People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Jessica Simpson

If you love Jessica Simpson’s wide smile and wonder what’s the secret behind her pearl white teeth, then you’ll be surprised to know that she does not brush her teeth very often. On Ellen DeGenres’ show, the actress very openly admitted that she only brushes her teeth twice or thrice a week, when asked why she said that she does not like the slippery feeling one gets after brushing their teeth. She added that if she feels like cleaning them, she just uses some Listerine and rubs it with her shirt. Zero dentists recommend that FYI. One of her housekeepers told sources that she is also a very messy person, she throws her clothes and hair extensions on the floor and does not bother picking them up for days.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Robert Pattinson

All Robert’s fans are pretty much aware of his hygiene habits. The star admits not taking a shower for weeks. His signature hairstyle is adored by many of his fans but they don’t know the big secret behind his hairstyle. The reason how his hair looks like this is because he doesn’t wash them for months. When asked the reason for this, the actor said that he does not feel the need to. He also confessed having a messy house, he says that his house does not have to be clean, the bed is supposed to sleep and the hair which falls on the bed are supposed to stay there only. While shooting for the Twilight saga, the co-stars on the set used to go crazy because Robert would smell so bad.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Matthew McConaughey

The gorgeous Matthew McConaughey has not worn a deodorant for more than 20 years, the actor says he does not want to smell like someone or something else. Many times on the set his co-stars complained that he smelled really bad but Mathew did not care much about that. While shooting with Kate Hudson on the sets of Fool’s Gold, once Kate begged Matthew to use a clone and also offered her’s because she could not stand the smell, but Matthew did not listen to her and told her that woman liked how he smelled.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Cameron Diaz

Similarly like Matthew McConaughey, Cameron has also admitted not using a deodorant for almost 20 years. According to the sources, Cameron Diaz does not shower a lot, she wears the same outfit for 4 days and then never wears it again. She has been many times spotted with stained clothes and sweaty pit stains. She also does not believe in shaving her pubes, she says it’s a part of a woman’s body and they should be proud of it. She still manages to look extremely beautiful, though, and that is more than enough for us.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Christina Aguilera

As the reports tell the famous pop singer Christina Aguilera stinks most of the time. And not just stink like sweat, but it has been reported that she literally smells like a one dollar shop or a hot dog. A bathroom attendant of a bar in L.A told the news that she once saw Christina use the washroom and then not wash her hands, she then went to her table and ate calamari and prawns with those same dirty fingers and also shook hands with her fans there. So next time you spot the singer, try not to shake hands offer a hug instead!

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a strong part of a campaign for saving water and the planet, which is a very good thing, but she is so much into that the actress does not shower for days. Her former bodyguard told the media, that Julia goes days without showering. She claims that it’s because she does not want to waste water but we believe our pretty woman is actually just a lazy slob. Many co-stars have admitted that she smells like a homie. The actress herself has admitted not using deodorants and being lazy when it comes to shaving.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Megan Fox

One of the $exiest actresses of Hollywood, Megan Fox is a very messy person in real life. The actress herself has said that it is really heard for someone to live with her as she is extremely messy, she said that she often forgets to flush the toilet, she leaves her clothes around the house, she doesn’t pick up stuff from the floor and just basically lives in the mess. While talking about her untidy habits, Megan said that sometimes her friends come to her and tell her that you pinched a loaf in our toilet in our flush and forgot to flush. We think that is too much of gross information, though.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Anderson Cooper

On a show with Stacy Londay, Anderson Cooper admitted that he is not much into fashion. He told the host that he wears the same jeans every day for months without washing them. The host told Cooper that its good to wash your jeans just with water once or twice in every six months but Cooper didn’t care much about that. He said that the only way he washes his jeans is when he wears them in the shower.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Britney Spears

As reported by Britney’s housekeeper, she throws her clothes around the house when she takes them off after getting home, we all can relate to this at some point, but its gets worse, she said that the actress throws half-eaten food on the floor as well, many times she has found half eaten burgers and donuts from under her bed. Britney’s ex-bodyguard told some sources that when he was with the actress, she used to pick her nose, didn’t use to shower for days, nor brush her teeth and hair and also did not use to put deodorant. All this is just too much.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

One of a gorgeous couple of Hollywood actually lives like a couple of hobos at home. Sources got some information from their housekeeper who said that their house is a complete mess, pizza boxes lay on the floor, all the spoiled food is thrown around and the walls are covered with crayon and color pencils because of the kids. She also told that the couple barely showers, 0nce in a week together and once or twice separately may be. Looking at them makes it hard to believe but its sadly true. On the sets of Bastards, Brad Pitt used to stink so much that his costar Eli Roth had to teach him how to clean himself up with baby wipes.

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why

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