Arousal is an essential element in sex and has no universal recipe. A Fetish is something sexual or non-sexual, such as an object or a part of the body, that stirs sexual desire in an individual. What arouses every individual is almost as unique as a thumbprint. 

There are various forms of fetish. While some people have a thing for women with multiple body piercings or piercings on certain body parts such as the areola or navel, some have a fetish for a certain type of lingerie, like lace or silk lingerie or a particular color of it. 

Some people would rather see their partner dress a certain way than see them stark naked. This type of dressing typically arouses them faster than foreplay. There are various types of fetishes that will be explored in this article. 


The Costume Fetish

Creating the impression of being someone else makes the blood pump faster in a certain direction. Some individuals derive pleasure from seeing their partners dressed up to look a certain way or impersonate another. These costumes are not limited to a particular type; they could be a character from a movie, a profession, or a cute high school look. Some individuals find fulfilment in seeing their partners dressed up as nurses, doctors, or heroine characters from a movie. 

The Lingerie/Leather Fetish

Some individuals derive pleasure in seeing their partners dressed in a certain type of lingerie because of its feel or how it looks on them. The roughness of lace lingerie or the patterns that leave little to the imagination can be quite endearing to some. The softness and smoothness of silk could be an endgame for others. Some individuals love their partners in leather lingerie for the look or feel, especially those into BDSM. They more than enjoy seeing their dominant/submissive partner in leather lingerie that gives them that badass look. A lady in leather boots, cuffs, or leather chest harness and garters can make them come undone. 

The Multiple Piercing/ Jewelry Fetish

Some people are as invested in their partner’s body piercing just as they are in the sexual activity itself. It could be a particular body piercing or could be different piercings of different parts of the body. Some people get more sexual satisfaction in seeing, touching, and kissing an areola with a piercing than in actual sex. Some fawn over a belly button piercing, a leg chain, waist chain, or beads. 

The Body Part Fetish

Some individuals have a thing for feet, and this is because the leg is the trail part to the genitals. For some it could be a long neck or the collar bone, a dip of cleavage or swell of boobs, the butt size, or the hips. Seeing or touching their favorite body would easily be the highlight of their day. The hair color/texture can also be a big deal to some. 

Tattoo Fetish

The badass or cute look of a tattoo can be super attractive for people with a tattoo fetish. Tattoos on body parts like the waist, boobs, or hips can easily make them sign away their soul. 


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