Nov 4, 2021

New Lost In Space Trailer Shows Will Robinson To Be In Danger

What we saw in the first official Netflix trailer for Lost in Space, was not the garish robot which was seen in the original 1960s sci-fi cult movie.

It is obvious that it is not as if only the robot is revamped in this highly dangerous recreation of the TV Show by Irwin Allen. For example, the low-cost sets have been replaced by on location shoots and top quality effects. Then there is Parker Posey playing the evil Dr. Smith. However, the famous catchphrase “Danger, Will Robinson,” has been retained.

In fact, Posey’s version of Smith might not be as evil as she appears “complicated.”  “If you have any hope of saving your family,” she says, “you will help me.” Consider that to be a threat or a request.

The original series aired in 1965 was based around the Robinson family who get chosen by the US government to inhabit a planet in the neighboring Alpha Centauri system. But, their ship is manipulated by a foreign spy Dr. Zachary Smith, who is also trapped inside when their spaceship Jupiter 2 goes off course and eventually is …lost in space. While the debut season was quite grim in nature, the second season appeared to be typical in a bid to compete with ABC’s show Batman.

Lost In Space will premiere on Netflix on April 13. The series stars Toby Stephens (Black Sails) as Dr. John Robinson, Molly Parker (Deadwood) as Dr. Maureen Robinsin, Taylor Russell (Falling Skies) as Judy Robinson, Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson, Maxwell Jenkins (Betrayal) as Will Robinson, Parker Posey as Dr. Smith and Ignacio Serricchio as the pilot of the ship, Don West.