Nov 4, 2021

Max Landis Says That The American Werewolf Remake Is Way Different From Original

It appears there is going to be a remake of the horror-comedy classic An American Werewolf in London. John Landis who directed the original is now roping in his son Max Landis to write the screenplay. Max Landis gave us a brief update on his Twitter account on how he plans to make it different to his father’s original.

The 1981 horror-comedy was a classic that was funny and scary at the same time. Max is planning on making his father’s remake as unique as possible by writing and directing the script himself.

He recently took to Twitter to announce that he had finished the first draft of the script: “Finishing my first draft of An American Werewolf In London today. Took me way longer than usual because every time I opened the Final Draft file my laptop would slam closed under the weight of my father’s expectations.”

In the original movie, two American backpackers enter a village in the U.K. which is also home to a werewolf. When asked why couldn’t the villagers stop the werewolf themselves, Landis added that he was exploring that dynamic in the new remake and replied: “Answering this question and the nature of the village’s role in the plot in the second and third act as of now are the biggest changes I’ve made to the original structure…Doing some fun stuff.”

Max Landis can be seen oscillating between writing out great scripts and occasionally taking time out on Twitter to review other films such as Rey’s role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Although his screenplay for the movie Chronicle was good, a remake of American Werewolf isn’t completely necessary at the moment.

The fact that Landis thinks “little happens” in the original film gives us an insight on whether he plans on adding more details and plot twists to the remake.