Jan 26, 2022

Things You Should Know Before Dating a Bisexual Woman

Have you always been curious about dating a female who professes to have bisexual tendencies? If this describes your aspirations, our prime piece of advice to you would be to check out online dating. The ‘B’ aspect of the LGBTQ community is well catered for in the digital environment! By signing up to an appropriate website, you’ll be able to arrange a bi curious hook up in no time. Algorithms will even suggest a shortlist of the most compatible individuals. The next step would be to take advantage of the secure communication channel of dating sites – and start flirting.

This is not a phase

Bisexuality is not some sort of stop-gap solution for someone too busy dithering about their true feelings. You can’t hook up with a bisexual woman and assume you are ‘going to change her’ so that she will eventually succumb to your charms and become your regular, straight girlfriend. What you need to understand is that this is the way she is, and she can’t change herself, any more than a straight guy could suddenly become attracted to males. (Although that can happen, obviously!) But don’t make false assumptions. The best piece of advice is to keep channels of communication open and keep asking her how she feels.

She might be secretive about her true self

For all sorts of reasons, bisexuals don’t always feel as comfortable sharing their sexual identity as cis individuals, or other members of the LGBTQ community who more readily appreciate the people they are attracted to. She might have spent time denying her innermost truth and got used to being evasive about her bi-curiosity. If she still seems a little hesitant, and not always as upfront with you as you’d expect, you’ll need to cut her some slack. Try and be supportive. The more she appreciates she can rely on you as a confidante, the better this will be for the strength of your relationship.

There are many facets of bisexuality

Bisexuality is never ‘carved in stone’ like someone with straight or out-and-out gay or lesbian tendencies might be. This bisexual woman you are keen on may also be drawn to people who are ‘gender fluid.’ Again, this doesn’t mean that she is sex-mad and liable to suggest threesomes anytime soon! All you have to do is ask her what she is feeling, at any time.

Bisexuality does not equate to promiscuity

A common misconception amongst straight or cis individuals, in particular, is that bisexuals like a lot of sex. They can’t decide whether they prefer guys or girls, so their solution is simply not to be fussy, and be open to physical contact with whoever catches their eye. Be cautioned. This is not the case. The bisexual woman you are attracted to is not going to find her head turned the moment your back is turned. All that the bi status means is that she is fluid about her tastes. While she is with you, however, she will be true to you.

Love will always come first

Try and see beyond labels. Just because you are attracted to a female who identifies as bisexual is no reason to fixate on that issue. When she is with you, she’ll be with you. Don’t fret that she is going to jump into bed with the first attractive person, straight or gender fluid, who crosses her path. Every relationship, regardless of the background of the parties involved, relies on trust. Jealousy and false assumptions will do nothing to promote your happiness together, and may well derail what you have.