Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!

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While we hate to admit it, everyone looks different with age, and that includes Hollywood’s finest. However, this natural change is sometimes made worse by plastic surgery and years of hard partying. On the other hand, some celebrities make our list for self-imposed reasons. For instance, Rose McGowan of Charmed fame went as far as to shave her hair!

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


With that said, here are 16 stars- including McGowan- who are almost unrecognizable, but still incredibly beautiful!

1. Lara Flynn Boyle

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


Making a name for herself as Donna Hayward on the supernatural tv series, Twin Peaks, Boyle refused to come back for the highly-anticipated third season, not that fans would have recognized her. She is still a beauty, of course (just look at those eyes), but it would be hard to pin her face to her famed character.

2. Uma Thurman

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


After being a fashion model and then one of Hollywood’s best-paid actresses, it must be incredibly hard to grow old gracefully and let go of the image that made you incredibly successful, but Thurman seems to be coping. Despite entering the twilight stage of her career, Thurman’s looks are taking on a different kind of beauty.

3. Meg Ryan

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


Meg Ryan made a name for herself in a string of Nora Ephron movies in the 1990s and was for years heralded as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful woman. Now sporting some face fillers, we can’t help but think that it takes away the gloss of Ryan’s natural beauty.

4. Jaleel White

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!

Steve Urkel from Family Matters has changed a lot! For a start, he looks much less nerdy and has since starred in shows like Boston Legal, House, Psych and Dancing with the Stars, the show has-beens appear on when their careers finally tank.

5. Kenny Rogers

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


After selling 120 million records worldwide with hits like the “The Gambler” and “Islands in the Stream” a dashing crooner like Rogers may be a shadow of his heartthrob days, but he’s rocking the silver fox look to a tee.

6. Renee Zellweger

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


The Bridget Jones star baffled photographers when she showed up to an event a couple of years ago looking completely different. While her face seemed refreshed, it also looked nothing like the Zellweger of old, and the Internet was awash with speculation as to what it was the actress had actually done to her apperance.

7.  Mickey Rourke

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


One of the most handsome men working in Hollywood in the 80s and 90s, Mickey Rourke made women weak at the knees in films like 9 1/2 Weeks and Angel Heart, but then a falling out with Hollywood and an ill-fated boxing career destroyed his career in more ways than one.

Not only did he royally annoy studio execs, but his pretty face was all-but destroyed, and it’s taken years of plastic surgery to get this stud back into Hollywood.

8. Faye Dunaway

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


Faye Dunaway made waves in classic films such as Chinatown and Bonnie and Clyde, and her looks were just as noted as her acting chops. In recent years, however, Dunaway’s looks have come under the cosh after the star’s lips looked abnormally large. You’re a graceful starlet, Dunaway; you don’t need fillers!

9. Haley Joel Osment

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


The first film that probably springs to mind when you recognize Osment is the Sixth Sense. He was the kid who told us he saw dead people, which is a pretty disturbing line for a child actor. Anyway, Osment’s career- like many child stars- eventually dried up, and things got so bad he was even cast in the ill-fated Entourage movie- not that you’d have noticed.

Looking nothing like his younger days, Osment, while sporting a much healthier appearance than most washed-out has-beens, still bears little resemblance to the kid who saw dead people.

10. Elisabeth Shue

Hollywood Stars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable!


After wowing critics in pathos-driven films like Leaving Las Vegas and the cult classics Back to the Future Part II and Part III, Shue went off the map and has only recently started doing a bit more television work. However, having taken such an extended break, many viewers probably wouldn’t recognize her.

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