Nov 4, 2021

This Is How Scott Eastwood Will Look As Young Wolverine In Marvel Cinematic Universe (If Happened)

The talented digital artist BossLogic has come out with another image of the way actor Scott Eastwood might look in the garb of Wolverine. While fans were initially apprehensive of Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in the original X-Men, courtesy the modifications to the renowned costume, and the fact that the actor was much taller than the comic book Logan. However, Jackman’s portrayal went on to convert critics into admirers, and he reprised the role in eight more films.

Jackman hung up his boots with Logan, which turned out to be a clear ending of his adaptation of the character. The R-rated movie was a grim, more serious take on the X-Men, and was positively reviewed. It event went on to get an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Now that Jackman has retired, the prized role is up for grabs, but, it might be years before the Studio recasts a new actor as Wolverine.

No matter what, nothing is stopping some of the younger actors trying their luck, and the Pacific Rim Uprising actor Scott Eastwood had recently mentioned that he is “totally down” to take on the role. After that, BossLogic spent no time coming up with the potential look of Eastwood in Wolverine’s original costume. Going further, he has now shared a new image on Twitter which shows how Eastwood would look as Wolverine, but, without the costume.

Lookwise, Eastwood seems to be a good option for the role. After having played supporting roles in The Fate of the Furious and Suicide Squad, he seems to be ready to play a lead role. He looks charismatic, and even Jackman had stated that his Wolverine version was greatly inspired by Scott’s father, Clint Eastwood. All said and done, X-Men series is right now focused on spinoffs such as New Mutants, which means that it would be at least a few years before Wolverine might be seen again. Even the actor Tom Payne (The Walking Dead) seems to be interested in the role, and he believes that his being shorter would be an advantage as it would be more comic book accurate.

Then there is the faint hope that Jackman might be tempted to come back once more. Sebastian stan had recently speculated Jackman was talking to Marvel about a potential MCU appearance. This was not possible earlier, but, now if the Disney/Fox merger deal goes through, there is every chance that X-Men and Fantastic Four might join hands with The Avengers.

Jackman had himself said earlier that he would be glad to be a part of a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, considering the great praise he received for Logan, he might stick to his retirement, and some other actor might be cast to play Wolverine. Who that actor would be, is a matter of speculation for the time being.