Nov 19, 2021

Mathilde Tantot Poses Topless While Flaunting Her Ample Assets In Her Recent Instagram Pictures (10 Pics)

The owner of Khassani Swimwear Mathilde Tantot is well known for her charisma and sensuality. She never leaves out a single stone unturned when it comes to flaunting her charming figure. She often shares sultry photos with her 10.4M Instagram followers. Her Instagram account is filled with sultry images of the model. She recently added a series of racy pictures in which she was seen posing topless on the beach. She wore a skimpy thong bottom with string detailing while enjoying herself.


In one of the pictures, Mathilde was seen posing while hugging herself; she placed her hands under her boobs, and her ample assets and pretty cleavage were on display. Her wet, brunette locks stuck to her back to make her look stunning. Her damp skin and sun-kissed body made her look tempting. Her pretty side profile and sharp facial features could be seen in the picture.


She was also seen standing with her back towards the camera. The thong bottom with thin string detailing flaunted her peachy derriere and tiny waist. Her nicely sculpted figure and curves made her look sensational. Her thighs and pretty legs were on display. Her damp hair added to her beauty.

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As she leaned towards her front, she covered her tits with her hand, and her side-boobs were on display. Her toned back and posterior made her look sexy. She posed for another image while placing her hand on her tits, and her lovely cleavage and under-boobs were on display.


She was also seen crouching down in the shallow water. As she posed while flexing her waist, her toned back and plump posterior could be seen. Her tiny waist looked more defined as her posture highlighted her lovely body.


Mathilde placed her hand on her knee to hide her side-boobs, and hence her sexy curves could be seen. Her bronzed skin and nicely sculpted figure added to her sensuality. Her damp tresses stuck to her back to make her look tantalizing. She posted the images with the caption, “the sea and I are long time lovers (emoji).”



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