Oct 28, 2021

Lauren Goodger Looks Hot In Bikini Photo Shoot

Lauren Goodger, the 33 year old TOWIE Star has been in the radar of the fashion community for her sensual curves and charming looks. She has recently participated in a photo shoot in London after the lockdown period. In that shoot she showed off her nice figure in a tiny tiger print orange bikini.

The model put on a plunging triangle bikini top that was showing off her ample cleavage. The skimpy bikini bottom was highlighting her peachy posterior while the gold chains hanging from the side of her bikini were making her look hot.

The sexy ensemble was appreciating her curvy body. The model selected a glam makeup look that was perfectly suitable for her bikini look. Her Brunette locks were styled straight blow-dried hair-do and made them fall on her back. The magnetizing eyes of the star was making her look enthralling.

During the shoot, the reality star posed for some sultry shots and the model surely knows the angle that highlights her assets. During the shoot she was seen receiving a phone call while flashing a gorgeous smile.

Earlier the model has denied to undergo any surgery to make her curves beautiful. She has stated, “I’ve always been thick set and I’ve always had a big bum. That’s the way it is. Feel it if you want! I’ve not had implants.” The model’s curves are undoubtedly electrifying and this is the reason many lingerie brands cannot deny her charms.


Lauren Goodger sexy pictures

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Lauren Goodger hot pictures





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