How to Make a Girl Squirt Especially If It´s Online

How to Make a Girl Squirt Especially If It´s Online

So you have browsed through so many porn websites and live adult games sites, and you have decided to learn how to make a girl squirt. Perhaps you have learnt this in real life but you also want to learn how to make the girls do it during live adult games even without touching them. Some people may think that this is not possible, but is it highly doable. You just have to know the right thing to do or say.

In fact, there are some people who do not believe squirting is real. They think everything is staged, especially when they have not had any girl do it during sex with them. Squirting is indeed a genuine phenomenon, and with a little knowledge in the art, including the right amount of patience, you can get that girl right there.

Step-by-step Guide to Making Her Squirt

There are techniques you can try with her to make her splash like a burst water hose in live adult games. While it is easier when you two can touch each other, because you only need to make use of your fingers and do some stuff to her body, it is a little different while doing it with a cam girl on live adult games.

Give a Token

This might sound weird but it is a very effective in putting that girl in the mood. Ladies react to the idea of gift more than men do. They consider gift giving rather romantic – of course, if they are the ones receiving the gifts. Give a token will put her closer to squirting. She will relax more with the fact that you are gentleman, which she will find quite sexy. Giving more token is a statement you are making to her; she will be willing to satisfy to the highest peak. Before you know it, she is squirting all over the screen and screaming her lungs out with pleasure.

Set the Scene

It does not matter whether you guys are online at live adult games or not. The scene will help in the girl achieving orgasm through squirting. It is your job to ensure that she feels perfectly comfortable and at ease around you. It is how you present yourself to her and the words you use that will determine how she is going to respond with her performance.

Begin with Foreplay

Foreplay is very important, whether online or otherwise. With your words, and words alone, you can make a girl have the best sexual experience she has ever had. Even today, a lot of people prefer phone sex to regular sex due to the power of words alone. So your words are the right to make her leaking like a water pipe down there.

Keep Going

While you are putting her in the mood through your words, do not stop because that can kill the feeling. Make sure you continue saying those words that keep putting her in the mood. You will know that you are already getting to her when you notice her shutting her eyes while she is doing what you are telling her. Continue saying those words that will not make her open those eyes; because when those eyes are open it may be hard to get them close again.

Therefore, do not relent, continue saying those dirty words; be as dirty as you can be, ensure that she is totally losing herself and moaning out loud. To aid her in getting to the peak you can make some sounds yourself. Make her feel like she is getting to you through her act; do not make it a one-way stuff because she may suddenly regain her esteem and decide to end the session, or at least not give that squirt you are looking for in live adult games.

Be Dynamic

Try a lot of assorted things. You can tell her to change positions; make her touch some parts of her body and let her imagine that you are right there with her. It’s all in the imagination; it’s the placebo effect. With this dynamism, it may be hard for her to stop herself from squirting. She would suddenly lose herself and end up squirting even if she does not have the intention of doing it in the first place, or she has never even done it before.

It is often hard to genuinely get a live cam girl during live adult games to squirt during a session but that does not mean that it can’t be done. You only need to have the right weapons in your arsenal. The majority of these weapons are words, and setting the right environment for it.

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