science Council on the ship Seleya. She served as the starship’s deputy science officer. She worked as an ambassador to the United Earth Government. She believed that humans are too “provincial” and “volatile” to leave the solar system.

9. Droxine

Her first appearance on the Episode entitled The Cloud Minders made everyone feel awe about two things, first how did her costume stay put and how did Star Trek find a way to have a love Interest for Spock.

This episode in many ways is groundbreaking as it introduces a very important real world issue in this beloved fictional world- class disparity. In an episode on this issue, Droxine’s character arc was very interesting as she transformed from a pessimist. Her experience with Spock opened her up and she really began to look on the other side of the picture.

She goes through such a change because of Spock, that she defends him against her tyrannical father, when he demands she doesn’t see him again. Though we never see her again she remains one of the most beautiful women in the franchise and influential characters as far as the emotional growth of Spock is concerned.

10. Ishara Yar

The opinion about Ishara Yar in the fandom has always been very mixed, taxing and confusing. She did try to sabotage the fusion reactor that powered the Alliance defensive systems in order to enable a massive invasion by the Coalition and more than anything belittled Data’s friendship, her circumstances and background make her a subject of sympathy.

She had abandoned writing all over her childhood. After her Parents’ death some people took her and her sister Tasha in, they then after some time inexplicably disappeared, leaving Tasha to care for them both.

After growing up Ishara started to feel a real affinity towards the Coalition and decided to join it. When Tasha asks her to join her in her passion of exploring the space Ishara refuses and Tasha takes her leave. This departure breaks her hurt and she considered it a betrayal. Though choosing Coalition at the end, her time at Enterprise did make her question everything as she formed some real bonds here.

11. Vash

Vash was a Human archaeologist and former member of the Federation Archaeology Council in the 24th century and considered by many to be a profiteer.

If there is one thing that can encapsulate Vash’s spirit it is ambition. In fact she was created with the intent of creating a  ballsy woman who’s not your typical Star Trek woman, a clear thinker both in terms of what she did in her own life and sex and the whole bit.

Her relationship with Jean Luc Picard is interesting to analyze. She really was his equal in spirits and that’s what attracted Picard towards her. Though deeply in love she chose to leave him to forge her own path.

Professionally her views are very different, she chooses profit over dignity in regards to her profession and upholds her belief in front of everyone. No matter what emotional attachments come her way, she is always clear in her aim.

12. Leeta

Leeta was a Bajoran dabo girl at Quark’s on the space station Deep Space 9. She married Rom, who later became the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance.

After some very intense entries on the list, Leeta feels like a breath of fresh air. And quite honestly that’s how she was in the series. The intensity that surrounded the series during her time on the show was reduced considerably whenever she appeared on our screens.

A major reason behind this effect was definitely the way she handled her relationships. She was very emotional and open about her feelings, a trait not a lot of characters in this series shared when it came to their relationships.

Her relationship with Rom was everything fans hoped and dreamed of after the excruciating slow burn they went through. The only bump in the road came when Rom initially asked her to sign a Waiver of Property and Profit, a Ferengi legal document requiring her to give up all claim to his estate should the marriage end, but she refused. Rom eventually donated all of his money to the Bajoran War Orphans Fund to make the issue moot.

13. Gannett Brooks

Gannett Brooks was a Human news reporter who lived on the planet Earth in the mid-2150s.

Her major arcs included the progression of her relationship with Travis Mayweather and her time in the Enterprise to report an insight into the missions which the crew were assigned, their life in space and the perils they met there.

Over the course of her stay she gets suspected of being a spy, when it is discovered that Brooks had reconfigured her universal translator at the conference on Earth to record messages from all the other translators.

Realizing her predicament she requests the help of a lawyer, something that she isn’t availed till the end. Mayweather through this entire ordeal goes through a whirlwind of emotions, whether to believe the evidence or Brooks.

At the end Brooks suggested that she and Mayweather should learn to “get along” like the Vulcans and Andorians, two members of the potential Coalition of Planets who were renowned for their discordant relationship. Mayweather commented that he and Brooks had much to discuss and accompanied her back to Earth in a shuttle pod.

14. Kelinda

Kelinda was a Kelvan member of an expedition from the Kelvan Empire in the radiation-imperiled Andromeda Galaxy. Her first appearance had a blonde bombshell written all over her.

She came into the Series with her crew to look for other places of inhibition because her home planet had been destroyed by radiation.

Her character was written as an exotic being from another galaxy. Her exotic personality did shine through. Some of her brilliant moments came when her emotional responses came out in response to other members of the Enterprise.

Some of these moments were when Kelinda immediately recognized Kirk’s apology for striking her was merely an opening for seduction, but she welcomed his efforts and embrace.

At the end when Kirk suggested that the Kelvan’s new humanity could be fully realized on a planet in the Milky Way, and Kelinda eagerly endorsed the idea of a life of humanoid sensations experienced with Rojan.

15. Hoshi Sato

Hoshi Sato played by Korean American actress Linda Park, is a fictional character in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise. Hoshi Sato was a noted Human linguist stationed aboard the United Earth starship Enterprise NX-01 during its historic mission of exploration.

Her background endeared her to the fandom. She had a very lonely childhood, with no friends and only the affection of her family. In her family also she was only intellectually close to her Grandfather who had passed away before she came to the Enterprise.

Her beginning in the Enterprise was not quite smooth.

Sato demanded a transfer off the ship after a harrowing experience aboard an Axanar vessel: discovering the crew had been killed and drained of their fluids. Her fear of that almost overwhelmed her, and she believed that she wasn’t cut out for deep space exploration.

As time went on she became more confident in her abilities and helped the Enterprise out of many tricky situations.

16. Robin Lefler

Robin Lefler was a female Human 24th century Starfleet officer and engineer. The character was played by major feature star Ashley Judd.

Robin Lefler broke the monotony that Wesley Crusher’s life had become. She was like the sweet summer fling- flirty, fun and above all light. But this is Star Trek, how could it be all light and dreamy. She and Wesley discovered a plot by a rogue group of Ktarians to take over the Enterprise (and subsequently, Starfleet), using an addictive game to get control over the crew. She helped to analyze the game’s effects and in examining Data when he was deactivated.

Her relationship with Wesley Crusher is so sweet because of how she grew up. She had never connected to anyone the way she did with Crusher. Therefore when it was announced that Lefler would reappear as Crusher’s wife, the fandom was floored. But alas it never happened.

17. Ezri Dax

Ezri Dax  is a fictional character who appears in the seventh and final season of the American science fiction TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She is Portrayed by Nicole de Boer.Ezri Dax was a joined Trill and the ninth host of the Dax symbiont. She served as counselor aboard Deep Space 9, beginning in 2375. She was joined to Dax shortly after the death of its previous host, Jadzia.

Ezri was an interesting character, as she was a fresh out of the academy persona which was attached to the old school mentality of the host- Jadzia. Her entire arc has her struggling with the memories of her host especially in her relationship with Worf. Worf started off being antagonistic because he missed his wife, but then due to Dax’s efforts became amicable and at one point also romantic.

At the end though Dax’s feelings for Bashir won, they spent their first night together the day before the new USS Defiant departed to lead the Allied invasion of Cardassia. The two made a pact to come back alive.

18. Deanna Troi

Deanna Troi is a main character in the science-fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and related TV series and films, portrayed by actress Marina Sirtis. She was a half-Betazoid, half-Human Starfleet officer. Under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, she served as ship’s counselor aboard the USS Enterprise-D and the USS Enterprise-E.

Troi is one of the most known characters in the franchise. Her life has been followed vigorously in the show and her character has caused many major turning points. But the most interesting feature about her character was definitely her relationship with Riker. It reflects the agony of star crossed lovers perfectly. Though they wanted each other but there was something or the other in their way.

Her arc was so interesting because everyone and everything in the life was set, but she changed her course and made her own destiny in the way giving us an adventure of a lifetime.

19. Bronwyn Gail Robinson

Bronwyn Gail Robinson though appearing very briefly was visually very appealing and stunning as she was played by none other than Teri Hatcher, the soon to become Desperate Housewife. Robinson was a Human female who served as a Starfleet officer during the late-24th century.

She held the rank of lieutenant and served as a transporter chief aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D, under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. She beamed Thadiun Okona aboard when his vessel, the Erstwhile, was disabled.

Quite honestly this character was created to be as womanly as possible and therefore she has beauty and grace in spades. It goes on to say she always displays a “very professional manner.”

Since most of Hatcher’s scenes from the episode “The Outrageous Okona” ends up on the chopping block, Hatcher requested the producers to remove her name from the end credits. As such, she received no on-screen credit for her performance.

21. Carolyn Palamas

Carolyn Palamas was the archaeology and anthropology officer on the USS Enterprise when it visited Pollux IV in 2267. Leslie Parrish in this role looked like a goddess from another world.

It is because of her Ethereal looks only that an Alien who thinks of himself as literal God, Apollo, this affinity caused a lot of friction between him and Scotty and gave us an interesting love triangle to watch out for.

It was a moment of empowerment when Palamas, even after falling in love with Apollo, chooses to reject him on her captain’s orders. Kirk had made her realise that her planet depended on her following through with her duties.

When Spock kills him and sends him into oblivion with his other partners. Palamas is sad but understands that at the end this was the correct choice when Apollo exposed himself as a selfish entity.

Though never shown in the movies it was revealed that a sequence was shot where Palamas was found to be pregnant with Apollo’s child. The child turned out to be a girl and was named Athena.

21. Gaila

Gaila was an Orion female and a cadet at Starfleet Academy in the alternate reality. While studying at the Academy in the mid-to-late 2250s, she shared accommodations with Nyota Uhura, who was tired of Orion’s revolving door policy regarding men.

Gaila begins her journey in a scandalous fashion in a rendezvous with Kirk. But when her roommate Uhura arrives it immediately changes to a comedy scene as she tries to hide Kirk, but is ultimately caught on by Uhura.

She does feel perturbed when she understands that Kirk was using her for his own benefits. The only reason Kirk was attracted to her was because Gaila worked in the computer lab. She watches with her Arms crossed when Kirk is being tried, but due to the events later in the movie does not have the chance to confront him. Though Kirk later tries to apologize he is never able to find her, having been forever parted from her.

22. Andrea

Andrea was a female android built sometime between 2261 and 2266, by Roger Korby. By Human standards, her behavior was quite simplistic, to the point where she would duplicate patterns of learned behavior.

Andrea’s existence and emotional capabilities became a source of conflict between various characters in the series. Christine Chapel described her as a “mechanical geisha.” She was of the opinion that Andrea was just an Android devoid of any emotions, and would do only as instructed.

To prove his point Kirk kissed her longer and much more passionately, and she became confused and upset, claiming she was “not programmed” for Kirk. This evidence that the androids could learn to feel emotions they were not programmed to feel contradicted Korby’s belief that an android society would be a utopia, free of conflict and strife. At the end when she kissed Korby, he activated a laser pistol, destroying himself and Andrea./

23. Helen Noel

Helen Noel was a female Human enlisted crewmember in the 23rd century. She served in the sciences division aboard the USS Enterprise in 2265 to 2266 under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, during its historic five-year mission. She was a psychiatrist with a background in rehabilitative therapy.

Her character description reads “She is young, exceedingly, even uncomfortably, lovely [….] Her face is intelligent but the graceful, young and very female body is scarcely what Kirk had in mind when McCoy casually mentioned scientific assistance.”

Her brief but beautiful relationship with Kirk helps a lot as it is the romantic feelings Kirk has for her in the hands-on demonstration of the neural neutralizer with Kirk as the subject. But he was able to fight off his feelings for Noel long enough to dispatch her through a series of air conditioning ducts to the colony’s power supply. She was actually written as a replacement for Yeoman Janice Rand, who originally would have accompanied Kirk to Tantalus V.

24. Kira Nerys

Kira Nerys is a fictional character in the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999). She is played by actress Nana Visitor.

Kira Nerys was a major, later colonel, in the Bajoran Militia, following years in the Bajoran Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation and a Starfleet commander for a brief period during 2375. She served as Bajoran liaison officer on Starfleet station Deep Space 9 and later assumed command of the station. Kira was integral in the survival of the Cardassian Rebellion against the Dominion.

Kira’s arc mainly deals with the conflicting beliefs she has about the Federation. At its inception she opposed the Federation presence on DS9, feeling that the Bajoran people should have nothing to do with the Federation as Bajor has just endured a 50-year occupation by the Cardassians and Bajor needs to be able to stand on its own two feet. But overtime she became a staunch supporter, and fought for the Federation.

25. Saavik

Saavik is a fictional character in the Star Trek universe. She first appeared in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) played by Kirstie Alley. Robin Curtis took over the role for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).

Saavik was a Vulcan Starfleet officer who, in the mid-2280s, served aboard both the USS Enterprise and the USS Grissom. Of particular note was her involvement with the failed Genesis project.

Saavik shared a very interesting relationship with Spock. He was her mentor who made her realise that having all rules learnt by heart are not enough that you need a certain level of perception and care.

She cries when she learns of his death and at the end is a huge reason why he comes back to life. At the end She remained on Vulcan with Spock’s mother, Amanda Grayson, when the Enterprise crew – together with Captain Spock – returned home to Earth.

26. Beverly Crusher

Beverly Crusher debuted in the hit television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was the chief medical officer of the Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E.

Beverly was born as Beverly Howard in 2324. Her place of birth was the Copernicus City of Luna. Her family was Scottish-Americans by ethnicity. After her parents died, she started living with her grandmother, Felisa Howard inArvada III, which was a colony planet. However, a collision of the planet with the moon caused it to be flooded. Her grandmother was a resourceful lady, helping the injured with herbs and tree chemicals when synthetic medicines ran out.

Beverly was known as a shy, awkward and quiet child. She was very self-conscious when she was young. She was intelligent and caring, thus sparking her interest in medicine. The disaster that happened in Arvada III only made her more decisive to become a doctor.after the disaster at Arvada III, Beverly and Felisa moved to Caldos, until she enrolled for Starfleet Academy.

27. Derran Tal

Derran Tal was an assistant engineer on a ship. She was a Varro. She was romantically involved with Ensign Harry Kim around 2375, which violated the protocol of the ship. After their affair was found out by Captain January, Kim was called and was ordered  to break off the relationship with Tal.

Later, it was found that there was a Varro hiding inside the USS Voyager. The person then explained how certain Varro felt stuck within the ships and just wanted a way out. It was also revealed that they are forming a violent group to fight for their freedom.

It was later revealed that bothe the Varro ship and the Voyager are infected with a synthetic virus, causing problems in the ship’s hull. Tal then unveils her involvement in that dissent group and shows her work where she developed a schematic for the virus.  Ultimately, she bid goodbye to Kim as the more time she spent with him, the harder it was becoming for her to carry out the operation.

28. Neras

Neras is an Orion slave girl, born in the 22nd century. She was sold at the slave markets of Verex III during May 2154. However, she was a respected member in front of her slavers and apparently, presented herself willingly to the customers. The character of Neras was played by Bobi Sue Luther.

Even though she is not crucial for the plot of the movie, she is included in this list for her sheer hotness. Little is known about the character but she had some knowledge of anthropology. She was a true vision in skimpy outfit that left nothing for imagination to her bidders and the audience. Her characters is mentioned with this one phrase “Orion girls are knowm for thei…innate skills”.

29. Janice Rand

Janice Rand was played by Grace Lee Whitney. She is the captain’s yeoman in the USS Enterprise. She was a non-commissioned officer in the ship around 2266. At first, the appointment of Rand as his yeoman offended Captain Kirk. He was annoyed by her waiting on him. However he thanked her later, to which she welcomed him before leaving briskly.

Rand also possessed an artistic side – she had created seven paintings in her quarters in the Enterprise. By the 2270s, she was promoted to transporter chief of the USS Enterprise. Prior to Kirk’s work as a captain, Rand also served under the command of Captain Will Decker. She was assigned to be the communications officer of the Starfleet Command on Earth in 2286.

She went on to become the communications officer on the USS Excelsior under the title Lieutenant junior grade Rand, in 2293. She was promoted as a Commander within 3 years of her officer training.

30. Drusilla

Drusilla was the personal slave of Claudius Marcus, a Proconsul on Planet 892-IV around 2268. She was extremely good looking and attractive and Claudius called her “a lovely thing.”

She was assigned as Kirk’s slave by Claudius when the former was captured and taken prisoner. Claudius wanted to give Kirk “some last hours as a man,” as he was sentenced to be executed the very next day.

When Drusilla came onto him, Kirk was initially wary and thought of Drusilla to be a part of some plan to extract information out of him in a moment of weakness. However, Drusilla turned out to be very empathetic and understanding, ultimately convincing Kirk of her honesty and becoming intimate with him.

Later, in The Autobiography of James T. Kirk, it was revealed that Drusilla bore a son. He was name Eugino and was believed to be Kirk’s son by McCoy, due to the intimate time shared by Drusilla and Kirk once.

31. Amanda Rogers

She was born as a female Q in Topeka, Kansas of North America. She was raised as a human, which was unlike the majority of Q. She, ultimately, joined the Q Continuum where she took the oath to adhere to a moral code.

She was born to 2 Q, who took on the identity of humans in order to stay on Earth. Later, when Amanda was 5, her parents were killed by the Q Continuum due to a tornado accident in 2356. She was not aware of her Q nature until she started showing signs. These signs attracted the curiosity of other Q people and they pondered if she was one of them or is a threat to their existence.

She excelled in plasma dynamics, neurobiology and eco regeneration. She was accepted in the Starfleet Academy and was later selected to do her internship on the USS Enterprise-D, out of hundred other applicants.

33. Vina

Vina, a Human female civilian, was born in the 23rd century. She was a crewman in the SS Columbia around 2230s. The ship had American Continent Institute scientists on an expedition to Talos Star Group. Ultimately, the ship crashed and everyone on the ship perished, except for her. She was then brought back to good health by the Talosians.

After the Talosians encountered Vina, their interest in the Human species peaked and they lured the USS Enterprise to their planet. They selected Commander Pike as a mate to her and tricked him into staying on the planet in order to learn about Human companionship and sexuality.

Although that plan failed, Pike got to see Vina’s real appearance, as she stayed behind, with the Talosians. She greeted Spock and Burnham 3 years later, when their ship landed on the planet and allowed the communication of Spock and Pike.

As Pike was crippled in an encounter, the Talosians used their illusion techniques on him like they did with Vina and at the end, they were seen beginning a new life on the planet.

33. Marta

Marta, portrayed by Yvonne Craig, was an Orion female at Elba II’s Federation asylum. She was seductive, as well as delusional, to some extent. She was a consort to Garth of Izar. When Captain Kirk was taken captive by Garth, he sent Marta to seduce Kirk. Although he managed to fight her off, Marta attempted to stab Kirk.

Garth used Marta to demonstrate to the humans, what would happen if they did not let him free. He killed her as an example to the hostages’ future. Garth showed her mercy by killing her with an explosive that he was experimenting with, rather than choking her to death.

In the original story by Jerry Sohl, Marta was a Klingon character with the name Mara. She had a minor part in this case. The writers of the show, however, changed her species and made her character more prominent.

34. Vanna

Vanna was the leader of a group named Disrupters on the planet of Ardana. She was also a participant in the substantial change of class structure on the planet.

Vanna kidnapped Kirk when the USS Enterprise arrived at Adana. She did so in order to get Kirk’s attention to the plight of her people on the planet – the Troglytes were being treated as slaves by the ruling class of Stratos.

This was because Plasus, the administrative incharge of the planet, regarded the Troglytes as inferior species. Kirk, then found out that the zenite gas from the Ardana mines were actually interfering with the mental capacity of the Troglytes. The only Troglytes spared were the ones who worked at Stratos, like Vanna, who worked at Plasus’ house. Kirk helped Vanna by staging a demonstration of the zenite’s effect in a sealed mine. After understanding the effects, Plasus reluctantly agreed to help Vanna and her people.

35. Eleen of Capella

Eleen was the wife of Akraar, the Teer of the Ten Tribes. Eleen was pregnant with Akraar’s child when he died during a coup. The leader of the victorious forces, Maab, became the Teer. He decided to execute Eleen, as he was apprehensive of letting the heir live and then reclaim the throne.

Kirk was unable to watch Eleen get executed in front of his own eyes and during the action, he interrupted the process and thus, laying his hands on Eleen. This was a forbidden act for anyone, except the Teer and Kirk was also sentenced to die.

When Eleen and Kirk were imprisoned, the latter, with his comrade, Spock managed to overpower the guards and flee with Eleen. Eleen accepted another chance at life and they fled to the nearby foothills where the Federation was residing.

The Capellans were searching for the escapees but Kirk and Spock managed to stray them away with clever tactics. Dr. McCoy oversaw the birth of the heir and a son was born to Eleen. He was named Leonard James Akraar.

When McCoy was dozing, Eleen fled and stopped the Capellans, telling them that she had killed the heir and the Federation. When asked for proof, a scuffle between Maab and Kras occurred. Both of them were killed and Eleen’s son became the new Teer, with Eleen as the regent.