Nov 26, 2021

Top 30 Sexiest Japanese Pornstars Of All Time

Japanese women are exotic and sexy in a unique way and they also maintain a class of their own. For that reason, they gained attention from all over the world and they know the exact way to attract the opposite sex. They grace the Japanese entertainment industry by their sheer charm, talent, beauty, and attractiveness.

Their sexy figure, skin tone, lovely face, and smile have the power to rule over the entertainment industry and porn sites not only in Japan but around the world also. Some of the Japanese actresses also took a bold step to reign over the adult entertainment industry and became very popular porn actresses.

Today we will talk about the top 30 Japanese Pornstars.

1. Akira Lane                                     

The brunette haired porn actress, Akira Lane has the brown eyes that go perfectly with her sexy figure with which she attracts the eyes of her audience. In her videos, she is a master for the bondage scenes.

Beginning her career in 2000, she started modeling at first and after that, she stepped into the adult entertainment industry. Some of her television works include Sexy Urban Legend, Weekend Flash, 7 Lives Xposed, Coed Carwash, and others. Currently, she runs the Pantyhose Lane website which is an adult website specialized in pantyhose pornography.

2. Ellen Joe

The busty bodied beauty, Ellen Joe has the power to rule over the pornography industry with her sexy appearance and she looks absolutely attractive with her big breasts that make her most desired lady in the adult industry.

She made her debut in 2004 with the video that released with Cinema Unit GAS. Apart from a very large bust, her videos also focus on her status as a mature woman. She also was featured in GAS’s year-end compilation in 2005. She is very famous for her video of Big Tit Bondage Assaulted Breasts in which she played the role of Ringo Aoyama’s abusive stepmother that released in 2007.

3. Marica Hase

The most famous porn actress, Marica Hase attracts her opposite sex by her hotness and sexy looking appearance that is complemented by her brown hair and eyes and she is also an AV idol and specialized in bondage and watersports.

Beginning her career as an erotic model in 2004, she has transitioned into AV idol in 20009 and has been cast in more than 500 adult movies. She has worked with notable companies including, Brazzers, Wicked Pictures, Evil Angel, and others.

She was featured as a cover girl in Hustler magazine in 2019. That year, she also announced that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2008.

4. Asa Akira

The buxom figured actress, Asa Akira doesn’t like to be called bisexual but she has the power to gained attention with her almond-shaped eyes and dark brown colored hair that goes perfectly with her lifted eyebrows that make her sexier than others.

Started working from the age of 19, she has already appeared in more than 505 adult films and she also made her directorial debut in 2013 with Gangbanged 6. She also made a cameo appearance in the mainstream film, Starlet. She released her memoir, Porn- A Love Story in 2014, and her second book, Dirty Thirty: A Memoir was released the following year.

She has been garnered with the AVN Award, XBIZ Award, XRCO Award, Urban X Award, etc.

5. Katana

The Japanese beauty with black hair and brown eyes is exotic and sexy in her unique way and can be called an armature legend. She is none other than Katana. She has worked with several porn producers including Southern Bukkake, Box Truck, Sex, Cum Louder, Defeated Evil Angel, Life, My XXX Pass, Screw Box, and others.

She has done almost all types of porn including BDSM, teen, lesbian, small tits, etc. She scratched the surface compared to the legends in the industry and for her, the sky is the limit and for that, she wants more group activities to be an all-rounded pornstar.

6. Tsubasa Amami

The erotic and sexy looking porn actress, Tsubasa Amami has the perfect figure to attract many audiences. Though she has retired from the adult industry, she got the fire up whenever she presented on the screen with her hotness.

The actress has taken birth on 9th March in 1988 in Hiroshima, Japan, and stepped into the adult industry in 2009. She also was attached to the musical group, Ebisu Muscats in 2011. She has retired from the industry in 2014.

7. Airi Ai

Airi Ai sets fire on the screen and makes her opposite sex be attracted to her when she gives shots with her sexy figure that goes perfect with her big bouncy boobs for which she looks sexier than others. Her appearance is complemented with her brown hair and eyes and her sex appeal makes her a star in the pornography industry.

She keeps her body trim by swimming and enjoys showing off her perfectly toned body in front of the camera. She has made her debut in the adult industry in 2008 at the age of 24. Since then, she has worked with several notable companies

8. Fuko

The former Gravure idol and AV idol, Fuko is really famous in the adult entertainment industry for her exceptionally large breasts despite having a thin waist. The black-eyed porn actress shows off her sex appeal to another level when presents on screen.

The sexy actress has started her career in 200 when she appeared topless on the website, Tokyo Topless. The following year, she became a non-nude bikini gravure model and in 2009, she appeared in her first hardcore video. She also sometimes performs on webcam where she plays with her tits and masturbate for her fans.

9. Julia Boin

The hazel-eyed beauty Julia Boin looks stunning with her black hair and sexy hot figure that easily get attracted by her fans. The actress was born on 25th May in 1987 and made her debut in the adult entertainment industry in 2010 when she was 23.

She has reached the pinnacle of her career by starring in almost 200 AV films and also she became one of Japan’s Top AV Idols. She is trying hard to reach the top of her career as the sky is the limit and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

10. Rina Ellis

The beautiful and sexy pornography actress, Rina Ellis caught the eyes of her fans with her attractive figure and hot gesture. Though she is a newcomer, she is bound to rise to be a superstar status in the adult entertainment industry.

She made her debut at the age of 23 in 2016 and found works for websites like Digital Playground, Reality Kings, Brazzers,, and others. Her most memorable video is the parody of the iconic Street Fighter video game franchise character, Chun Li. Till now, she has appeared in more than 40 films.

11. Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka is mostly famous for her naturally large breasts and her dark brown colored hair and eyes perfectly complement her fair look and sexy appearance.

She began her career in the adult industry in 2008 and her debut video was ranked number 6 in sales for the second half of 2008. In 2008 and 2009, she appeared in several films that enriched her career and she was allowed to travel to Shanghai to represent the SOD company in 2009 at the Shanghai Adult Exhibition. She began to appear in the American company, Scoreland in 2011.

12. Ryder Skye

The smoky hazel-eyed porn actress, Ryder Skye has the power to get attention from her audience with her perfect pretty face and sexy and sultry figure. The busty babe has made her debut back in 2007 and has appeared in almost 150 videos that earned her three AVN nominations.

She also got the chance to appear in the mainstream movie, Sex, and the City but tends to return to her root, the adult industry. She also has studied human sexuality. Her journey in the adult entertainment field has been described as unexpected.

13. Yui Hatano

The Japanese AV idol and idol singer, Yuri Hatano has won the heart of her large audience by her graceful appearance and beautiful smile that she always wears whenever comes to the screen. Her attractive eyes and sexy gesture make her completely different from other pornography actresses.

With a vamp, she has appeared in more than 2000 adult films that make her the most recognizable face in AV. She also got popularity in the mainstream entertainment and became a member of the idol group, TProject.

Apart from that, she also has a musical background and she was a part of the musical idol group, me me*. She has served as the spokesperson for several mobile games including Taiwanese RPG Shen Gui Huan Xiang.

14. Serena Skye

The young talent having a perfect figure who has already appeared in more than 27 adult scenes is none but Serena Skye. The actress looks luscious with her perfectly shaped derriere that has a cute birthmark and her tattoo in her bicep and pierced belly button make her more bold and seductive.

Stepping into the adult industry at the age of 19, she has done solo, lesbian, and hardcore sex. She once shared that she loves a bit rougher game when it comes to hardcore and she never refuses to play with her big tits. Her basic motive is to do simple and she wants to make something big to be remembered.

15. Melody Wylde

The very beautiful and attractive Japanese porn actress, Melody Wylde has begun her adult entertainment career at the age of 19 in 2017 and she has got instant success for her sexual appearance and seductive looks.

The sexy little spinner knows how to grab the attention of her opposite sex and she is successful in doing that. After spending several months of webcamming to pay her college fees, she began to work in large studios.

She has appeared in solo scenes and lesbian flicks and by her presence, she broke into the world of VR.

16. Eva Lovia

The bisexual pornography actress, Eva Lovia has the power to make people get attracted to her with her hazel seductive eyes and luscious appearance. She is very famous for winning the first season of Digital Playground’s DP Star. She started her career by performing in girl-girl scenes.

In 2015, she participated in a campaign for The Blue Ball Foundation. She has worked with Greg Lansky, Vixen, and HardX website after winning DP Star. She has launched her website in 2016 and 2018, she was included in Fortune Magazine’s The Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Popular Star in Adult Entertainment list.

17. Ran Asakawa

Though Ran Asakawa has got retired from the adult entertainment industry in 2003, she was famous and had the attractiveness to grab the attention of her viewers. Her black hair and brown eyes perfectly complemented her seductive looks.

The hottie was born on 4th September in 1980 and made her debut in the adult industry in 2001. She has been registered in the Guinness World Records for performing in 212 pornographic films in 2002 alone. A rumor has been circulated in 2006 that she has died from cancer or kidney failure but quickly after it was confirmed that she is still alive and well.

18. Akiho Yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa has a perfectly shaped figure that can be attracted by the opposite sex easily and she never misses a chance to look sexy with her brown hair and beautiful smile. She began her adult career in 2003 and had worked with several companies like Max-A, Alice Japan, Maxing, etc.

Apart from that, she also appeared in softcore V-Cinema and pink films including the horror film, Koibone in 2004. In 2005, she also appeared in another pink film, Fascinating Young Hostess: Sexy Thighs. For her performance in the film, she has received the Pinky Ribbon Awards. She was cast in the Korean thriller film, Maze: Secret Love in 2015 but she took retirement from the adult industry in 2018.

19. Akari Asagiri

The brown-haired porn actress, Akari Asagiri looks sexier for her natural beauty and natural breasts. She is also famous for hardcore porn scenes and she is recognizable for double penetration videos in which she gives her best.

With her seductive gesture, she has appeared in more than a hundred scenes and has worked with various notable adult entertainment companies in Japan. She is now working hard to become more successful in the industry.

20. Emily Yoshikawa

The Japanese AV actress, Emily Yoshikawa has the charm to get attention from people with her sexy figure that is complemented by her brown hair and dark brown colored eyes. Though she retired from the adult industry in 2004, when she was attached to the industry, she attracted a large number of audiences with her hot and sexual appearance.

She made her debut in the adult industry in 2000 with the video, Follow Me. After working with so many notable companies, she announced her retirement in 2004.

21. Mayu Kotono

The former pornography actress, Mayu Kotono looks really attractive for her black hair and she grab the attention with her charm and appearance for which she once set the screen on fire.

She was born on 15th December in 1980, Kotono stepped into the adult entertainment world at the age of 19 in 2000 with the video of the Virgin Memorial. She has worked with the Atlas21 Studio, Body Shop later. But she took retirement from the adult industry in 2003.

22. Azumi Kawashima

The chestnut-colored eyed pornographic actress who had the power to dominate any male with her sexual appearance and whose hotness could attract a large number of people is none but the very famous, the former Japanese idol and AV actress, Azumi Kawashima.

At the beginning of her career in the adult industry, she was known to be a princess print in 1998, and in 1999, she became the most prominent Japanese AV idol. She got very famous for appearing in the Pretty Wife series in which she played the role of a nasty stepmother. She has posed for nine photo albums from 1999-2003 and also was cast for V-Cinema in the horror film, Demon Killer or Junreiki. But she announced her retirement from the adult industry in 2003.

23. Yu Asakura

Her sexy curves easily grab the attention of the viewers and her sex appeal reaches to a high level whenever she shoots for any video. She can attract the opposite sex with her charm and her brown eyes and black hair totally compliment her look.

The hottie was born on 24th December in 1989 and she stepped into the adult industry in 2009 and since then, she continuously is entertaining people with her work. She has worked with various companies.

24. Eri Kikuchi

The Japanese AV idol of the 1980s, Eri Kikuchi has proved that one can be so beautiful and charming even after 50. Her curvy figure and big breasts can attract many and she never missed a chance to show them off whenever she was on the screen.

She made her debut in the adult industry as a fuzoku girl in hotels and soaplands and her official debut video, Beautiful D-Cup Girl, Sister L was released in 1985. She also was cast in the pink film, Miss 20-Year-Old Momoko in 1986, and in the 1990s, she has appeared in several photobooks as well. In 2013, she participated at the Nagoya fashion health, Nishiki VIP Toshima.

25. Miki Sato

Miki Sato looks very charming with her rosy lips and brown colored eyes that complement her looks perfectly and her figure gives her extra add-on hotness for which audience gets attracted towards her easily.

She was born on 7th July in 1979 and she made her adult industry debut at the age of 20 in 1999. She has appeared in several videos including The Joy of Big Tits V: Shiho 21 Years, My Friend’s Sister, Beautiful Mature Woman Soap Princess Palace, Beauty Lesbians, Incest: Mother With An Erotic Ass Collection 4 Hours, etc.

26. Jun Kusanagi

Jun Kusanagi has reigned over the adult industry for several years and there is no Japanese male over the age of 18 who never heard about her. She looks incredibly sexy with her dimpled waist and perfectly shaped G-cup sized breasts. She has beaten the odds in her times in the industry although she retired and returned to this adult industry several times.

Later in her career, she moved to more mature content but she still maintained her famous physique whenever come in front of the camera. She is described as the AV Idol Legend and she also can be the inspiration of many Japanese pornographic actresses.

27. Haruki Mizuno

The Japanese AV idol, Haruki Mizuno is mostly famous for her brown hair and brown colored eyes that grab the attention of her fans, and her seductive look gives extra add-on to her sexual appearance. Beginning her adult career in 1997, Mizuno has shot one video a month for Sexia.

She got fame for playing the role of a recently married young woman who faced assaults in Pretty Wife 4: Currently in Training. In 1998, she took a hiatus from an adult career, and at this time, she has appeared in the television show, Blonde Teacher from 1997-1998. She made her comeback in 2000 with the video of Make Love but took retirement from the AV field in 2002.

28. Yayoi Yanagida

The perfectly shaped Japanese pornographic actress, Yayoi Yanagida is wanted by the opposite sex for her sex appeal and seductive looks. Her black hair and black eyes grab the attention of her audience. Her luscious body set her screen on fire while she shoots for adult scenes.

She has made her adult career debut in 2011 and since then she has worked with several famous companies and some of her videos are Shinkon no shinshitsu: Mimodae shiiku, Furin mikkai: Fushidara kurui shiri, etc, She also appeared in the television series, Kirari from 2011-2013.

29. Sayaka Yuuki

The fair skin toned Japanese pornographic actress, Sayaka Yuuki attracts her audience with her beautiful smile and luscious body. Her rosy lips look stunning with her shortcut brown hair and her inner beauty flashes out if her black eyes.

She gas made her debut in the adult entertainment industry in 2012 and keeps on entertaining her fans with her erotic and seductive videos.

30. Wakana Kinoshita

Wakana Kinoshita has a unique way to make her audience influenced by her beauty that is derived from her sexual appearance and hotness. She has the charm to attract people towards her and her brown hair and eyes complement her looks so that she looks sexier than any other actresses.

She has made a debut in the adult industry in 2011 and has been featured in several videos including Beautiful Ass and Tight Skirt, The Busty Girl Who Became Horny When Drunk, A Married Woman Who is Violated Twice, Glamourous Lingerie of Fascination Collection, and others.