How to Perform Tantric Massage at Home

How to Perform Tantric Massage at Home

Bring the sensual and spiritual world of tantric massage home and surprise and delight your partner.

Tantra is about more than just sensuality. While many people seem to have only a basic understanding of tantra, they are still curious enough to want to try it at home. Performing tantric massage at home isn’t difficult, but it does take preparation and time. First, the at home provider must understand that the object of tantra isn’t sexual release- but an expansion of intimacy, relaxation, and meditation. Tantra is often used in conjunction with the concept of aligning body chakras, helping to dissolve the boundaries and non-present focus that cause stress and dysfunction in our lives.

NYBody Love, a tantric massage temple in New York City, says that the most important thing to remember is that “tantric massage is often a slow and indulgent activity. Giving an incredible tantric massage means creating a safe and comfortable space without distraction.” Which means that if you want to give your partner an enduring and genuine tantric massage at home, you’ll need to call a babysitter and turn off your phone. Or, phone in an expert that will come to your space.

Understanding Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is based in ancient religions and modern science. Taking elements from Hinduism, yoga, bioenergetics, sexual therapy, meditation, and psychology- tantra requires both the masseur and whomever is receiving the massage to give themselves fully to their roles. This means that those giving the massage must give completely, and those receiving it, in turn, receive completely.

This exchange of give and take in completeness is what helps to break down the barriers and increase focus, relaxation, and intimacy for both parties. Once physical tethers have begun to dissolve, most people receiving a tantric massage will begin to disconnect from themselves, and reach incredibly deep relaxation- almost in a trance-like state. As a tantric massage giver- you should be giving yourself completely, surrendering all other needs to the needs of your partner. Paying close attention to how their body responds to the sensations you are providing them, and then in turn responding appropriately to their signals.

Setting Up for Tantric Massage at Home

A large part of “how to perform a tantric massage” is actually “where to perform a tantric massage”. Because both the masseur and the recipient should be in a space that is perfectly comfortable for them, one that is free of outside distractions and perfectly private. Tantra is a sensual process, and sometime does include the massaging of genital, anal, and peri-anal areas. So, you can see why the where is just as important as the how.

Pick a room that has a door that can be shut, if not locked, to ensure no distractions or surprises. This will more readily set both you and your partner at ease. This type of atmosphere will more easily engender trust and lower defences – which is necessary to receive all of the varied benefits of a tantric massage. If you have candles, lamps, or dimmable lighting, soft light is often conducive to the type of vibe you’ll want in your massage room. Soft music, incense or aromatherapy oils can also help to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Gently encouraging the recipient’s mind to focus on the sensations that are available to them in the present. As tantra does focus on sensual touch, it also should stimulate our other senses as well.

How to Perform Tantric Massage

Once you have a serene and secure place set up, find a comfortable place for your partner to lie. Either on cushions on the floor, a bed, or a massage table. They will need to be able to lie flat, unencumbered and capable of relaxing. You may consider beginning the massage with a sensual strip tease, this will quickly catch your partners visual attention and pull focus to you. Once you feel they have stopped focusing on anything other than what is happening inside the room, it is time to begin the massage.

There are many methods for tantric massage, one of the most common is called a “body-to-body” massage. During this massage, the masseur will cover themselves in massage oil and use the entire surface of their body to slowly rub their partner, often starting with light and delicate touch, and moving into a firmer pressure depending on how their partner is responding. It is important to remember not to solely focus on the genitals, and not to go to your partners most sensitive areas first. Instead, begin with a light scalp massage and you use your body to warm your partners as you rub their head, neck, and face.

Pay careful attention to all zones of your partner’s body. Noting which areas, they respond to most favourably. Make sure to rub their arms, fingers, toes, as well as their perinuem, anal area, and genitals. Use all parts of your body as well, not just fingertips and hands, but arms, feet, chest, and abdomen. There is no one and only way of how to give a tantric massage- let your partner guide you and do what feels right for you both.

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