Nov 4, 2021

This Is How Channing Tatum’s He-Man Would Look Like In Upcoming Masters Of The Universe Movie

The underdevelopment Masters Of the Universe film from Sony is searching for a director before it goes into production, which was supposed to have started this spring with David S. Goyer at the helm. Although the casting hasn’t been announced yet, Channing Tatum was linked to the project in 2013 when Jon M. Chu was supposed to direct it. However, it has been more than five years since, and the remake of Masters of the Universe might get delayed once again. Though it didn’t stop fans from creating fan art depicting Channing Tatum as He-Man and the result is nearly perfect.

In case the Masters of the Universe film does incorporate some of the elements from the original cartoon, Channing Tatum would be apt to play the muscular hero known as He-Man. A dose of crazy humor would go well with the character and Tatum is definitely good at that. Channing Tatum can also bring to the big screen the physical attributes of He-Man which is as crucial for this character as the acting talent. If anything, we don’t want another Dolph Lundgren style wooden depiction of the hero.

The fan art is based on the iconic He-Man cartoon look and converted it into the live-action world with Tatum being He-Man. All his legendary weapons like the giant shield, Power Sword and even the battle ax are seen in this artwork. The look is inspired by the Battle Armor He-Man toy, and it looks way better than how the 1987 original Masters of the Universe film had shown. But, it is not similar to the concept art where Teela was seen in her battle gear, and that’s logical considering it is fan art and not the official design.

While Masters of the Universe is still scheduled to release on December 18, 2019, now things might change since David S. Goyer has left the project. Goyer exited to devote his time to other projects, and casting is yet to begin on Masters of the Universe. As per reports, Sony is now searching for a director who would bring the screenplay written by David S. Goyer to life on the big screen. It might not be an easy task considering the train of directors who have joined and left the project over the years.

However, Channing Tatum still seems to be the ideal option to star in the Masters of the Universe film. The other important thing to watch out is the actor who would play Skeletor, and it remains to be seen whether they will go for motion capture or the more organic route for the villain. No matter what, it seems that the remake will take much longer than stated to come to theaters. As of now, you can enjoy seeing Channing Tatum as He-Man in the new Masters of the Universe fan art below, shared by John Reagan’s Twitter account.