Nov 4, 2021

Can We Expect Snoke To Return In A Huge Way For Star Wars 9?

Star Wars’ Episode 8, The Last Jedi had stunned the audience with its treatment of Supreme Leader Snoke. This villain had been killed and was sliced in half by Kylo Ren.

A few new Star Wars theories are now arguing that Snoke will make a return in Star Wars: Episode IX but in a more powerful form and maybe as a Force ghost. The theorist says that Snoke actually wanted Kylo Ren to kill him.

Yoda’s Force ghost in The Last Jedi had exerted a lot of powers, and the theorist has said,

“Snoke wanted to enter to the next realm. His body was so contorted and broken. That body wasn’t doing him any good. He knew what Kylo was going and as he saw into his mind, continued to taunt him to ‘strike true.’ I think Snoke is far too ancient and brilliant to have survived all that he has, just to be bested by a boy in a mask. He knew what was about to happen, he welcomed it, just how Palpatine wanted Luke to strike him down with all of his anger.”

This theorist had also suggested that Snoke was not in the throne room, but it was just a Force projection like the one Luke Skywalker had used towards the end of this movie.

Star Wars Episode IX will release on December 20, 2019.