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The 12 Most Unusual Jobs

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We’re breathing, walking pieces of alive species on Earth, so we have to earn a living obviously. Jobs! Yeah right, sounds downright depressing to some. And if you think your regular 9-5 job sucks then you probably don’t know about some of the grossest jobs that people have to do to earn their living. You’ll thank yours after knowing these grossest jobs.

So here are some of the grossest jobs that will make you thank your daily 9-5 job!

1.Forensic Entomologist

These people can tell you exactly for how long the person has been dead by studying the development of maggots and other insects on dead bodies. It’s obviously an important and worthy job but you won’t appreciate it when you have to spend your time with dead rotten smelly bodies.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs


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If your idea of having a good time includes removing puss from people’s faces as they get a facial then this may be the job for you.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs


3.Fart Statistician

It’s a well-known fact that a person farts 13.6 times a day on an average. But thanks to these fart counting number crunchers we have access to knowledge such as this.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs



Imagine what it will like when you have to spend your entire life fixing people’s anal problems.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs


5.Roadkill Remover

Scrape, scrape, scrape. That’s what your job sounds like as a professional roadkill remover.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs


6.Armpit Sniffer

Have you ever thought that how to deodorants companies know that their product is working and ready for sale or not? By employing armpit sniffers, that’s how.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs


7.Corpse Grinder

When scientists need to extract DNA from the buried body for the purposes of a criminal investigation the tissues need to be ground up, and that is exactly what a corpse grinder does.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs


8.Guano Collector

Bat poop and sometimes bird poop is known as guano. It’s an effective fertilizer and even considered a delicacy in some locales. And because it’s mostly found in caves so some professional do it.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs


9.Restaurant Dishwasher

If you think cleaning up after your kids at home is a mess, imagine cleaning up after hundreds of strangers’ come and go.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs


10.Slaughterhouse Worker

You have to kill the animal, disembowel them, and then separate the pieces. It’s enough to make some people go vegetarian.

The 12 Most Unusual Jobs

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