Oct 28, 2021

Chrissy Teigen Stuns the fans with her Sculpted figure in a Bikini and one –piece suit

Many would-be sports illustration models look up to Chrissy for her perfect body-stats and wonderfully maintained curves. Recently, Chrissy Teigen has taken the internet by storm as she has posted an update of her after undergoing a surgery to remove the breast implant she did in 2006.

In her instagram posts she was looking spell-bounding as she flaunted her sexy figure. The former sports illustrated model recorded a small footage for the fans in which she said, “This video, they can’t move, because I’m trying to look curvy.” She poses to make her breasts look fuller.

She picked up two swimsuits for the captures. Her bikinis were complimenting her midriff and tall, toned legs. The thong of her bikini was appreciating her curves.

She also posed in a yellow high-cut swimsuit. Her video made the fans delighted as her video was filled with a cheerful vibe. She also laughed when she realised that she was wearing it inside out.

The model is currently spending her time in Mexico with her family and has also shared certain hazards related to the breast implant surgery and she also hinted that she is not going to have another anytime soon as she has kids now. However, the fans are totally satisfied the way she was looking more curvy and busty than ever.


Chrissy Teigen sexy pictures

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Chrissy Teigen hot pictures