Oct 29, 2021

Bianca Gascoigne Enjoys Pool Day in Croatia (10 Pics)

After spending the lockdown period together, model Bianca Gascoigne and her beau Kris Boyson have recently jetted to Croatia. The couple was recently seen enjoying the summer day by a pool. Bianca Gascoigne challenged the soaring heat as she wore a skimpy bikini.

The 33-year-old model looked confident as she showed off her gorgeous figure while soaking up in the sun. The model put on a red and black bikini for the pool-day. The plunging neckline of the bikini revealed her ample cleavage. The matching tiny bikini bottom highlighted her toned legs and washboard abs.


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Bianca Gascoigne sexy pictures

The model knows how to keep it simple, and hence she styled her blond tresses in bouncy waves that made her look glamorous. The model decided to use heavy makeup to suit her look. Smokey eyeshadow, dark liner, nude lipstick illuminated her beautiful facial features. The model was seen getting wet into the pool while enjoying the summer sun.


Bianca Gascoigne hot pictures

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Bianca and Kris have recently revealed the status of their relationship in an interview. Even though they are dating only for five months, the couple has shown a deep bonding. The model stated that she moved in with her personal trainer boyfriend, Kris, after their first date.


The couple is now considering their plans about getting married and starting a family of their own. They said that “we trust each other” and this is what catalyzed their future plans. In Croatia, the couple was seen having fun in the pool while sharing some intimate moments.




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