Jul 19, 2022


Many people now prefer the real-time erotic action of erotic live streaming sites. This is because live streaming feels a lot more interactive than regular porn. It is interactive, yet there is no need for any physical contact, nor is there a risk of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection. 

Erotic live streaming is an adventurous way to experience sexual pleasure for many people. You get the feeling of interacting with a real person while also being in charge of what goes on on the other end. You can tell a cam model what to do for you, and she would willingly oblige you (for the right price).

Live streaming is also just you having casual sex without all the mind games and effort required by physical dates and meetings. No strings attached, no STI, interactive, no surprise babies, pretty and skilled professionals, orgasms —- what more can a guy want from a single sexual encounter?

To get all of the benefits of erotic live streaming, however, you must be open to the idea and willing to put in as much effort as is required on your part. Here are some tips for enjoying an erotic live stream.


In as much as virtual sex promises you a hassle-free sexual experience, it does not mean you do not have any part to play. To enjoy an erotic live streaming broadcast, you have to be an active participant. In a way, you have to invest in your orgasm. 

Stable Internet Connection 

If you’re going to be live-streaming anything, the first thing you have to invest in is a stable Internet connection. The last thing you want is your screen freezing on an image just when your model is about to perform a trick for you. Bad internet will frustrate your experience of a live stream. Try as much as possible to get internet that works, works fast, and is safe. You don’t want hackers seeing your O face. 

Choose The Right Streaming Site 

With the proliferation of the Adult industry with many streaming sites, we now have several sites that are unqualified to provide these services. These sites not only frustrate users but even put their users and models at risk. They are also very likely to exploit their models, so you must carefully select your cam girls live streaming sites. 

Choose A Skilled Model 

After choosing a site, you would have to choose a model that suits your taste and is skilled. This shouldn’t be a problem on reputable platforms as all models are well-trained sex professionals. You should always pick a model you find attractive whether or not they fit into an idea you have of body type. Picking a model that does not suit your taste will undoubtedly not translate to a worthwhile experience for you. 

Don’t Be Shy 

To fully enjoy your live streaming experience, you have to immerse yourself in the experience fully. You have to relate freely with your cam girl and communicate what you want from her. You can’t be shy. A cam girl’s job is to entertain you, but she could do a lot more with your participation.

Fund Your Account

It’s going to be a shame that you run out of tokens to get her to act while in the middle of a live stream with your cam girl. Before going live, always make sure you fund your account with enough money to get you a live stream of maximum pleasure. Asides from the fixed per hour charge, you can get more from a cam model when you tip her, and you can only tip her when you fund your account. In short, more money, better experiences.


In conclusion, getting the best out of your live streaming experience does not require you to do too much, but you must do what is necessary. If you find that in the middle of a live stream, you are no longer enjoying the experience, you can always talk to your cam girl, and both of you can work on spicing things up.

Your cam girls’ job is only properly done when you enjoy the experience, so you should aim at helping her help you. Every sexual experience should be worthwhile for you and your cam girl.