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Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible

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Hollywood and the entertainment world at large has seen a staggering level of growth in the last 100 years, so much so that you can pretty much travel to the far end of the world and still find a local villager who knows of Justin Beiber. But without discrediting the faces of 21st-century pop culture, show business seems to have lost a certain level of cool that was so prevalent in yesteryear show business.

Just take the rugged handsomeness and extraordinary talent of Marlon Brando, or the effortlessly cool shots of the French heartthrob, Alain Delon. These were the stars that put Hollywood on the map and cemented it as the global business we now know today. The California area at large was also a place bursting with creative zeal and attracted people all over the world, from artists and surfers to skaters, and spiritual gurus.

So sit back and enjoy a series of cool photos that encapsulated a period of time you probably wish you were apart of.

1. California cruising, 1972

Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


Los Angeles is known for its famous driving spots, be it Mullholland drive, Sunset Strip and the famed Pacific Coast Highway, but Van Nuys Boulevard in Los Angeles California remains a favorite pastime for many.

This photo sees a group of trendy youths decorating a beautiful Mustang GT on Van Nuys Boulevard late in the evening. Taken in 1972, the 1970’s was a golden period for automotive brilliance, and the most legendary cars of that decade, such as the stylish Mustang GT, remain iconic. The popular Ford model, which became known as the pony car, proved so popular in its design that it inspired a host of other vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird.

2. Keith Richards, James Brown and John Belushi enjoy a night out at Studio 54, 1980

Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


Studio 54 was the place to be in the 70’s and 80’s. From actors and writers to musicians and models, the biggest names in the business would have been there at least once in their lives. The iconic club was, in many ways, the Soho House of its generation, with guests such as the famous actor John Belushi, rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry and legendary guitarist of the “Rolling Stones” Keith Richards, common sightings.

This great photo of the legendary trio together was taken on Feb. 28, 1980. Keith Richards was a regular at Studio 54, a club he also frequented with his then-girlfriend Patti Hanson, the Swedish model who he ended up marrying.

3. Terri Nunn, who would go onto become the lead singer of ‘Berlin’, is pictured alongside Harrison Ford auditioning for the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars, 1976

Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


Remember Terri Nunn? She was the lead singer of the new wave/synthpop band Berlin but like many singers, also had an acting career under her belt before she got her big break in music. Here, she is pictured auditioning for the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars with a young and glowing Harrison Ford in 1976. As well all know, the role went to the late Carrie Fisher, but Harrison Ford may have also played a role in that as he “did not like” Nunn.

Months later, Nunn modelled nude for the erotic men’s’ magazine Penthouse and by 1981, she was touring the world with her band, Berlin. The band’s success peaked in 1986 when the chart-topping 1986 single “Take My Breath Away” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

4. A man proudly rides his decorated chopper bike through town

Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


Bikes don’t get much cooler than this! Captured sometime in the 1970’s, this man was no doubt one of the coolest cats in town. A craze in California that started in the late 1950’s, custom choppers are noted or their unique steering angles and elongated forks and experienced a renewed popularity in the 1970’s.

Some of the standout choppers you’ve probably seen in the movies would include the customized Harley-Davidsons, the “Captain America” chopper and the “Billy Bike” from the 1969 classic, Easy Rider.

5. Anything you can do I can do bigger

Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


This isn’t something you see every day! Andre the Giant’s bulky fists are on full display as he holds a 2-oz can of beer, but who’s the other dude? That’s Terry Todd, who is 6 ft 2 and 335 pounds, but when you’re hands are next to Andre’s you’re going to look tiny no matter what.

Taken in December 1981 for an issue of Sports Illustrated, André the Giant was an explosive personality who garnered a massive following. A man of unthinkable stature, Andre measure around 6ft 11 and weighed an incredible 500 pounds before his death in 1993.

6. Martin Scorcese and Robert DeNiro hang out on the set of Taxi Driver, 1976

Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


Taxi Driver has long been considered Martin Scorsese’s best work, and the same is often said of DeNiro’s visceral portrayal of its lead character. Despite the hard subject matter, the famous cinematic duo had a lot of time for each other away from filming, and it’s probably for these reasons that their partnership in cinema has remained so strong.

7. George Harrison in India, 1966

Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


George Harrison may never have been the most famous Beatle, but he will still be immortalized in rock n’ roll history, and be the intrigue of many photos. In this one, he posed outside India’s famous Taj Mahal temple on a holiday with his wife Pattie in 1966.

Recalling his time there, he said: “In September, after touring and while John was making how I won the war, I went to India for about six weeks. First, I flew to Bombay and hung out there. again, because of the mania, people soon found out I was there. I stayed in a Victorian hotel, the Taj Mahal, and was starting to learn the Sitar. Ravi would give me lessons, and he’d also have one of his students sit with me. My hips were killing me from sitting on the floor, and so Ravi brought a yoga teacher to start showing me the physical yoga exercises.”

8. Motorcycle champion Don Hawley shows off his Triumph motorcycle to actress and model Arlene Hunter, 1957

Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


3-time National Motorcycle Champion Don Hawley was a cool dude. Here, we see him posed next to the actress and model Arlene Hunter on his much-loved Triumph, believed to be taken in 1957. Hunter was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in 1954 and enjoyed a successful career in glamour modelling, mostly because she bore a canny resemblance to the iconic actress, Marylin Monroe.

However, Don Hawley’s career was perhaps more noted. Famously starting out as a Harley-Davidson factory rider, he would go onto win the first motorcycle TT race held at Ascot Park in Los Angeles on December 20, 1960. The Triumph has, however, enjoyed a career that has outlasted both Hawley and Hunter combined, with famous owners including Bruce Springsteen and country icon, Elvis Presley.

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