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The Worst Ever Accents In TV & Film!

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11. Dick Van Dyke- Mary Poppins

Before Charlie Hunnam came along, Dick Van Dyke’s iconic performance in Mary Poppins set the gold standard for bad movie accents.

The Worst Ever Accents In TV & Film!

While extraordinarily gifted, the Hollywood great couldn’t pull off a cockney accent even if his life depended on it, but with the movie being such a classic, Van Dyke’s performance is more celebrated than mocked.

12. Don Cheadle- Ocean’s Eleven series

From one bad cockney accent to another, Don Cheadle may be an Academy Award-winning actor, but his woeful London accent in the all-star Ocean’s Eleven series was a crime in lousy acting.

The Worst Ever Accents In TV & Film!

That said, the bomb expert’s unnecessary accent did offer viewers some comic moments in an otherwise dull franchise.

13. Demi Moore- Flawless

Demi Moore isn’t a bad actress (though she’s not particularly a good one, either), but her weak imitation of a British accent was apparent when she starred alongside Michael Caine in Flawless.

The Worst Ever Accents In TV & Film!

In fairness, Caine is British, so Moore’s accent was probably more scrutinized than it would have been if her co-star was American.

14. Julianne Moore- 30 Rock

Julianne More is often considered one of the country’s leading actresses, but she came under rare criticism when she appeared on 30 Rock sporting a weird Bostonian accent.

The Worst Ever Accents In TV & Film!

Viewers weren’t buying it, however, and Moore’s acting credentials took a rare hit because of it.

15. Mickey Rooney- Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Not only was Mickey Rooney’s prosthetics, in the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s incredibly racist, but his accent also sounded nowhere near Asian!

The Worst Ever Accents In TV & Film!

Still, Rooney’s career has been stellar, but he must surely look back on that performance and curl his toes with embarrassment.

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