Artist Illustrates The Highs And Lows Of Long Distance Relationship In Relatable Comics

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Long distance relationship when becomes a part of an artist’s life, wonders happen. This what exactly happened when Tabby got into one herself. Known as a webcomic and digital artist from Illinois, Tabby created a comics series called “Slice of Life”. This comics series was actually based on her own long distance relationship’s different aspects. Now, Tabby is back with a new comics and it’s totally relatable.

“My goal is to create comics, starting at 2x a week and working up to 5x a week, for an entire year,” Tabby writes on Patreon. “Not only will this continue to push me as an artist, but it will again be a way of documenting this new chapter in my life. Slice of life comics have always been appealing to me, they open up lives of the creators to the readers and allow us all to connect to each other. And as an artist, that is what I want to be able to do – connect to people.”

This is how an artist illustrated the different aspects of her long-distance relationship which will remind you of your relationship!

1. Well, trust me, this actually happens in a long distance relationship.

artist in long distance relationship

2. I can actually feel this artist and her pain.

artist in long distance relationship

3. Texts like these actually make a long distance relationship awesome.

artist in long distance relationship

4. Just a relationship thing which this artist has portrayed perfectly.

artist in long distance relationship

5. When watching a movie together turns out to be way different.

artist in long distance relationship

6. This is actually kind of true and cute. Kudos to the artist.

artist in long distance relationship

7. Oh! Well, the butterfly one feels in a long distance relationship when this happens.

artist in long distance relationship

8. Because when in a long distance relationship, everything around you reminds you of him.

artist in long distance relationship
9. Dear, artist. Thank you for such awesome illustrations. This one is actually something I can personally relate to.
artist in long distance relationship
10. That awkwardness you feel when you finally together is kinda cute. 

artist in long distance relationship

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