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These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Celebrities have always been known for doing things that are out of the box, and just so unique. And that is what makes them stand out from the crowd and not just that but it also makes them more and more famous on social media. It is like every day you see a post of celebrity which breaks the internet like anything. And now there’s the latest trend which has been making quite some rounds on the web where the celebrities are choosing to go commando. And they are making sure that nothing comes in between their legs and their pants or dresses.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has been a very versatile actress who has shown the world that she has this huge amount of talent that has made her this much successful, apart from being this gorgeous person that she is. She has been just so famous because of the movie she did “Devil Wears Prada, ” and even till this date, the movie has been in talks. And the actress who has done some bold roles has been known going commando as she doesn’t always like to be in boundaries or anything.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum who has also shared the screen with Anna Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada is a big fan of going commando. She has made quite big in the industry as she hasn’t only appeared in some of the best movies but she has also been part of the Victoria’s Secret angle, and that has made her more and more famous. She has worked hard for her career. But over the years she has revealed that she isn’t much big fan of wearing anything which keeps her from getting her glow and outshines the world with it.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Iggy Azalea

So if you look at this picture, there is a high chance that you will get to know why we have her on this list. Well, Iggy has been quite in the news for her fantastic songs and videos where you could see that she doesn’t miss a chance to flaunt her amazing figure. She has always been in the talks for her bold avatar. And that’s why it didn’t make the singer hesitate that she goes commando for most of the time and she doesn’t care what others might feel or think of this habit of hers.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Paris Hilton

And even this wouldn’t be a much surprise for you all because Paris has been very vocal about the choices that she makes in her life and out of all those choices that she has made, going commando is one of them. She has been the kind of person who thinks that wearing undies would just make her be in her boundary, but since she has been such a mega star, she likes not to only think out of the box, but she also like to come out of her undies too. Well, no wonder that Kim Kardashian has taken inspiration from her.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Miley Cyrus

I don’t think so that anything has made Miley to be more famous than the most senseless acts and the things that she does on TV and social media. Miley has been this cute girl who always had the girl next door kind of attitude, but then things started to get changed, and there was then a Miley who was just so outrageous. She doesn’t take even a minute to strip down to nothing because she thinks that a person shouldn’t be hiding of what he is made up. And since she is a follower of that policy, going commando is just an everyday thing for her.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Jennifer Lopez

If I were to say to you that I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of that Jennifer Lopez has insured her butt. I mean there’s nothing to wonder about because if you look at it, it is that much amazing and is totally worth to get her butt insured. Lopez has rocked so many outfits which were almost showing everything that was in there. And apart from all that she has also come clean about the fact that she likes to command almost every and each time when she could.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Alessandra Ambrosio

Some of you might not know much about this gorgeous lady, but she is the Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model who has been killing it for quite some time now when she walks the runway. When she was a little kid, she used to be very conscious about her ears. Her ears didn’t look like how they look now because as a kid only she underwent surgery in which she has made her ears pinned back. Well, I’m pretty sure that when people look at her, the ears aren’t going to be the first and the last thing that they see on her.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear


I don’t know, but maybe it could be that most of the people who look at her might be looking that whether she is wearing any undies or not. Or it could be that since she has such an amazing figure people just need a reason to keep on looking at her. But Beyoncé isn’t the one who hides behind anything, and since there are so many individuals who follow her religiously, it revealed that she loves going commando. And there’s no doubt about it because you can see her dresses in so many award shows and you can get the answer.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

Erin Heatherton

Well, people say that Erin is the kind of woman who always tries to be very classy and elegant but most of the time she fails at it. Well, there’s a lot of debate on that topic, and we honestly don’t want to get in that. But there’s this one thing that everyone is just so sure is that Erin like to go commando and she likes to do that a lot of time.

These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

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These Celebrities Feel Uncomfortable With Underwear

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