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How Body Rubs Can Save Your Relationship From the COVID Crash

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How Body Rubs Can Save Your Relationship From the COVID Crash

Many long term relationships are being tested during stay at home orders. Here’s how to keep your relationship safe, while looking out for your own health too.

The chaos of COVID-19 has known no bounds. The novel coronavirus, first making headlines in January of this year is an unfamiliar disease that has taken the world by storm. Resulting in a number of difficulties that no one is out of reach from. From near global economic destruction, to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, the virus has shown itself to be a genuine threat to what life as we know it is. As many governments across the world attempt to staunch the transmission, citizens have been asked to stay at home, with their immediate families, and forego any socializing. While this may have been a dream come true for some, many of us have felt the pressure within our romantic relationships.

Emotional relationships have been hit heard by self-isolation precautions and social distancing, creating an almost counterintuitive struggle in some of our most prized connections. Elite Indulgence, a practitioner of professional body rubs for wellbeing says that she might know the key to keeping it together in such dire times. “Connection, intimacy, and breaking with tradition. These are all things that we can work on as couples to improve communication and our emotional connections.” The mind behind the website suggests that while we have more time to be with our partners, that time is no longer dedicated just to them. “Suddenly, all of our different schedules are piling on top of one another, which makes creating a work-life balance even more difficult”

What Quarantine is Doing to Our Relationships

The well-travelled and exceptionally well read expert says that quarantine and self-isolation are wreaking a havoc on our most intimate relationships is ways that we weren’t particularly prepared for. Especially if these relationships are already well established. Perhaps the best way to deal with these new found issues amongst adults is by creating specific spaces and times where you can focus on each other in new and important ways. Carving moments that are focused on creating intimacy and engendering affection.

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Body rubs, a type of full body massage have been proven to have quite a few distinct health benefits– both physiologically and emotionally- but they can also serve to increase intimacy and communication amongst adults. Particularly those that have been sheltering-in-place with one another for a few months time. Helping to mitigate stress, challenge normal roles, and improve the way we talk and listen to one another.

Which are things that absolutely must be addressed when spending so much uninterrupted time with one another. “Unfortunately for many couples, there is no template. There is no instruction book that we can point to that says ‘in times of pandemic, do this’. Which can be really disruptive.” But the body rub guru says that that disruption may be exactly what some relationships have been craving.

How Body Rubs Can Help

In order to give or receive a beneficial body rub, participants must learn how to effectively communicate with one another. “You have to listen to not only what your partner is telling you, but also listen to how their body is responding to you.” She says. This level of verbal and physical communication isn’t something that comes naturally to most, which gives body rubs the unique ability to offer a sort of “training course” in how to talk to one another.

Bodyrubs can also help to boost physical intimacies and sex drives- which can be severely affected by stress levels. “Just experiencing genuine and appropriate touch is something that our subconscious bodies respond very well to.” She tells us. Allowing a new way to process stress through different channels. As helpful neurotransmitters are released with this type of contact, muscles relax, and minds are more open to focus on the present moment. Giving yourself and your partner little space to continue to focus on negatives or extraneous circumstances.

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