Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020

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Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

Swedish women are known to be breathtakingly beautiful and are known for their perfect features all over the world. They have one of the highest numbers of beautiful women that have been gracing magazines and catwalks all over the world. It is hard to argue against Swedish beauty and from the fields of cinema to modeling, they are everywhere. These women have unique jaw-dropping features to make people go weak on their knees. They are blonde, tall, slim, and their angelic personality can surely blow men’s minds. Here we compiled some of the top sexiest Swedish women of this generation that have made their fans go crazy.

1. Frida Gustavsson

Frida Gustavsson, the 19 years old glam model and actor, has a clean-living attitude, blonde hair, radiant complexion, and fuller lips, and these are something to look up to when we talk about Swedes beauty. She tries to maintain herself as organic as possible. She started her career as a model and has walked in numerous fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, and many more. In 2010, Frida was referred to as one of the most demanded models. Frida’s acting career is successful and has featured in “The Witcher”, “Nina L’eau” and “The Inspector and the Sea”.

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Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

2. Liza Berggren

The 2005’s Miss World beauty pageant holder, Liza Berggren is the charming fashion diva. Previously she also won Miss World Sweden. Liza Berggren’s blonde hair, tempting physique, and expressive eyes certainly touch one’s mind. The 34-year-old model Liza Berggren has been given the eighth position among the most attractive Swedish model list.

Starting her career with Avenue Modeller, Liza is an editorial model featuring numerous magazine cover which includes Cosmopolitan, Love, Zink, Numero Magazine. Liza Berggren became the cover girl of Norway based Henne Magazine. She worked for the campaign with Farzan Esfahani, P2 Summer Christopher Kane, and AnneKarine.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

3. Caroline Maria Winberg

The 35-year-old Caroline Maria Winberg is a tall and elegant Swedish model, television personality, and actress. Caroline’s blue eyes, blonde hairs, and slim physique have attracted many modeling agencies for so long.

Caroline Maria Winberg, born in Sollentuna in Sweden had a typical tomboyish nature and was an aspiring player in her childhood. But at the age of 16, Caroline caught the attention of various agencies and was soon hired. She worked with Dominque Brussels, Women Model Management, and Why Not Milan. Caroline found herself in the campaign for Armani, Valentino, and many more. Caroline made her acting debut “Limitless” in 2011 and she is currently one of the top supermodel coaches in the UK.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

4. Mini Andén

The gorgeous blue-eyed talented model Mini Andén is 41 years old and she was born in the year 1978. She lives under her birth sign Gemini. She weighs 55 kg and has a height of 5 feet 10 inches. Mini has dark brown hair and has a well-toned physique to die for.

The gorgeous beauty queen Mini Andén is a Swedish model, actress, and producer. She has been a Victoria’s Secret Model and appeared in several campaigns for designers including ‘Calvin Klein’s, ‘Louis Vuitton’, ‘Hugo Boss’, ‘BCBG’, and many more, alongside she also judged the “Miss Universe Competition 2001”. Mini is famous for her work ‘The Mechanic’, ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’, and so on.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

5. Ronnia Fornstedt

The former Miss Universe of Sweden, Ronnia Fornstedt is a fashion trend miniature. Ronnie was born on 25 December 1990. She has an enviable figure and an attractive attitude that aids her to be a prosperous model of Sweden. Ronnie has dark brown hair and milky white skin.

Her life was difficult when mother passed away and father left while she was only 1 and she grew with her older sister. After winning the Miss Universe Sweden in 2011 she signed with various agencies such as Elite Stockholm, Zap Models as well as a famous face of Transdermal Skin Care. Alongside 2012 the Swedish Diva Ronnia has started her beauty and fashion blog.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

6. Mona Johannesson

Mona Johannesson is another pretty and attractive fashion personality with incredible talent. The blue-eyed gorgeous diva Mona has Mahogany hair along with 5 feet 8 inches height. She is considered to be a top model in the country.

This Swedes bombshell was discovered by an IMG Models scout when she was 14. “Baby Kate” is her popular nickname. Later the Swedish diva has walked in various fashion shows including Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, MiuMiu, Burberry, and many others. She also appeared in numerous advertising campaigns like Armani Exchange, Boucheron, Bulgari, Hugo Boss, Ungaro Fuchsia and Valentino RED, etc.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

7. Malin Åkerman

Malin Akerman is the 41-year-old Swedish-American actress, model, and singer. The gorgeous blue-eyed diva has blonde hair and milky white skin. She has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and famous for her super slim body structure and well-toned physique.

The prettiest diva Malin Akerman was discovered by the Ford Models when she was 16. The following year, she won Ford’s Supermodel of Canada. Gradually she made a contract with Noxzema Skin Care Company. She was seen in nude scenes in films such as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ and ‘Watchman’. This sexy Swedish lady is famous for her role in the film ‘The Utopian Society’.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

8. Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is a top contender among the sexiest and super slim Models in Sweden. She is Victoria’s Secret Angel and has been ruling the fashion industry for so long. This blue-eyed pretty lady has 5 ft 9 inches height and has blond hair. Alongside she has also played professional basketball in Sweden.

The Swedish gravure idol, Elsa has worked for several top brands such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Free People, Ungaro, Anna Sui, and Lilly Pulitzer. Later the glam model Elsa models for Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret Angels. She was ranked 15 on the Top Sexiest Model list by She also worked to support the anti-human-trafficking organization called FAIR Girls.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

9. Helena Mattsson

Helena Matteson is a beautiful and highly sought after Swedish model. The blue-eyed charming diva Helena has sexy body structure with measurements of 35-26-35 inches and 5 ft 8 inches height. Her well-toned physique and gorgeous curves and lusciously smooth skin have always been admired by her fans.

The Swedish diva was born and raised in Stockholm in Sweden. From an early age, she attended theatre school. Later, she moved to Hollywood to audition for a TV series. In 2004 she made her film debut with Drowning Ghost. Subsequently, she appeared in Surrogates, Iron Man 2, You and I, and many more.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

10. Hannah Graaf 

The most attractive Swedish glamour model and singer, named Hannah Graaf were born on 31 August in 1978. Her tempting body and expressive eyes certainly have touched millions’ mind. The gorgeous diva Hannah has a super slim and sexiest body with 5 ft 8 inches height.

Hannah used to regularly appear in men’s magazines with her older sister, Magdalena Graaf, and the sisters were referred to in the Time Magazine’s List of European Heroes for their incredible charity work. In 1998 she gave up glamour modeling to pursue a music career and later formed a musical duo The Graaf Sisters. During 2007 Hannah hosted the Idol show called ‘Idol after snack’.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

11. Yvette Rachelle

Yvette Rachelle is one of the most beautiful Swedish models and is popularly known as Miller Beer Girl. The stunning beauty, Yvette Rachelle has blue eyes and a daredevil streak that has mesmerized more than 60 million fans online across the world.

Yvette Rachelle ventured into the field of modeling at a very tender age and started gracing the cover of numerous magazines from Asia to Brazil including Glamour, Elle, and innumerable swimsuit calendars. She is considered as one of the top supermodels across the world by E-Media Magazine. Alongside, Yvette is equally devoted to humanitarian work and is currently supporting various charities. The Swedish beauty Yvette has also been featured in various shows of Fox and HBO television.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

12. Anna Sundstrand

Anna Sundstrand is one of the hottest glam models in Sweden and she is equally popular as a singer, actress, and dancer. Anna Sundstrand’s beauty is something that everyone adores.

Anna Sundstrand joined the pop group named “Play” at the age of 12 and went on to sell millions of records until breaking up indefinitely. Some of her singles along with “Play” include “Us against the World”, “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” and many more. In the year of 2008, she ventured into the acting field and was cast in films like “Split Second” and “Gone Astray”.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

13. Erika Johnson

The Swedish glam model and actress Erika Johnson is more than fit to be in the chart of the sexiest Swedish model. Born in the year of 1982 in Sweden, she is known for her exquisite blue eyes, blonde hair, and perfect curves.

Erika Johnson is the titleholder of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Sweden (2011) and has also won it at the international level. She has featured in various Swedish Men magazine which includes Swedish Elle, Slitz, Moore Magazine, and Café. Alongside, Erika has also made success in the film industry and was cast in “The Paper” (1994), “Boat Trip”, and “Barely Legal” in 2003.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

14. Oksana Andersson

Oksana Andersson is a former member of the Swedish dance group or a pop band named “Sunblock”. The youthful, blonde, and exquisite physique is enough to make her fans go crazy. Oksana has always been holding her position in the chart of the hot Swedish model.

The mother of two kids, Oksana Andersson is a dancer, program manager, and photo model. She started her career as a dancer in the group and the got featured in some famous men magazines such as FHM, Café, and Slitz. Oksana has also made her appearance in various television shows which include “I Huvudet Pa Gynning” and “Paradise Land”. Currently, she runs travel, family, and fashion blog.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

15. Anna Nyström

Another social media celebrity, glamour, and fitness model are Anna Nyström, who has gained the internet sensation ever since she uploaded her photos online. Anna Nyström has a statuesque figure, long blonde hair, radiant complexion, and exquisite fitness and has been the inspiration for her flowers.

The health freak fashion diva has started her journey through Instagram in 2013 and she currently has more than 6 million followers. She has shared her journey from being bedridden to a fitness model on her YouTube channel. She has worked for several high-end top companies which include Lush, skinny mint Tea, Belissas, Daniel Wellington, and Workout Empire. Anna is also a licensed fitness trainer.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

16. Victoria Törnegren

This Swedish celebrity named Victoria Törnegren is a well-known fitness, lifestyle, and fashion blogger. She has gained a massive follower on her self-titled blogging website. This youthful, charming, and fashion diva has always been listed in the chart of hot Swedish women.

Victoria Törnegren was born on the 20th of December 19914 and started her eponymous blogging website in April in the year 2009 and there she started writing poems. Victoria Törnegren has gained more than 700, 000 followers on her Instagram account. She has worked as a model for the Bring Sportswear with its creator and owner named Alexandra Bring. Victoria is regarded as one of the richest bloggers in Sweden.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

17. Alexandra Bring

One of the most adored models of Sweden named Alexandra Bring hails from a small town of Northern Sweden. She is a fitness model, social media celebrity, entrepreneur, and the youngest billionaire. Despite being born in an affluent family, Alexandra is a pro horse rider and runs a clothing line named “Bring Sportswear”.

Alexandra Bring has evolved herself from being the skinny party girl to one of the top fitness models in Sweden, who has been admired by millions of followers across the world. She runs an Eponymous YouTube Channel, where she posts workout tutorials and it has pretty decent subscribers. This beautiful blonde is now considered as the top recognizable fitness face in Sweden.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

18. Angelica Blick

This gorgeous celebrity of Sweden named Angelica Blick was born on 8 November 1990. Angelica is one of the award-winning Instagram influencers in Sweden and runs her self-titled travel and fashion blog. Angelica started posting on her blog since August 2009 and is considered one of the richest bloggers in Sweden.

The beautiful blonde, Angelica Blick has attracted more than 1 million followers on her Instagram with her exquisite beauty, blonde hair, and toned body. The 29-year-old Swedish beauty Angelica has gained various accolades for her blogs from Vixen Awards, Vecko Revyn Blog Awards, Chic Awards Finest Awards, and many more.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

19. Jelly Devote

Jelly Devote is a beautiful girl with an inspiring life story. The beauty goddess Jelly Devote once had an unhealthy lifestyle with junk food eating habits with huge weight. Realizing her condition, she decided to lose weight by adopting healthy food, cardio exercise.

After a long balanced process, Jelly Devote is now a diva in the Swedish fitness world with radiant beauty, a curvy body, and a super-toned physique. She began a self-titled nutrition and fitness website in 2011. Alongside she uploads short workout videos and sexy selfies that have garnered her Instagram account with more than 550,000 followers. Jelly is an inspiration for people online and is one of the growing models through Instagram’s photo app.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

20. Fanny Lyckman

The beauty diva Fanny Lyckman is an award-nominated travel and fashion blogger who resides in Stockholm. Fanny is a popular Instagram celebrity, aspiring designer, and self-proclaimed fashion icon. The Swedish beauty-queen Fanny Lyckman has garnered her Instagram with more than 550,000 followers.

The 30-year-old blond beauty Fanny Lyckman has done collaboration work with the various top brands such as, NCLA, and many more. Fanny is a six-time nominated blogger in the fashion category. Fanny was tagged as the most powerful woman in the year 2013 and 2014. The Swedish model, Fanny has made her appearance in a television show titled “Kickstart”.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

21. Helena Dahlquist

The name Helena Dahlquist reminds us of the hot, blue-eyed, tall, curvy, and well-toned Swedish model. Helena Dahlquist, born in the year of 1979, has always been listed in the chart of top models in Sweden. Helena showcases her good toned physique, gorgeous curves, and lusciously smooth skin that has always been witnessed and admired by her fans. Helena’s unbeatable beauty has always been praised.

The Swedish diva Helena Dahlquist has made her appearance in the cover of various top fashion magazines. In the year of 1997, the beauty goddess Helena Dahlquist was featured in the issue of Harper’s Bazaar by a popular photographer named Sergio Caminata.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

22. Maria Lyth

This incomparable photo model, Maria Lyth has blonde hair, blue eyes, and an exquisitely curvy physique. She is considered as one of the quintessential beauty of Sweden that people can fantasize about. Her radiantly smooth skin surely makes people fall in love with Maria Lyth.

The Swedish diva Maria Lyth, born in the year of 1983 was featured in various top high-end modeling companies such as Unique Models Denmark, Louise Models Munich, Paparazzi Model Management Amsterdam, Who not Model Agency and Stockholm’s Gruppen Models. She has also featured in mind-blowing swimsuits and bikinis making her gain a large number of followers.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

23. Kenza Zouiten

Stockholm born Kenza Zouiten is one of the hottest divas of Sweden. The beauty goddess Kenza Zouiten is a glamour model, dancer, actress, and blogger. Kenza Zouiten, born on 21 April 1991 runs a blogging website named “Kenzas” and it is currently regarded as one of the most viewed websites.

The Swedish bombshell, Kenza Zouiten started her career journey as a host on her personal web show titled “Kenza & Tyra Show”. Alongside, Kenza Zouiten has worked as a model for various campaigns with JC, Guldfynd, and Ur & Penn. The super-hot diva Kenza is currently working as a model for the top modeling agency named “Elite Model Management”.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

24. Elin Nordegren

Stockholm born Elin Nordegren is one of the hottest glamorous models in Sweden and is the ex-wife of a popular golf player named Tiger Woods. Elin Nordegren is popular for her strikingly blond hair, cornflower blue eyes, and exquisite beauty body. She is often regarded as the beauty with brain, who is also a charitable person.

This beautiful Swedish diva started her career with various odd jobs and finally ended up in the field of modeling in 2000.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

25. Johanna Lundbäck

While talking about the Swedish model, there is certainly no chance of forgetting Johanna Lundbäck. Johanna Lundbäck is regarded as the perfect girt next door that possibly no guy could ever resist. The Swedish diva Johanna Lundbäck is a gorgeous lingerie and bikini photo model.

The Swedish girl Johanna Lundbäck showcased her collection of Lingerie in her wardrobe. In the year of 209, the Swedish beauty Johanna Lundbäck was given the fourth position at the Miss Universe Sweden contest. Born in the year of 1989, Johanna Lundbäck is currently regarded as one of the highest paying bikini and lingerie models across the world. 

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

26. Marie Plosjö

One of unforgettable Swedish beauty is Marie Plosjö. She is a popular glamour model, singer, and actress. The multi-talented beauty queen Marie Plosjö is a popular blonde beauty with a radiant complexion and dreamy blue eyes. She has worked with some popular magazines which include Playboy, ICE, Slitz, Moore, and Café.

The Swedish blonde Marie Plosjö is also known for being a contestant in a reality show titled “Paradise hotel season 2” in the year of 2005. The beauty goddess Marie has released a single music “Boom Boomboom”, which a pretty positive response. In the year 2007 and 2008, Marie has appeared at the Miss World Sweden as a host.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

27. Magdalena Graaf 

While talking about Swedish beauty, Magdalena Graaf is one of the top unforgettable models that has been ruling in the glam industry. The Swedish beauty queen Magdalena is a popular glamour model, author, and singer. After her ex-husband’s indictment, she was depressed. But she never lost hope and started her fitness journey, did a breast augmentation, and followed a strict fitness regime.

Throughout her career, Magdalena has worked with FHM, Café, Slitz, and Moore. Along with that, Swedish beauty Magdalena has given the Swedish top hit single “you got what I Want”. The Swedish blonde Magdalena launched her biography “It is going to be a true pleasure to kill you” in 2006.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

28. Elin Grindemyr

Born in the year of 1983, Elin Grindemyr is a popular Swedish glamour model. The Swedish beauty queen Elin Grindemyr has a beautiful, charming face with an exquisite physique and a well-tone body.

Elin Grindemyr gave her first debut appearance in a well-known Swedish men’s magazine called Slitz in the year 2003 and she was also the contender for the Annual Sexiest Girlfriend. Although she could not win the contest, she has worked as a model for several times in Slitz. Later in 2005, the Swedish beauty Elin Grindemyr was also voted as one of the sexiest women by the readers of Slitz in Sweden.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

29. Victoria Silvstedt

The beauty pageant holder, Victoria Silvstedt is one of the top Swedish fashion model and actress. The Swedish beauty Victoria Silvstedt has mesmerized millions with her crystal blue eyes, blonde hair, fuller lips, and well-toned body.

This unforgettable beauty has graced the cover of various top magazines such as Playboy and many more. In the year 1997, the gorgeous lady Victoria was named as the Playmate of the year by Playboy magazine. The buxom figured model Victoria Silvstedt was chosen as the spokesperson for “Guess Jeans” in the year 1997. Victoria achieved the 39th position in the 100 sexiest women in the world list by FHM magazine.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

30. Petra Silander

The Swedish beauty Petra Silander is the 32 years old gorgeous model born in 1988, which is quite hard to believe. She is one of the sexiest and slim models in the country and has blonde hair with attractive beauty. The blue-eyed Swedish diva boasts millions of fans on her page.

Petra is best known as a model and actress who is known for her amazing work for Australian lingerie company Palmers. She also models for beauty brand L’Oreal and underwear brand Chantelle. Alongside she appeared in action film Virtual Revolution. According to she is one of the successful Swedish models and ranked on various fashion lists.

Top 30 Sexiest Swedish Women – 2020 | Best Of Comic Books

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