Nov 4, 2021

Iron Hulk Has Arrived In Marvel Comics

Iron-Man has been there. We have met the Hulk too. Now, the time has come for what might be the craziest character mix ever created by Marvel: Iron Hulk.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains for Avengers #684. Read at your own discretion!

The original Hulk comes back to the Marvel Universe. However, there are others who have plugged the Hulk gap during the absence of Bruce Banner.

One of those is a four-star General named Robert Maverick. He was initially given the responsibility of setting up Avengers Idea Mechanics, the rebooted aim managed by Sunspot. Sunspot later gave up and let AIM to be once again merged into SHIELD. Now, Sunspot has a secret name Citizen V, and he has started leading the USAvengers team comprising government backed heroes.

One of those was Maverick, but, he didn’t get selected only due to his military background. Maverick was examined genetically and was to be suitable for a new experimental gadget which would convert him “halfway to a Hulk.” With the new device, he was able to morph into the Red Hulk for one hour at a time.

Maverick exploited the device’s power on missions, but, he became annoyed by its limitations. A Hydra double-agent who had infiltrated AIM gave Maverick a nanites injection which could over-ride the security mechanisms which had limited Maverick’s Hulk time. Maverick got injected, but, he didn’t have an idea that it was a Hydra ploy to gain control of the Red Hulk.

Maverick was later freed from Hydra’s control by USAvengers. However, the nanites damaged his ability to morph into Red Hulk. His timeframe of remaining in the Red Hulk for was reducing, and he became weaker and weaker with each new mission.

Therefore, when the actual Hulk, Bruce Banner arrived, crash landing on the Avengers auxiliary headquarters in Avengers: No Surrender, Maverick needed help. He had resolved to battle Hulk irrespective of the consequences. However, to take on Hulk in his weak form, he needed a boost from teammate Toni Ho.

Tony’s father is the same scientist who was instrumental in creating the original Iron-Man rumor. She had earlier built a version of Rescue armor for her own use, but, modified it into a new Iron Patriot suit after AIM became the USAvengers. She once again makes some on the go changes to the suit and gives it to the Red Hulk, making him Iron Hulk:

That’s the point where this comic book issue ends, but, beyond doubt Hulk vs. Iron Hulk is coming up in Avengers #685 next week.

You can buy Avengers #684 from comic book stores or online now.