Nov 4, 2021

Superman Just Killed Batman With A Single Punch On The Face

DC fans would know that Superman has the ability and power to kill Batman with just one punch and he just did this in the current DC Comics. The Man of Steel has not become homicidal, but has fallen prey to Poison Ivy’s control. Ivy’s way of dealing with Batman is going to put a crimp in Batman and Catwoman’s wedding plans.

For the ones who might not be up to date on the Batman comics, the most powerful villain turned out to be the least alien menace in DC’s villain roster. By spreading her influence through vegetation, Poison Ivy took over the world and Superman fell fallen under her control.

Superman might know how to control his powers, but Ivy does not. Bruce Wayne uses this to his advantage and pushes Ivy’s temper until he gets punched by Superman and dies. This gives Batman his step in the plans to stop her.

The humiliation of Batman beating Superman was a serious blow to Superman’s and Ivy‘s ego. Batman and Catwoman reached an uneasy truce -Batman and Catwoman used a vaccine against the manipulation of ‘The Green,’ and she was allowing them to go about the days in a world with Ivy’s love slaves. Batman pushed it by seeking another boy who had remained free due to an allergy to greens.

This is where Ivy stepped in and used Green Lanterns and the Justice League to suspend Batman and Catwoman, and it is here that Batman goads Ivy to lash out. This is an image we cannot show here, and the graphic nature will not be suitable for all ages. Through Tom King and Janin’s story we know “what would happen if Superman punched Batman’s face without holding back.”

Ivy has confirmed that Bruce was killed and was brought back to life by “Magic. Science.Surgery. There’s someone for everything”. Bruce is recovering from the head injuries, and it might be too soon for him to realize that life had been blasted out of him.