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The 14 Hottest South African Girls

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If you live in South Africa, or have ever visited there, you’ll know this magical country has some of the best looking women in the entire world. Picking the 14 hottest South African women is not easy, but we have made a valiant effort here. Enjoy!

#3 will blow you away!


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

Candace – perhaps South Africa’s most famous super model – is a Victoria’s Secret Angel and does high fashion spreads all around the world. Is Candice hot? Definitely! But is she the hottest girl in South Africa? Nope, not by a long shot – read on to see even hotter babes.


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

Dominique has been featured several timed in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and it’s easy to see why. She also models for Victoria’s Secret


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

Like Dominique, Minki has been featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition as well as Mxim magazine. She dated the captain of the South African national cricket team before marrying a businessman.


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

We couldn’t leave Charlize off this list, could we? Though she’s now a bit older than she was in this photo, Charlize is perhaps South Africa’s most famous actress and certainly its most beautiful.


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

Tatum was named Miss South Africa in 2008 and came in second at the Miss World of 2009.


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

Tammin is a South African/Australian actress and musician. The first television show, Spectacular!, debuted on the Nickelodeon network.


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

Landi has been a Guess? model and has done ads for Chanel and Land Rover


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

Natalie is an actress who has had several movie roles including The Scorpion King 2. Yeah, we didn’t see that one either, but maybe we will now


The 14 Hottest South African Girls

Jenna regularly models lingerie and swimsuits and it’s easy to see why. She’s been featured in the South African edition of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.

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