Celebrities That Have a Problem With Their Clothing

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Starting with Lady Gaga’s hair which is dyed in various shades of blond, and actually look quite good. Her make up also looks pretty well done but … What was she thinking wearing that? What is “that”? The dress seems to be something made to stand out. Not literally. And there is a body suit beneath it but not exactly sure why the sides of it are visible on her face. The orb of spikes in her hand looks as deadly as shoes which honestly look uncomfortable and very dangerous. I don’t know about you but Balancing on that looks quite difficult.

Lady Gaga

You know when people wear weird clothes and they tend to look very happy about it but something in the lasses expression shows she isn’t too happy about wearing that sunflower of death. This is why too many frills is a bad idea, topping it off is the fact that they’re going everywhere, just like her hair but well. The transparent heels are more than just questionable but we’ll leave them there with the leggings. Well at least she’s noticeable and yellow is a very popular choice for summer season. If she just gave those frills a direction she’d have rocked her look.

If she just gave those frills a direction she’d have rocked her look.

Nicki Minaj is no doubt a very famous singer and has made really great music but even so we can surely see that she struggles in the field of fashion from time to time. Red is one of the most preferred colors when it comes to clothes. And no doubt the color suits her but the design is somewhat questionable. And why does she look so sad and weird (or is it just me?). The work done on her dress in imprinting the face on it is pretty well done though had she focused on a better design would have surely satisfied the haters out there. Regardless she looks different in a good way!

Nicki Minaj

Colorful. Really colorful. Is the first thing that would come to your mind after seeing her in person. Dencia has indeed etched herself in the memories of many people due to her fashion choices. Though having colors isn’t enough to make a dress suit stunning. She would have looked way better if she had given all those fantastic colors a neat direction. A lot of work must have been put into making that dress what now seems like wasted effort as a lot of people disliked it. However a more troubling question is whether or not she can see through those glasses?


Julia Neel. Though not as bad as the ones before her still seemed to grab the attention of a lot of haters and made it to the list of the worst dressed celebrities at the Oscars. Though her dress seems to be more likely for kids hoping to be a mermaid one day. It’s actually quite normal as compared to what other celebrities chose to put on. Aside from the design and the fabric and the color (that’s pretty much everything) she looks fine. And hey her shoes match her dress!

Julia Neel

Another one from Nicki Minaj. She has a reputation for taking fashion to a new level and not taking into account the haters nor the common fashion trends and thus her unique dressing comes into being. Her clothes make little to no sense. They’re vibrant, colorful and mixed with things that come straight out of the junk. Literally the one on the left seems like a dress made out of everything she didn’t need around the house. Which can be considered a good way to recycle stuff. Though the one on the right is the death of animals.

Nicki Minaj

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Boiled? Fried? Or maybe flow-ly and wearable. Apparently when out of ideas you can always wrap yourself in your favorite carpet and just walk in. Why? Cause you’re bloody Rihanna. Although the gold and yellow combinations looks very pretty and so does her make up and head accessory. Gives her a touch of royalty. No doubt the color combination is spot on but however the dress (should I even call it that?) lacks almost everything. It really is just a blanket with flashy colors and good design that she is wrapped around in.


Is that not supposed to be worn on the inside? Yes, the train is what I’m talking about. It used to be worn inside in order to give the dresses more volume but not sure if Katy Perry knows that. That or its purpose is way beyond the comprehension of an average person. No doubt she’s pretty famous for her music. With millions of fans how can you agree on wearing a skeleton. And since she has a tail and those shoes which I am assuming look like claws one can make a sound assumption that she is dressed like a cat. Such fun.

Katy Perry

Another one for Katy Perry and that looks like a dessert showcase. So many cupcakes with different frosting. The question which begs to be answered is that how did they make those cupcakes so perfectly? That must have been a lot of work. Seeing as there are four “shelves” of those cupcakes made out of clothes (hoping they’re not real ones). Though I love the shade of her hair. The blue is pretty vibrant and somehow suits her pretty well as well as compliments the make up. The dress isn’t as bad if you look past all the flashy things.

Katy Perry

It is as you think it is. A dress and shoes made out of skittles. The very thing you enjoy as a snack. Well at least we know she won’t starve to death any time soon even though millions of people out there are suffering from poverty but no worries there’s always food to spare to make a useless dress that won’t be worn ever again probably because you’ll get free ants for pants. Even if the dress was well made it’s still a shame to see how she’s wasting food regardless of how she can afford it or whatever.

Sarah Louise Bryan

OK, so Miley looks very relate-able to all those people who just toss anything that they can get their hands on. Though no look can ever beat looking like a pizza. That is what every person on this planet needs. Colors, fashion everything can be put aside for that. Makes you wonder why the person who introduced isn’t the richest person alive … Even so according to the claims the person covered in pizza is Cara Delevingne. Miley Cyrus needs to step up her game and maybe go for either a steak or a burger.

Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus

Anyone who can guess the celebrity gets a cookie. Though it shouldn’t be as hard because the only one who takes fashion to something out of this world is non other than Lady Gaga. Despite how she chooses to dress she has made songs tackling some of the major problems faced by the younger generation. She may have choices that are viewed negatively by many but still is loved by a lot of people and as they say “Haters gonna hate”. Despite her fashion sense she still manages to win loads of awards, not to mention all the hearts of her fans as she’s really appreciative of them.

Lady Gaga

That is the latest in the Lady Gaga wardrobe. She wore a meat outfit and lets hope for the sake of all those who don’t get enough to eat that it wasn’t real meat though it surely looks real enough but uncooked. Having uncooked meat all over you must feel disgusting and not to mention the smell. Even if it’s freshly killed it’s still very smelly. But I don’t think she’d mind being ostracized. Even so the real meaning behind her choice is not revealed yet but surely it must be a good reason. One can always hope.

Lady Gaga

I don’t know if what Miley is wearing can be considered a dress because it fits more in the category of chandeliers. With all of the things hanging around. I don’t even want to know if she’s wearing something underneath all of the dangly things but it seems that she isn’t. The shoes can be considered the only part of her wardrobe which is worthy of attention and praise. And with a purse so tiny I wonder if anything actually fits inside. Everything aside it’s a pretty stupid thing to put on and walk out.


Following down the same path as Miley these celebrities think they were making a fashion statement with these dresses but sadly it attracted more negative attention then they could have imagined or intended. Not only are these dresses considered weird and exposing but also not that stylish. The design is pretty simple its only that more parts of the body exposed but to those with such preferences it would work wonderfully. Black is the one color that brings the best out of anyone who wears it. So if its black than whatever whoever is wearing is definitely going to be stunning.


Another one for Katy Perry. This girl is naturally gifted with such amazing looks that she can almost look stunning in anything that she decides to where even if it’s two things at once. If this was back in the 70’s she’d be charged with trying to dress as a man which used to be considered something right out of Satan’s favorites. but you have to admit that the making of this dress/suit must take a lot of skill and it definitely is well spent since she looks stunning in the dress and the suit. And even the mustache!

Katy Perry

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