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Apple Commented On The Leak Of iOS Source Code

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In first time Apple responded to the leakage of iBoot source code – the iOS component, which is responsible for the safe launch of the system. Recall, on February 8, an unknown user posted a code from iOS 9 on GitHub. The insider added that the sources are only slightly different from iBoot in the latest iOS 11, which is why the leak was called ‘the largest in the history of iOS.’ Now it’s possible to find out what Apple thinks about this.

Judging by the statement of Cupertino’s, the company doesn’t see a significant danger in the leak:

‘The obsolete source code of three years ago is really appeared to the network, but the security of our products depends not only on the source code’s secrecy. In the hardware and software of Apple-devices there are many more levels of protection, and we always encourage users to update to the latest versions of OS to be safe,’ – gave an official comment Apple.

Thus, the company recognized the authenticity of the code, but refutes statements that the leak is a threat. Meanwhile, the manufacturer once again recalled the importance of timely updates of the system – iOS 9, whose users can theoretically be in danger, is still installed on 7% of compatible gadgets.

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