Nov 4, 2021

Future Of Rick & Morty Series Is Unclear Shares Creator Dan Harmon, Details Here.

Dan Harmon is the co-creator of the series, and the other day, he responded to a fan on Twitter who had asked him to come back and focus on creating the next Rick and Morty season. That’s when Harmon observed that there hadn’t been an order by Adult Swim for the season four of the much-acclaimed series.

It is unclear as to what is stopping the network from going ahead with the season four, but, Harmon is not the first person to comment about the uncertainty about the show. Earlier in January, Ryan Ridley, the writer of Rick and Morty had acknowledged that they haven’t yet established the writers’ room for any future season. Ridley had also said that Harmon, Roiland and Adult Swim must “get their s— together.”

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Considering how the series has been an incredible boost to the network’s ratings, and its last season witnessed the highest live+same day ratings in the history of Adult Swim, there is a strong possibility of the show coming back. However, the long wait might be similar to the scenario with season three, as Harmon and Roiland would need time to create something better than the earlier seasons.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon jointly created Rick and Morty, which initially debuted on Cartoon Network’s programming block for Adult Swim, in 2013. There have been three seasons so far, and fans might recall that the season three also had a lengthy recorded journey to television. The latest episode of the show “The RickchurianMortydate,” was aired in October last.