The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018

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Known as “The Oscars of the East Coast” and “The Superbowl of Fashion”, photographers from around the world tried their hardest to capture the beginnings of a star-studded bash which year-on-year attracts the biggest names in show business and high society.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ Vogue

Each year entails a different theme chosen by chairwoman and Vogue editor, Anna Wintour and 2018’s theme just happened to be “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” a broad dress code which seemingly gave designers license to compete for the accolade of the most outrageous design imaginable.

Yes, we at OMG Lane can’t work if last night’s costumes were an abomination to fashion or an insight into the minds of the most sought-after designers in the world. Regardless if they looked any good or not, the outfits certainly made for an entertaining spectacle so we thought we’d detail those that were most in keeping with the theme while also profiling some that completely missed the mark.


Blake Lively 

Reminding us of her ethereal beauty, Blake Lively won gold at the fashion Olympics with this sleek red velvet gown.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ Entertainment Tonight

Look closer, and you’ll notice that the gown intricately overlaps with a dazzling, crystal corset and seethrough pants. Not precisely in keeping with the Vatican theme, but groundbreaking and stunning nonetheless.

Ariana Grande

Sporting a customized strapless Vera Wang gown with apostolic imagery, one of music’s biggest stars shone brighter than most.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ Entertainment Tonight

Complementing the outfit with a cute, beige colored hairpiece, the talented hitmaker looked every inch the superstar.


250 hours worth of sewing went into an outfit which remained refreshingly faithful to the ecclesial theme.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ CBS

Shutting down the red carpet with her Marchesa, crystal-clad gown and headpiece, the John Galliano designed costume consisted of a further 500 hours of hand embroidery.

Jared Leto

Proving you can still look refined and stylish in an event full of idiosyncratic fashionistas, Jared Leto got it just right in this impressive Gucci outfit.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ Entertainment Tonight

Donning a baroque, floral-clad Alessandro Michele blazer and headpiece, Leto looked all the more dashing for making a subtle yet concerted effort, which isn’t usually the case with male attendees.


Tom Brady

The robotic quarterback isn’t expected to be a fashion icon, but you have to wonder why the handsome athlete wasn’t better dressed. With no disrespect intended, he looks more like a magician than a star football player.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ Time

His wife, on the other hand (the Brazilian supermodel, Gisele), looked magnificent.

Kendall Jenner

Someone in her camp probably forgot to tell Kendall Jenner what the theme was for fashion’s biggest event if this uninspired dress is any indication. While she looks pretty, her outfit is leaning more towards going out for dinner with friends than it is Met Gala!

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ Promiflash

Come on, Kendall! You’re supposed to be the only one in that family with an ounce of talent.

Cardi B

Wearing a 30-pound gown while pregnant is commendable, and being of the Catholic faith, the up-and-coming star wanted to make a statement with this ornamented Jeremy Scott design. Unfortunately, she fell flat on her face.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ Vogue

Overdone and verging on tacky, Scott surely had the best intentions, but pulling this monstrosity off neigh-on-impossible, even for someone as body confident as Cardi B.

Kylie Jenner

The second Jenner to make our list wins OMG LANE’s infamous “Worst Dressed” at 2018’s Met Gala title. If she were working as a receptionist, then maybe this would pass as cute, but at the Met Gala, you have to up your game if you want to appear on the best-dressed lists.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ ODN

That said, Jenner’s hip-hugging dress does a good job of showcasing her famous curves, but the outfit itself is lazy and way off Met Gala standards.

Katy Perry

The weirdest outfit of the evening was certainly Katy Perry’s gold Versace ensemble, which was complemented with a pair of angelic wings. While it is Victoria’s Secret-esque, the garish piece made Perry look more like a lost child the background of a nativity play than a world-famous runway model.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ ODE

Still, it captured the dexterity that characterizes an event as wacky as New York’s Met Gala, so full props where it’s deserved. But unlike Perry’s beautiful face, it didn’t look good. If we’re honest, It’s irrevocably awful.

A Special Shoutout Goes To…

Miley Cyrus

Proving you can make a statement both on and off the red carpet, Miley’s sustainable, Stella McCartney gown isn’t exactly the most aesthetically ambitious on our list, but it’s a perfect match for the body-confident, environmentally-conscious pop star.

The Winners And Losers Of Met Gala 2018
YouTube/ ODE

With a plunging neckline, front and back, Miley’s evocative gown could easily have backfired, but with a killer smile and unwavering self-confidence, Cyrus owns this dress to a tee.

What are your thoughts? Are there any notable absentees on our list? Have we got our choices completely wrong?

Whatever your thoughts, leave them in the comments below!

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