Oct 28, 2021

Emily Ratajkowski Looks Fabulous In A Slinky Black Swimwear

Emily Ratajkowski has spent the whole lockdown period in Los Angeles and she has recently returned to New York. She has mesmerised the fans with her current instagram post as she was looking sensational in a hot skimpy black bikini.

The 29 year old model was looking sensual in the black swimwear as it was illuminating her nicely sculpted figure. The stylish bikini that has a tiny triangular top was showing off ample cleavage and the high-cut bikini bottom was showing off her toned stomach.

The model was keeping her head down and the soft breeze was playing with her blonde locks. She used a no makeup natural look for the outing. The Gone Girl star’s beach outing has already made the fans hype about it.

Her 26.6 millions instagram followers started wilding as soon as she gave them a glimpse of her wedding ring for the first time. She was adjusting the strap of her bikini top at that time. She put on some Pikachu filters for her video and she was looking cute in it. Her charming smile was illuminating the snap.

The model used simple accessories for her picturesque beach day. She has a pair of gold loops on which was getting hidden under her damp blonde hair. She wore a cap after soaking in the sun. It seems that the model was enjoying herself a lot in this beach outing.


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