Nov 18, 2021

Demi Rose Looks Stunning As She Shows Off Her Sexy Figure In Her Instagram Pictures (10 Pics)

The busty model Demi Rose has previously revealed how she was bullied in school for her figure. After she became an internet sensation after one of her images went viral, the model has constantly been leveling up her game. She has more than 16M followers on her Instagram account, where she often posts her racy images. She confidently flaunts her body as she models those sultry outfits.


In one of her recent pictures, she was seen posing topless. Demi had a beige sarong wrapped around her waist as she posed for the picture. She kneeled on the floor while posing with her back towards the camera. She was topless and placed her hands on her knees while posing to cover her tits. Her toned back and pretty side-boobs were visible in the picture.

The bottom she wore appreciated her gorgeous curve and toned legs. She teamed up her look with transparent high heels. The model had her blond wig falling on her back which made her look tempting. Her dewy makeup look with pink lip color, blush, and pretty eye makeup with winged eyeliner and eyelash extensions brightened up her beautiful facial features. She wrote in the caption, “Take you to another world, if you, @pretylittlething.”


The model gifted her fans with some racy images on Easter. She was seen slicing a tangerine while sitting on the kitchen counter. Demi modeled a revealing white top and a skimpy bottom with string detailing. The top showed off her ample cleavage and radiant skin, while the floral print bottom she wore emphasized her toned stomach, thick thighs, and slender legs. She had her dark locks styled at the back while posing for a picture.

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She chose a glam makeup look with a pink lip color, pink blush, and pretty eye makeup, which appreciated her beautiful facial features.


Demi previously shared a couple of pictures while modeling an –off-white bikini with transparent straps. The tiny triangle top she wore appreciated her ample cleavage and toned stomach. The top was paired with a skimpy bottom with string detailing, which flexed her pretty curves and thick thighs. She had her dark wet locks styled to fall on her back. She chose the light side of the makeup palette, which highlighted her beautiful facial features.


In another image, she was seen posing to show off her attractive side profile, and her stunning curves were visible in the picture. The model looked fabulous as the ensemble hugged her figure to show off her sexy figure.



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