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The World’s Most Famous Female Billionaires

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They have it all. They are beautiful, charismatic, and some are very famous. But one thing they all have in common is that they are among an elite group of billionaires….female billionaires, to be precise.

While there are few billionaires in the world and even fewer women who can claim such a title, these great businesswomen and media personalities have achieved extraordinary things- be it through self-made endeavor or by playing a significant role in the success of the family business.

Here, we look at a select group of female billionaires that lead the dream life.

1. Perenna Kei

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

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With a degree in economics and finance from the University of London, Perenna holds an 85% stake in the real estate company Logan Property Holdings.

She is also in line to inherit her father’s share of the company and portfolio alongside a family trust and other assets.

2. Yang Huiyan

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

Her father transferred his company  Country Garden Holdings, to her in 2007 and she now sits on the board’s governance committee and is vice chairman.

A real estate developer with assets in China and Australia, Yang was the richest women in China by the age of 26.

3. Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

Monaco is a principality weighted with wealth and prestige, and one of its most famous residents is the breathtakingly beautiful princess Charlotte Casiraghi, heir to her family’s $5.7bn fortune. Going by the official title, Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, the stunner, who also has French, American, Italian, English, German, Mexican, Irish and Swedish ancestry, is eighth in line to the Monegasque throne and is a household name in her native France.

What’s more, Charlotte became the first woman to model for Gucci’s cosmetic range, and with a face like hers, that’s hardly surprising.  A fan of sports, she is also a keen horse rider but maintains a girly love for all things fashion, something recognised by Vanity Fair who included Charlotte in their 2016 International Best Dressed list.

4. Suzan Sabancı Dinçer

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

A shareholder and board member of Turkey’s largest industrial and financial conglomerate Sabanci holdings. Serra took her father’s shares when he was gunned down in 1996.

As one of Turkey’s most profitable companies, Sabanci Holding has spawned a $1.1 billion net worth for Sabanci owing to her shareholder status and role on the board. But she is far from reaping the rewards of nepotism. While most of her wealth is from her father, she is well versed in dealing with the commerce of her company having graduated with a degree in economics at Portsmouth University,

5. Lynsi Torres 

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

The heiress to the In-N-Out Burger fortune, Lynsi sits on the board and is the majority owner of the fast-food chain.

As the president of the food chain and its majority shareholder Torres is worth $1.1 billion, and at just 35, is set to be the sole owner. However, because of the multiple kidnapping attempts on her life, Torres is rarely seen in public.

6. Yvonne Bauer

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

Heiress to Europe’s largest magazine publisher, Bauer started as a print shop in Hamburg, Germany in 1865 and is now one of the biggest media empires in the world.

As one of the foremost publishing companies, Bauer’s family media group own around 600 magazines, 400 digital publications and 100 television and radio stations that air around the globe. But Yvonne isn’t just riding high on the coattails of her family empire. Proving she has serious smarts, Bauer graduated with a degree in German philology.

7. Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

With her grandfather establishing one of the largest banks in Brazil, it eventually became a publicly traded company when it merged with a competitor.

Vilela owns a substantial amount of shares in a holding company that controls Unibanco Holding S.A., one of Brazil’s most profitable banks.

8. Lee Seo-Hyun

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

Daughter of Samsung’s chairman and head of its fashion division, she only has a 5.5% share in the company, but this is more than enough to make her a billionaire.

Often looking every inch the powerhouse, Seo-Hyun makes various public appearances, regularly wowing onlookers with her signature good looks as well as her business prowess.

9. Tamara Ecclestone

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

Model, socialite and TV personality, Tamara Ecclestone is the heiress to the fortune of her father, Formula 1 owner, Bernie Ecclestone, who made his billions buying the early television rights to the motorsport in the late 70s.

Now famed as much for his marriages to supermodels as he is for his contribution to the commercial growth of motorsport, both his daughters are notoriously spoilt, but are billionaires nonetheless, with Tamara, one of Chelsea’s most famous residents, worth a cool $4b.

10. Elizabeth Holmes

The World's Most Famous Female Billionaires

A Stanford University sophomore, Elizabeth dropped out to start a company that made a blood testing kit with just the prick of a needle. After extensive media coverage, the company’s value skyrocketed to $9 billion. Because of her 50% stake in the company, at only 31, Holmes became the youngest female self-made billionaire until it all came crashing down.

Today, Holmes is under federal investigation after exaggerating the success of her blood-testing kits. Many have claimed that it doesn’t work at all. Her net worth has since dropped to $0.

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